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3 1649 00378 0290 

f I 



■•> '.-. 


£» ■». "#r. •' l*s 



ay**** re*r<> *t P/THS 



as Prom King 




announced. a^ 

Prom Court 2007 

Justin Bowman, Ted Donnelly, Sam McKenna, Chris Carco, Chris Hamilton 

Chelsea Barry, Lauren Benning, Amanda Gilmore, Mia Ferazzi, Mickayla Bowman 



J-Coroecoiwtog Weekend 2007 

Plymouth North 
Blue Eagles 35 

Blue Knights 7 


Senior Girls Rule" 

Members of the PN Football Team 
during the moment of silence minutes 
before kickoff . 

Coach Bill Bur knead relays a 
play for the offensive line. 

Announcing the 

T.J. Lynn, Ashley Latosek, Spence Withington, Amanda Gilmore, Amanda Nadile 

2 4 


Quarterback Joe Flynn receives 
a play from Coach Paul Coffin. 

e PN defensive line holds Sandwich from any gain of yardage 

Homecoming Court 

Lauren Behning, Ted Donnelly, Chelsea Barry, John Feeney 

Joe looking for Keegan 
to complete the pass. 


tfornecominfi Court 

TedDonneCfy, Lauren 'Behning, John Jeeney, Cfiefsca Barry 

Spencer M'itfiinfjton, Ashley Latosek, Terence Lynn, 

Amanda Gifmorc. Amanda NadiCe 




- i i ' i ' i ■ i ■ 

1 fl 




Marx; Mortensen 

Mary Callahan 
Assistant Principal 

Derek Thompson 
Assistant Principal 

Kevin Farrell 

Meaghan Abrams 



Kimberly Allen 

Social Studies 


Cionna Almeida 
* Special Education 

Tracy Anzuoni 


Support Staff 


James Babb 

World Languages 


Marx; Jane Banuille 

Special Education 


James Barton 

Michael Bastoni 

Christine Belmonte 

Special Education 


Christine Benoit 

Diane Blaisdell 

Gary Boccaci 

Jackie Bouley 

Family & 



Judith Brisbois 


Support Staff 


Jason Burgess 

Special Education 


Susan Burgess 
Main Office 

William Burkhead 
Athletic Director 

Arthur Butters 

Health Education 


Michael Cabral 

Michael Canavan 

Donald Cauicchi 

Mario Cedrone 
Credit Recovery 

David Clark 

Social Studies 


Melissa Cole 

Special Education 



Emerson Coleman 

Physical Education 


Gloria Comeau 


Support Staff 

Elaine Connell 

Special Education 


Meredith Cosseboom 

Educational Support 


Janet Costa 


Support Staff 

Barry Cowgill 



Jennifer Crane 


Support Staff 

James Crosby 




Mar\; Dahlgren 



Andrew Daitsman 

World Languages 


L. Sheldon Daly 

Special Education 


Leonel DaRosa 

Maria daSilva 

Nancy Dawson 

Virtual High School 


Terese Dentici 

World Languages 





Main Office 

Melanie Dolloff 

Carol Downey 


Support Staff 


William Drew 

Physical Education 


Andrew Dugan 



Susan Dwyer 
Music Department 

Donna Eddy 

Health Education 


Darcie Enea 

Physical Education 


Diana Epstein 


Rachel Fallon 

World Languages 


William Farrell 

Social Studies 



Laura Ferson 


Support Staff 

Nancy Flanagan 

Eric Foley 

Physical Education 


Margaret Foley 

Dorothy Follette 



Penny Freeman 
Support Staff 

Brunnie Getchell 

Patricia Glynn 



Linda Goggin 

World Languages 



Jo-Anne Gretemeyer 
Guidance Counselor 

Douglas Griswold 
School Psychologist 

Kenneth Groppi 

Security Resource 


Christopher Gusman 

Jeremy Hales 

Social Studies 


Edward Hall 

Social Studies 


Nicole Harkins 


Support Staff 

Sherie Harkins 
Art Department 

Heidi Harrington 

Special Education 



Michelle Haslett 



Jessica Hickman 

Special Education 


Susan Hillman 


Support Staff 

Caitlin Ferreira 


Support Staff 

Elizabeth Hughes 



Mary Humberd 

Cynthia Hunter 


Support Staff 

Michelle Jaruse 



Donna Johnson 


Support Staff 


Eileen Kelley 
Main Office 

Erin Kennedy 

Social Studies 


Paul King 

Lynn Larracuente 

Social Studies 


Sharon Lasky 


Kim Latosek 


Support Staff 

David LeCompte 



Bryant Lefebvre 

Lois Leuine 



Michelle Lewison 

World Languages 


Emma Jo Manley 



Virginia McHugh 



Alfred Merrifield 

Steven Moore 

Social Studies 


Ann Motyka 

Physical Education 


Justine Naper 
Allied Health 

Jill O'Reilly 


Support Staff 


Dana Perlow 

Social Studies 


Roger Perry 


Donna Petrangelo 



Rory PJante 

Jonathan Porter 
Music Department 

Janet Prolman 

Meghan Quirke 

Linda Randall 

Patricia Reardon 
School Nurse 


Catherine Sampson 
Art Department 

Christine Sampson 

Special Education 


Robert Savage 

Cynthia Scanlon 

Katherine Schram 



Erin Serrilla 


Support Staff 




World Languages 


Scott Shirley 

Susan Silva 
Support Staff 

Deborah Smith 

Special Education 


Mary Ellen Stephen 



John Swanson 



Mark Tanguay 

John Tedesco 
Music Department 


Sylvia Thornton 
Music Department 

Susan Smith 
Support Staff 

Marcus Urann 

Julie Walker 
Support Staff 

Barbara Webster 
Support Staff 

Dorothy Woods 
Main Office 

Elizabeth Zurolo 





CYun Kochetkov/epa/Corbis 



tojy potter 

World Beat 


.ml Buck/epa/Corbis 

Front Page Headlines 

^ As the war in Iraq passes the four-year mark, 
tours of duty are lengthened and recruitment 
standards are relaxed. 

REUTERS/Erik de Castro/Landov 

To ease the mortgage crisis, the U.S. 
Senate passes legislation allowing 
homeowners with delinquent sub-prime 
mortgages to refinance into federally 
insured loans. 

^Chris Rank/Bloomberg News./Landov 

1 1 

t I 

i. L 



-4 Several cities in the 
southeastern U.S. 
are mere months away 
from running out of 
water as drought 
conditions persist in 
the region. 

Six men are trapped when a 
Utah coal mine collapses on 
August 6. Ten days later, the 
mine collapses again, killing 
three rescue workers. After 
four weeks the search ends. 


1 W.lSRlS'.IUh 

-■v.. ■'--■ 


► The U.S. Postal Service issues § ^^m fcl^i 
a forever stamp featuring an £ fl ^H 
image of the Liberty Bell. It will a fl 
always be valid for first class ^P ^k H 
postage on envelopes weighing ^^k ^L 

P Heiko Jl 




¥ 10t 


_ it _ 

During televised debates, 
Democratic and Republican 
presidential candidates answer 
tough questions submitted by 
voters via YouTube. 

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to former Vice President Al Gore 
and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, represented by 
Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, for their efforts to call attention to global warming. 

▼ Schools across the nation are 
thoroughly disinfected — and 
some are even shut down — 
to quell outbreaks of staph 
infections, including antibiotic- 
resistant strains. 

T Dozens of tornadoes tear 
across Tennessee, Arkansas, 
Mississippi, Kentucky and 
Alabama on February 5, 2008, 
killing nearly 60 people. 


AP Photo/Jerry La 

In late October, Governor 
Arnold Schwarzenegger 
declares a state of emergency 
due to wildfires that bum more 
than half a million acres in 
southern California. 

American consumers lose 
their confidence in China's 
manufacturers when children's 
toys tainted with lead trigger 
widespread recalls. 

AP Photo RicUaiS D,ew i* 


4 The Nintendo "Wii-nomenon" sweeps the nation 
as the game console outplays the competition 
with sales of more than 13 million units. 

3 Ted Soqui/Ted Soqui Photography USA/Corbis 


A Writers hit the picket lines and television production 
is halted for months when the Writers Guild of America 
goes on strike to protest compensation policies for 
new media such as iTunes downloads. 

In Littleton, Colorado, 
construction is completed 
on the $1.5 million 
Columbine Memorial to 
the 13 victims of the 1999 
shooting at Columbine 
High School. 

A On August 1 , a six-lane I-35W bridge stretching across 
the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapses into the 
river during the height of the afternoon rush hour. 


^ People around the world cast more than 100 
million online votes to determine the New 
Seven Wonders of the World. The winning 
wonders are announced at a gala in Lisbon. 

▼ More than 150 of the world's leading music 
acts perform in concerts staged around the 
world for Live Earth, a star-studded event to 
draw attention to the global climate crisis. 

A Pi i 

-4 The One Laptop Per Child 
Foundation launches a 
limited-time "Give One. 
Get One" program to spur 
donations of XO $100 
laptops to children in 
developing nations. 

▼ Labour Party leader Gordon 
Brown succeeds Tony Blair 
as the new Prime Minister 
of the United Kingdom of 
Great Britain. 

REUTERS/NASA/Terra Satellite/Landov 

In December. Pakistani 
opposition leader Benazir 
Bhutto is assassinated 
following a political rally 
in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 

— 3 ir 


The melting of the Arctic Sea 
ice spurs an international 
network of climate scientists 
to conclude that global warming 
is indisputable, and that human 
activity has been causing 
temperatures to rise since 1950. 


Tropical cyclone Sidr is 
the deadliest storm to hit 
Bangladesh in a decade. 
It destroys thousands of 
homes, ruins crops and 
forces more than a million 
villagers to evacuate. 


U.S. astronaut Peggy Whitson 
is the first female commander at 
the International Space Station. 

Getty Images 

•^ The digital smiley face 
celebrates its 25th 
birthday. Its inventor, 
Carnegie Mellon 
professor Scott E. 
Fahlman, first used 
the icon on an electronic 
bulletin board in 1982. 

Black bears make headlines 
in Utah, Wyoming and New 
Mexico as park rangers and 
wilderness homeowners report 
raids on backpacks, tents, 
trash cans and even kitchens. 

Using mice, biologists 
develop a method to 
reprogram ordinary skin 
cells into all-purpose 
stem cells. This discovery 
is likely to have a 
positive impact on 
treatments for a 
number of diseases. 

O Yuri Kochetkov/epa/CortMS 

■^ Crops are threatened when honeybee colonies 
in the U.S. and Europe suffer from Colony Collapse 
Disorder, losing up to 70 percent of their bees due 
to unknown causes. 

Getty Images/Science Faction 

^ An excavation site in 
Argentina yields the 
fossilized remains of 
a previously unknown 
species of dinosaur, the 
Futalognkosaurus dukei. 
measuring more than 
105 feet. 


^holo lllusti 

^ Social networking websites continue to surge 
in popularity. MySpace and Facebook remain 
dominant as the sites of choice for young 
people and inspire a host of innovative imitators. 

▼ Concerns about overweight dogs and cats 
hit the headlines. Veterinarians prescribe a 
regimen of fewer treats, more walks around 
the neighborhood and no people food. 

Cute and comfy baby doll jumper 
tops and dresses with button 
straps start as a summer trend 
and morph into fall fashion layered 
over close-fitting sweaters and 
matching tights. 

■4 Under Armor athletic 
apparel is a popular 
fashion choice for 
athletes both on and 
off the field. 


T The music video game Rock Band is 
released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 
Players perform together in virtual bands, 
using peripherals to hit notes as they 
scroll onscreen. 

▼ The music video game Guitar Hero 
III: Legends of Rock is released with 
a soundtrack of 71 playable songs. 
Slash and other real-life guitarists 
appear as in-game characters. 


Ipecml edition 

Even after lonelygirl15 
is revealed as a 
fictitious character, 
her popular storyline 
continues for a full 
season as an Internet 
dramedy series on 
YouTube and MySpace. 

Adam Berry/Bloomberg News/Landov 

▼ After a two-year format war, 
Toshiba pulls its HD DVD 
product out of contention, 
leaving Sony Blu-ray as the 
sole next-generation successor 
to DVD. 

f ;sf wpgyp 







par a«» J»'<» r «■"•"" 

** HF: 


- . 

Harry Potter and the Deathly 
Hallows, the seventh and final 
book in the enormously popular 
series, is released. Its first U.S. 
print run is a record-breaking 
12 million copies. 


• lanet earth 

Large-scale multiplayer 
online gaming gives rise 
to virtual worlds where 
players interact via avatars 
and the computer-generated 
environment is similar 
to the real world. 

■tj | W A/Pi ^^^^ 

A Beading makes a comeback 
as a way to relax and creatively 
spend time with friends. 


The second season of 
NBC's Heroes continues the 
adventures of ordinary people 
with extraordinary powers and 
reveals more about the shadowy 
dealings of The Company ." 



^^ ■ * r- 

In the 36th season of CBS's 
The Price Is Right, host Bob 
Barker retires and comedian 
Drew Carey takes over the helm 
at the world's second-longest- 
running game show. 

NBC/courtesy Everett Collection 



'» I 

▲ High School Musical 2 becomes 
the highest-rated cable 
broadcast in the nation's 
history when 17.2 million U.S. 
viewers tune in to the Disney 
Channel for its debut. 



I Monty Bnnton/© CBS/courtesy Everett Collection 

The NBC drama series Friday 
Night Lights, about a fictional 
high school football team, is 
taped documentary-style, 
without rehearsals, to give it 
a more authentic feeling. 

•^ On The CW, Blake Lively portrays socialite teen 
Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, a drama 
series that follows the lives of prep school students 
from New York's Upper East Side. 

► America Ferrera, 
who plays Betty 
Suarez on the popular 
ABC comedy-drama 
Ugly Betty, is the 
first Latina to win the 
Emmy for Outstanding 
Lead Actress in a 
Comedy Series. 


▼ Shia LaBeouf portrays a teenager who is 
plunged into a high-tech battle between good 
and evil alien robots in Transformers, a live 
action adaptation of the 1 980s cartoon series 

A 90-minute episode of The 
Simpsons takes six years to 
make. The Simpsons Movie 
finally makes its big-screen 
debut and is a major hit. 

Joel and Ethan Coen write and 
direct No Country for Old Men, 
a film adaptation of Cormac 
McCarthy's bleak, moody modem 
western novel. The film receives 
eight Oscar nominations. 

A Using a combination of live action and animation, 
Enchanted tells the story of Giselle, a fairy-tale 
character seeking a "happily ever after" ending 
in modern-day Manhattan. 

▼ Fergie continues to place 
singles from her triple-platinum 
solo album, The Dutchess, on 
the Billboard charts. 

Fall Out Boy headlines the Honda Civic tour, 
performs at Live Earth concerts and reaches 
the top of the charts with the release of their 
album Infinity on High. 



[-4 British singer Amy 
Winehouse brings 
back the beehive and 
wins five Grammy 
awards for her work 
on Back To Black. 


' Canadian pop singer Feist 
enjoys soaring sales for her third 
solo album, The Reminder, after 
the single "1234" is featured in a 
commercial for the iPod nano. 

Newcomer Sean Kingston 
tops the U.S. Billboard Hot 
100 and Pop 100 with "Beautiful 
Girls. "his first single from his 
self-titled debut album. 


▲ Rihanna records her third 
album, Good Girl Gone Bad, 
featuring Jay-Z and Ne-Yo. 
She receives six Grammy 

/ eta 


▲ Malibu singer-songwnter 
Colbie Caillat rises to stardom 
from MySpace. Her song 
"Bubbly" garners more than 
31 million plays and her CD 
goes platinum. 

Jason DeCrow 

T Carrie Underwood releases her 
double-platinum second album, 
Carnival Ride, and contributes 
the Oscar-nominated song "Ever 
Ever After" to the soundtrack for 
the movie Enchanted. 

T Country star Kenny Chesney 
releases his 13th album, Just 
Who I Am: Poets & Pirates. 
His Flip Flop summer tour is 
the highest-grossing country 
tour of 2007. 


After facing off at the MTV Music 
Awards, rapper rivals Kanye 
West and 50 Cent release 
albums on September 1 1 and 
vie for top sales. Kanye's 
Graduation is the victor. 

Hip-hop artist T-Pain releases 
his second album, Epiphany. 
The album receives four 
2008 Grammy nominations 
and the Vibe 2007 Song of 
the Year Award. 


•^ Soulja Boy reaches the top 
of the Billboard Hot 100 with 
the single "Crank That (Soulja 
Boy)" and his distinctive, 
loose-limbed dance style 
becomes a nationwide craze. 



<4 Radiohead invites listeners and 
fans to pay whatever they want 
for a digital download of their 
highly acclaimed seventh album, 
In Rainbows. A "discbox" edition, 
I with standard CD and vinyl LP, 
is released in January 2008. 


Punk-pop princess Avril Lavigne releases 
her third album, The Best Damn Thing, 
featuring "Girlfriend," her first No.1 single 
on the Billboard Top 100. 


▼ Tiger Woods achieves his record 14th 
World Golf Championships win at the 
WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and 
claims his 60th PGA Tour win at the 
BMW Championship. 

The American League Champion 
Boston Red Sox defeat the National 
League Champion Colorado 
Rockies in a decisive four-game 
sweep to capture their second 
World Series title in four years. 

▼ Former Senator George Mitchell 
releases a list of Major League 
Baseball players, including 
seven MVPs and 31 All-Stars, 
under investigation for illegal 
use of steroids and other 
performance-enhancing drugs. 

Chns Grayttien. Getty images 

The veteran San Antonio Spurs, 
led by Tim Duncan, beat the 
Cleveland Cavaliers and their 
young phenom, LeBron James, 
in a 4-0 sweep to win the 2007 
NBA finals. 

At X-Games 13, Ricky 
Carmichael wins the first 
MotoX Racing Circuit. Simon 
Tabron does back-to-back 
900s in BMX Vert and Jake 
Brown survives a 40-foot fall. 

Rich Pilling/MLB Photos via Getty Images 

Jesse D GarrabrantNBAE Getty images 

Tigers pounce on 
Ohio State early on their way 
to a 38-24 victory. LSU is the 
first two-loss team to compete 
for and win the BCS Nat> 


California native Jimmie 
Johnson speeds to victory 
as the 2007 NASCAR Nexte ! 
Cup Champion, defeating his 
Hendrick Motorsports teammate 
Jeff Gordon by 77 points. 

* <*'■>■ 

▼ The Anaheim Ducks claim their 
first Stanley Cup, beating the 
Ottawa Senators in five games 
for the 2007 NHL championship. 

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin 

Athletes from around the world 
train for the 2008 Summer 
Olympics in Beijing as the 
city prepares for the arrival 
of hundreds of competitors 
and millions of spectators. 

© Robert Lesieur/Reuters/Corbis 

? Mike Blake/Reuters/Corbis 

Super Bowl XLII MVP Eli 
Manning leads the New York 
Giants on a last-minute scoring 
drive to upset the heavily favored 
New England Patriots 17-14, 
shattering the Patriots' bid for 
a perfect 19-0 season. 

•4 Belgian Justine Henin defeats Russian Svetlana 
Kuznetsova 6-1 , 6-3 to win her second U.S. Open 
title in New York. 

Power hitters Barry Bonds, Frank Thomas, 
Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez, Craig Biggio and 
Jim Thome all achieve home run milestones 
in their Major League Baseball careers. 

AP Photo/AJ Mast 

Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers 
surpasses Dan Marino's touchdown 
pass record with number 422. 2007 
NFL MVP Tom Brady of the New 
England Patriots sets the single 
regular-season mark for touchdown 
passes with 50. 

A Multi-talented star Queen 
Latifah becomes the latest 
spokeswoman for Jenny 
Craig. Her message isn't 
about getting skinny, but 
about losing weight to reduce 
the risk of Type 2 diabetes. 

▲ As Izzie Stevens on ABC's 
Grey's Anatomy, Katherine 
Heigl is a small-screen star. 
As Anne Fletcher in the 
comedy 27 Dresses, she 
conquers the big screen 
as well. 


t ARND WIEGMANN/Reuters/Corbis 

I PA Photos/landov 

I© 2008 Jostens, Inc. 07-0973 (1913) 

Danielle Abraham 

Kevin Brendan Admirand 

Derek Alfone 

"Turns out not where but who you're with that really 
matters." -DMB. Mom&Dad- Thanks for everything. I 
couldn't of done it without youl Friends <3 I love you! 
Manda&Amy- 1 don't know where I'd be without you 
two. I love you! Danni-we've been through so much, 
best friends always! To my bests: MN LR NW <3 I'll never 
forget you. To my favorites: AR SW BB KG KT JS BK A2 
DG KC and the rest- I love you! Soccer&Softball 04- 
08*we've had so much fun. I'll miss you and good 
luck <3 Memories: homecomings, prom 07, summer, 
keene 07, football games, 6flags, team dinners and 
sleepoveers, gwen&akon. cape 06, love the BWI, 6/ 
23, 7/22 and so many more. Congats class of 2008! "I 
keep on thinking it's not goodbye. Keep on thinking 
it's a time to fly." - Vitamin C 

favorite people B Man BB MQ RF memo- 
ries B Mans house dollar tree marshfield 
hockey express KPP many thanks to 
Mom Dad Patrick Emily school activities 
school store Pasketball 

Kacey Allen 

Memory is a way of holaing onto the things that you 
love, the things you are, the things you never want to 
lose. Life is too short. I cannot believe I am graduat- 
ing! I want to say thank you to my family. My Mom 
and Dad especially for pushing me to do my best. I 
have had to many friends who have made my 
highschool experience one of the best. Ashley 
Latosek, you are on of my closest friends and always 
will be. Love ya tons! I would like to say good luck in 
the future to all of my friends. You all have made a 
difference in my life. I will never forget the disco in 
Spain and Animal Kingdom In Orlando! So many 
memories, i could go on forever! Especially for Kristy 
and Shyla. thank you for everything. Good luck to 
everyone and God Bless 

Sara A. Allen 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Ashley. Nana, 
Meg, K.C. I Love you. XOXO 

Tyler Aronson 

"Without self-discipline, success is impossible, 
period"- Lou Holtz. I would like to thanks my 
family Mom, Dad, Hilary, Vanessa for their help 
and support over the last 4 years Thank you 
to all of my friends for helping me get through 
high school. Memories: Doing work, football 
and baseball at west rec and the Vincenzi's. 
Sox games. Celtics games, fishing, Xbox 360, 
hanging out, and working at the bell. "If you 
are going to be a champion, you must be will- 
ing to pay a greater price'- Bud Wilkinson. 
Good luck to the entire class of 2008! 

Brittney M. Asher 

Kristine M. Auger 

Danielle Marie Baker-Santos 

Its so crazy how fast these four years have gone 
by. I just wanna thank my parents for dealing 
with me I know its been hard. Cant forget, 6th 
period gym junior year! Mornings in the pink 
pimp mobile. Breakfast! 1 58 billington.JA don't 
forget them good days! Arise chicken, chicken 
AMP CC KG DB AT LK RF (still my bro no matter 
what) KPP! Takin the high way. Asha's house., 
the bogs. Shop on! Go crazy live life, deuce 
deuce! Summer 07 No makin bacon! Sketchy. 
Half days. 1 0:00 AM baby good times MJ. Poker 

"They say that good things take time, but really great 
things happen in the blink of an eye"-Miley Cyrus I 
can't believe my high school experience has already 
come to an end. The past four yrs have been unfor- 
gettable and I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks to 
my family, friends & teachers who have made my 
journey so memorable. Chelsey my sister and best 
friend, thank you for always being there for me. Kacey 
and Steph I couldn't have made it w/o u girls.bff too 
many great times.'LS TW CG EO BS JP MM Feeney KJ- 
mgffbest times-PNXC NYC Spain D.C.w/chorus mad- 
rigal Prom07 fellowship LesMiz Good luck class 08'! I 
hope you always "Sing like no one can hear you, love 
like your heart has never been broken and dance 
like no one is watching'-anon 

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, 
the things you are, the things you never want to lose"- 
Wonder Years. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jessica for ev- 
erything. Love you! Jess, thanks for being there for 
me. To all my friends, thanks for everything! Love you 
so much. Sam- Been through it all. Thanks for being 
there for me. Love u always. Abbey- thanks for al- 
ways making me laugh. Love u! MB. KW, AM, Ashkay, 
KC, MR. KA, kP. kF, AB, AP, CB, CS. BS, love u all! 
Memories: Kiss 108 Concert, 86, Spanish class, DP's. 
homecomings. Prom, Sadie, NH. Halloweens, Spain 
'07, JMM. love you. Romina, I'm going to miss you! 
Best wishes class of 2008! We did it! Remember: Wher- 
ever you go, go with your heart"-Confucius. 


Katie May Bankus 

Zachary Barker 

Jared Barnes 

Life is too short to be anything but happy. Fa- 
vorite people: AK, DG, TG, JE, JT, DB, AP. 
Memories: Ellis Haven, February 10, 2007, birth- 
days spent in Boston. Thanks to my family, Mom 
and Dad, my sisters; Amy and Samantha, my 
neice: Bella, my little cousin - Zakk James. With- 
out you all, I wouldn't be anything. I love you. 
Special thanks to my Uncle Stevie RIP. You 
taught me that life is too short to let anyone or 
anything stand in my way. I miss you and love 
you so much! To the best boyfriend - Alex K. 
Thanks for always standing by my side. I love 

It feels like just yesterday I was a fresh- 
man; High School went by so fast. There 
have been a lot of good times and I 
wouldn't of had them without my best 
friends C.V, G.T, G.P, M.W, M.R, M.G, 
R.W. I want to thank my family for always 
being there and a special thanks to my 
big sister Amy and my parents for every- 

Everyday at PNHS I live on these words. "You don't 
get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You 
can only decide how you're going to live." -Joan 
Baez. Mom+Dad thanks for everything. Love you. 
Alma, I couldn't have asked for a better role model. 
As they say, lead by example, you have done ex- 
actly that. Rock, you are like that brother I always 
wanted, even tho u struggle w/bowling, tennis, 
badminton. Jared and Ben. talk about some fun 
times making a fool of ourselves. And lastly how about 
that dreaded sled with Big Kev, Emmett. Max and 
Lee. I will miss Joey D's Weird and confusing words of 
wisdom. "Whatever the mind can conceive and be- 
lieve, the mind can achieve." -Napoleon Hill 

Jessica Lynn Barros 

Chelsea Devin Barry 

Brianna Leigh Bean 

These years have gone by so fasti Dad. thanks tor 
pushing me to be better. I couldn't have done it with- 
out your support. Maranda. I wish you success in the 
future. I hope your years in high school are as good 
as mine were. To the rest of the family. I love you. All 
my friends you have been all I could ask for. Ashleigh 
Nicole, you have always been there for me. we've 
had some good ones KAANG FAANGER! Tevin<3 
(4.25.07.) you have showed me so much, thank you. 
Db & Kg you girlies area the best. So many mems. 
KPR hockey, prom, das boot. "Memories of the past 
remain in the past but as you make new memories in 
the present and walk towards the future, the past is 
still simply, the best. -Mark Aaron A. Corrales" Con- 
gratulations class of 2008, we did it! 

"If you have built castles in the air. your work need 
not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put the 
foundations under them."-Thoreau. To my dad-my 
hero-you are the strongest person I've ever known. 
Thank you for everything-l love you, all around the 
world and back again. Amy and Alex: You're my best 
friends and greatest support-here's to staying forever 
like the photo on the living room wall. LG:Hooligans! 
JH:ererer-enough said. JFTeachers' unions? IMThank 
you for everything for late night convos. lessons about 
margins, and lessons about life You've changed my 
life-ITI never forget you. Hey bandl Keep those eyes 
WITH PRIDE. Tea parties=love. Good luck class of 08- 
never forget where you came from. (Jeremiah 29: 

"For beautiful eyes look for the good in others, for beau- 
tiful lips speak only words of kindness; and for poise walk 
with the knowledge that you are never alone.' Audrey 
Hepburn Friends*: Prom 07! Summer* Beach sessions. 
Night swimming McKenna's. Agil's CP. Tori's, Siobhan's! 
O.A R The Fray. State Radio Road trips with the 
girls'Carwars. NH Snowboarding. Scavenger Hunts. 
Oldie's jams with SibvCar Washes-Tor and Sib! Model 
UN. "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Helen 
Keller. LTD. French class:' The best thing to hold onto in 
life is each other." Audrey Hepburn. Europe: Backpack- 
ing 07 » To my family: Mom. Dad. Chris. AM, Ash. and 
Alex; Thanks for everything, I love you. And to the Class 
of '08. "Forget regret or life is yours to miss." RENT 

Benjamin Kyle Bechtold 

Lauren Behning 

Alyssa Marie Bisson 

"Throughout the years of school, it's the last few that 
are remembered the most."-G.E. Mom and Dad. 
thanks for the support you've given me all these years. 
I love you. Rob. Matt. Derreck. thanks for being there 
when I needed you guys. Mr. Tanguay and to all my 
teachers, thank you for putting up with me all these 
years. To all my friends, good times in the Puddle 
Jumper chillin on Paul's deck, fires in the back yard, 
woodshop, KPP, riding, 2 for 1 Tuesdays and every- 
thing else, I wouldn't of been able to make it without 
you, thanks for everything. To the soccer boys, keep 
on keepin on. "Where you end up isn't the most im- 
portant thing, it's the road you take that gets you 
there. "-T.W. Good luck class of -08 

"All the world's a stage'- Shakespeare. To all those 
special people who taught me to be myself: Dad. if I 
didn't have you I wouldn't be where I am today. You 
are my greatest inspiration Mom. you are forever my 
guardian angel and my muse. Alley, you are my fam- 
ily, you are my future. Janis. you've shown me I can 
overcome any demons. Sister. I will always be there 
Coco, Carlos. Janet, you've helped me change into 
who I am today. Grandma. Grandpa is always look- 
ing after you. NJ, you are my heart and soul. Topher. 
life has never been so entertaining, thanks for all you 
do. Julie, keep me laughing. All the people who have 
been there for me. I love you. Drama Club, Newspa- 
per, Model UN. All the best to '08 and your futures. 

"Live each season as it passes; breathe 
the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and 
resign yourself to the influences of each . " 
—Henry David Thoreau Thanks to Mom 
and Dad for supporting me with every- 
thing that I do. Andrea and Aaron, you 
have always been there throughout the 
years. To my friends, we have had so 
many great memories and I don't know 
what I would do without you. KC. Kl. KW. 
AD. AM. DB. SR. BS. LB. CH. MM. CF. 

Amy Bloom 

Justin Bowman 

Micayla Kiley Bowman 

"Celebrate we will for life is short but sweet 
for certain." Dave Matthews. Girls- thanks for 
all the laughs & amazing memories. AL, NW, 
LR. MK. MM, CD, DN. Boys, love you all. Mom, 
Dad, Brett.. thanks for always being there. 
Marissa, I love you monkeyface. Manda & 
Danny, I don't know what I would have done 
without you two. Tina.. my frousin, love you.. 
Poland Seringl, OHBs, Concerts, Fire Nights, 
3rd of July, Hockeyxpress, The Shop, Forest 
rides, pond. Baby B, Jose nights & Sunrises. 
The past 4 years have been crazy and it's 
going to keep getting better! 

Shout outto Mom & Dad. Also to Micayla & Emma. 
Try not to miss me too much. Running: PNXC. WFSU, 
The '*" Triangle, NYC Footlocker. Widow Maker. 
Running Buddies: Joy, Kevy. Bramsy, Samsy, Tiger 
& Jesus. Memories: "Tanguay, take it easy!". The 
5-0 and Vietnam, The Shop, Bark-Bark, Disceet, 
Green Destiny, Team Teshneh, Burger King after 
the SAT's, baking brownies, "Cierra la boca". 
sneaking away to the last Dispatch concert. Spe- 
cial Thanks: Big L Brownie, Momma D, Bizz. Mr. 
Tanguay, and to my loving grandparents who 
have done so much for me. I didn't think I'd have 
this much fun in school. "It's getting hard to be 
someone but it all works out." -John Lennon 

Here we are-despite the delays, the confusion, and 
the shadows en route-at last, or for the moment, 
where we always intended to be. "-J. Glass. Thank you 
MOM and DAD for always pushing me to be the best 
that I could be and for your unconditional love. Jus- 
tin- We have been together since day one! Emma- 
Through thick and thin, you will always make me smile. 
I love you Grandma and Papa. <3 Ali, Izzy. Deebs- 
you will always be a part of who I am. "To give any- 
thing less than your best is to sacrifice the gift. "-Pre. 
PNXC GIRLS and GUYS- NYC, big L, brownie, FOSS. 
puddle jumping, squatting, warm-ups/cool-downs, F- 
Park, fab five. Memories of homecomings, prom court, 
NH. beach, islands, track, jumping high. Today is the 
first day of the rest of our lives. CLASS OF 2008<3 

Tim Brady 

Lyla Rose Brech 

Kevin Edward Broderick 

"You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only 
one, I hope someday you'll join us. and the world will 
live as one." -John Lennon. I'd like to say that these 
long twelve years have brought laughter, tears, joy 
and many new friends. Thank you mom and dad for 
sticking with me all these years through all the ups 
and downs. Dustin. Jon, Tim and Brendan, you guys 
have always been around when I needed someone 
and we've been through everything together and I 
wouldn't want to be this close to anyone else. Also a 
special thanks to my friends BB. JB. LG, RF. JC LS, AL. 
TL, TD. Memories: Boston trips, riding the T, shows, the 
waterfront, warped tour 07, TOC the cottage, ga- 
rage parties, the cape, and beach trips. 

"I know I was born and I know that I'll die, the 
in between is mine, "-Eddie Vedder Love and 
Thanks to my family. Mom, you are truly amaz- 
ing. Luke, you are the best brother and friend I 
could ever ask for. Friends, you are all incred- 
ible and hilarious, I love all of you and the 
memories and laughs we have shared. "It was 
outlandish, but now it's time to move on to big- 
ger and better things- vita mia." KT And Good 
Luck to the Class of 2008! "Restless soul, enjoy 
your youth!" — EV 

"The opportunity to influence anyone's life for 
the better is a great responsibility." 
-Jason Truby 

"The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom 
shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; 
of whom shall be afraid?" 
-Psalm 27:1 

The Sled-52, 58, 59, 76- All guts, no glory. 


Matthew Paul Bruninghaus 

James Bulman 

Danielle Bunting 

"Once you've taken a few punches and 
realize you're not made of glass, you don't 
feel alive unless you're pushing yourself as 
far as you can go." —Green Street Hooli- 
gans- It's been a great four years and an 
unforgettable experience. I guess time re- 
ally does fly when you're having fun. PN 
soccer 12 3 4 the best Fall ever. 'Penney' 
what else is there to say, you already know 
it all. Eb what would I have done with out 
you punk; you're the best sister ever. DO 

"I'm comfortably confused'-taking back Sunday. 
It's the way I went through high school, it worked 
out though I still can't believe it is almost over, soon 
I won't see all my friends every day. Up next is col- 
lege, more school, what a drag. I need to take up 
space I'm going to throw in a random quote, "it's a 
dangerous business walking out your front door"- 
J.R.R. Tolkien yea... people and memories-team 
nightfall lol.paintball.battlebots in Miami, riding 
downtown and to the skatepark. Shout outs-petty.e- 
face, and t with our ghetto skate/bmx.ZB.GT.MR 
paintball.BE.ID in our vid.CM.MD.JP wowcraft.BH.LN 
gb and maples. EO.AN.JL.BI.GM. and DC like the 
shoe but better. And anyone I forgot. 

These last few years have changed me a lot. I 
have grown so much from the person I was 
when I first moved here sophomore year. Even 
though I love my old friends, the friends I made 
here mean a lot to me. My family helped make 
the move easier and have continued to help 
and support me. Without them I would not be 
where I am now. My mom has haa the big- 
gest positive influence on me. She has been 
there for everything and encourages me to be 
strong. To all my friends I can only say good 
luck with what ever you choose to do and 
where ever you choose to go. I love you all 
and I hope we stay in touch. 


Zachary Stephen Burt 

Michael Cadete 

Jared Canney 

Hard to believe I finally have to go out into that big 
scary world. I don't know how I'm going to do it You'll 
all see my Alienz cartoon someday, just wait. Thank 
you to all of my friends, especially my best friend 
Adrionna C. as well as Cody O. Huynh C. Brandon R, 
Joe A-G. Isaac F. Deanna C. Sheila W. Kristine A. Mina 
M. Alex K. Billy I. Jared B. I love you guys! Favorite 
random phrase I've ever made: I married the ham- 
ster for the money. I'll still be playing Sonic the Hedge- 
hog when I'm 50! I am this town's master of Sonic! 
Beware! I don't want this world to end up having a 
bad future. Do the Earth a favor and please remem- 
ber to recycle. I guarantee you have not seen or 
heard the last of BURTZMAN! 

"Some people say cucumbers taste better 
pickles" —Dave Chappie. Thanks to my 
mom, dad, and Brooke- 1 love you guys. To 
my boys: Brett Gilbert Carco Horse Matty 
Yule Shanwee Sampson Reno Mctits Joey 
Hobin and everyone else Keep it real. Good 
memories: CVT rides, forest rides, hockey 
express, murdocks. Good look to my boy 
KB- I wouldn't have made it without you. 
Alex, carry on the tradition! North, we had 
good times. 

'Cherish your visions; cherish your ideals, cher- 
ish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty 
that forms in your mind, the loveliness that 
drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them 
will grow delightful conditions, all heavenly en- 
vironment; of these if you but remain true to 
them, your world will at last be built. "-James 
Allen Thanks to my Mom and Dad. I love you 
both; to Kallee. you are an amazing person; 
and to all my friends, these truly were the best 
days of our lives. "Don't let your dreams be 
dreams'-Jack Johnson. 

Christopher S. Carco 

Victoria E. Carpenter 

Tommy Carr 

In this bright future you cant forget the past. —Bob 
Marley. First I want to say thanks to my family for 
always be there for me. I couldn't of done it with- 
out your love. R.I.P LB + GB. Next I want to thank all 
the teachers for supporting me over these 4 years. 
I want to say thanks to all my boys for holdin it down: 
Frenchy, Moose, Gilbert. Reno. Yule, Horse. 
Shanweezy. Matt. Sampson. SM, SM, SW. CC, BD, 
KB and to all the ladies. Wu-Tang + Tom Petty con- 
certs. CVT. late nites at Frenchies + Mooses. sessions, 
hockey, prom, pond, rippas. freestyle sessions, CVT 
walks, corner store. Cliff st„ + the other good times. 
These were a quick 4 yrs. but they were the best of 
my life. To the Class of 2008. I wish everyone good 
luck and keep it reql. Peace - CC Ridda 

"Dream like you'll live forever, but live each moment 
as if it's your lasf'-James Dean. FRIENDS* never for- 
get the good times. Favorite Memories - summer 07 - 
Dispatch in NYC, DMB 31 l.Gilmore's CP Sibs house 
road trips wrestling matches 3rd of July! "where are 
my shoes" greenroom Red Sox game Spain 07 stuco 
basketball 1-3 captain 4. homecoming 06 Prom 07. 
Thanks to Mom Dad Adrienne Brendan Ryan Poppop 
Auntie Mar and Matt. Thanks for always supporting 
me. You guys mean the world to me. I love you, 
"Waste time with your friends, live for the moment, 
laugh often, be immature, if it's something you'll re- 
gret in the morning, sleep late and laugh about it 
with your friends because friends are what matter 
most-anon. Good luck seniors 08. 

First off. I would like to thank my family for being 
there for me my squad o$c my boys from day 1 
PN football the best four years of my life thank 
you Mr Tanguay I probably wouldn't be writing 
this if it wasnt for you Cath we have been through 
so much it has only made us stronger I love You 
Babe 10/13/06 Good memories my boys on oak 
know bout dat Bun B Jim we stay on that lean 
shout out to Camp you should be here wit me 
but there is some diddy boppers Shizz you know 
what it is kidd! We stay posted Thanks to coach, 
all of them for everythin - "me and the lord have 
an agreement so I thank him everyday for my 
achievements"-Weezy F Baby 

Katie L. Carreau 

Amanda Anne Cavicchi 

Deanna Cedrone 

— Wrap it up! It's our senior year baby! 

— This year had some ups and downs 
but I had the greatest times with my 
friends. Katie MC — crazy nights that 
turned into mornings. Sara — shvat! 
Caitlyn — since when are you allowed 
to do that? Penny — so what did you 
get? Steven — you're always there for 
me and I love that about you. Thank you, 
Mom and Kelly for always loving me ana 
for putting up with me. ily 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us 
are tiny matters compared to what lies with in 
us" - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mom & Dad: I love 
you! Thank you for everything you've done for 
me. Diana: Thanks for always helping me out; 
you can always count on me. Friends: MN. AL. 
MK. CD. TC. MM. MR, NW. DN... the rest of you 
know who you are, so many good times and 
more to come <3 Amy & Danny: you mean 
the world to me! I could ever explain how 
much I love the two of you. 

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one 
less traveled by and that has made all the difference. "- 
Robert Frost » Special thanks to my Mom and Dad 
thanks for that push ¥ Ma and Papa thanks for the dol- 
lars when money was tight ¥ I luv ya Auntie ¥ Favorite 
people: Alicia¥ Teneshia¥ Katie¥ and Marissa (the 
originals) also: AK. AB. AH, CS, BC. BR. CK, CG, DD. J8. 
JF, LP. MO, HC. TL JC. IF, AC, ZB, GC and all the rest ¥ 
Memories: Pansies, Mr. Sylvia, slipnslide. Prom, random 
parties Beach club¥ and most of all ¥ 6/10/05 ¥ Glen 
you mean more than you will ever know¥ , Thanks again 
Mom and Dad¥ Good luck to the class of "08"!! 


Jonathan Chiang 

Gina M. Christopher 

Corey Coleman 

"The years go by. the time It does fly. Every single 
second is a moment in time that passes oh so 
quick, and it seems like nothing. But when you're 
looking back. well, it amounts to everything." — 
Kalnoky. Times I'll miss: Buffalo Blvd. Ska nights and 
root beer floats, lovely Halloweens and 4th of Ju- 
lys. Canadian adventures, KK shows, NYC trips. 
Prom '07, Gleanna sightings and walks to the DT. 
Guava. our Elvis-less Elvis days and 12cent in 
middle school. Andy, don't forget to wear your 
jacket. October 8th. 2006... unless It was the sev- 
enth? Favorite people: MC. RC, AK. KS. DC, TR. 
DH, ML, ABandAPC. " I will not be a slave to time; 
time must learn to roll with me." — Big D 

"Things turn out the best for the people who make 
the best of the way things turn out', John Wooden. 
I can't look back and say I missed out on two years, 
I have to say these were the best two years of my 
life. Thank You Mom and Steve for being there at 
all times. Nana and Papa, showing me how much 
you care and to my Dad and my sister Sam. Thanks, 
best times; baseball, basketball, and esp. this year's 
football team. Glad to be apart of a great organi- 
zation with great coaches. Off school grounds: 
Redsox. patriots, the beach, hockey. McKenna's 
house, team dinner, Ernie's pizza, prom, and home- 
coming. "Everything's gonna be alright" Bob 
Marley. Good luck class of 2008 

Katherine Collins 

Adrianna Rose Connolly 

Emmett Michael Cosgrove 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live 
the life you have imagined." Thoreau Thank you: Mom. 
Dad and Kevin. I couldn't have done it without you. 
To all my favorites: you know who you are. You always 
put a smile on my face. We enjoyed way too many 
laughs. I couldn't have asked for better friends. Good 
times- Manomet Beach, crazy car rides, football games, 
homecoming, prom, Keene State '07. team dinners, 
summertime living the life at the cottage, parties at 
Mercer Estate, movie nights chasing the mega hotties 
- need I say more? Thanks to the basketball and la- 
crosse girls, soccer girls- you are one of a kind team, 
Danny- "Maintain composure." Congrats Class of '08. 
The world is ours, let's have some fun. 

When I first started high school, a junior told 
me that I would come out of high school a 
totally different person than I was at the time. 
I didn't believe him. but he was totally right. 
I'm so thankful for all my friends here at pnhs. I 
couldn't have gotten through it without you 
all. and I couldn't be the better person that I 
am. There's Zach B, James R. Alex K, Sheila W. 
Huynh C. Meggers, Kristy H. and a million oth- 
ers. I could go on forever! Let me conclude 
this with a quote. .."Tag. you're it! Time out." - 
Matthew Feldman. 

"The quality of a person's life is in direct 
proportion to their commitment to ex- 
cellence, regardless of their chosen field 
of endeavor." Vince LomPardi PNHS 
FootPall Capt. 07 - I love those Fridays 
under the lights! Weight Room with Todd 
Zachary. Baseball and Hockey, Street 
Football. The Sled. Thanks to all of my 
coaches, teachers, friends and family. 

Becca Crosby 

Afshin Delfan-Azari 

Lauren E. DeSalvo 

we need some positive vibes for these rainy days 
let the sun come out and push these clouds away- 
kottonmouth kings To all my friends: I couldn't have 
gotten through these past few years without you. 
Just remember. ..people come and go but family is 
forever! you guys are my family, good times: 
dedeboc sisters and the Cadillac chronicles, our 
crazy adventures downtown, times with lizabeth 
and laughing so hard you can't breathe, and let 
us not forget outside best buy, and way too many 
inside jokes to keep track of. I'll miss: our "family" 
outings to nook every morning and hanging out at 
buffalo blvd. but most I'll miss my friends remember 
"it can't always be as simple as summer school but 
it was worth it" — Mcl- 

It's something unpredictable but in the end it's 
right. I hope you had the time of your life." - 
Green Day. To my family: Mom, Dad & Dee, 
thank you for everything. I wouldn't have made 
it without you. I love you. Friends, My Girls & Guys 
v The Green Room, McKenna's Sib's, Agil's cp, 
Kimball's, Sundays, car wars, tent night. Prom, 
Homecomings, ski trips, DMB 06'&07', Pretty 
Day06', late night basement sessions, Spain 07', 
Freshman year, wrestling matches, summers, 
soccer & Softball girls. » Johnny — "See you and 
me, have a better time than most can dream." 
-DMB* Class of 2008, Good Luck! "Wherever 
you go, go with all your heart. "-Confucius 

Jacob Joseph DeStefano 

Ashley DiBiase 

Caitlin L DiSalvatore 

Many thanks to all of my teachers espe- 
cially Mr. Marino, Mrs. Boardly, Ms. 
Motyka, and Mrs. Brisbois. I will miss jok- 
ing around with my friends Tim, Joe, Ian, 
ana my teachers. I enjoyed going to the 
football games, dances, and the Sum- 
mer Program. Thanks to my Mom, Dad, 
Leigh, Sam, Grandparents, and family for 
always being there for me. 

Thank you to my Mom, Michelle, Bill, & 
Ernie I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Good Times 
RPWEEZY. Babe I love you so much you 
are the best person ever! MH & RP- I'm 
swimming with the what, just ao The Old 
Lady Dip. BC- scavenger hunt for ran- 
dom stuff. JC- HI I'm Miss Swan, Slugger 
Days, summa nights Matt-FLORIDA, riding 
the dirt bike, BABE. ..Look at the ceiling 
isn't it pretty. 

"Take what you can from your dreams. Make them as 
real as anything" -DMB- Memories: Prom'07 DMB con- 
cert 3rd & 4th of July Swordfish Parties House Parties 
Forest Rides The Shop DDC -"Thing" on Wheels Marylous 
Girls Football Games & Cheerleading. Hockey express 
-OHB- HoneyChild. Meg. wanna get classy? Through 
Glass - Megan - BayBay - P.I.C Swiss Miss -Just Do It- 
Peace & Love Hippies Amy and Manda - "Ugh. shes 
hitting me again!" Columbus! Most memorable - As- 
sorted Candies MM (The Mckennas). AB. AC. MM, MK. 
KH, TC, SG, & my boys - 1 love you all, WE DID ITI Auntie 
Diane - Thank you for everything, luv ya Mom and Dad 
- 1 couldn't have done it without you. I love you both so 
much! "If you keep believing the dream that you wish 
will come true" -Cinderella- SENIORS '08 

Dalyn J. Dittrich 

Brie A. Doherty 

Matt Donaher 

Favorite Saying: "I'll ao it later. Favorite People: 
Mom, Dave, Nora, Grammie, Steve, Becca, my 
friends and family. Memories: MIRIC, 
Bandmaasters. Ohio, Disney, Miami, Football 
Games, Hockey Games, being with friends, 
music activities, Philly Cheese Steaks, B.S.O., 
and BAND. I'll Never Forget, The Adedeboc 
Sisters and The Cadillac Chronicles. Happiest 
When: I 'm with my friends and family and play- 
ing my music. School Activities: Band, March- 
ing Band, Stage Band. SEMSBA and District. 
Many Thanks To My parents, my family, and 
my friends, Mr. Porter, Mr. T„ ana Mr. Dondero. 

"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but 
touches your heart. "-Kathleen Grove. Girls- 
know what I would do without you. The Guys, thanks 
for all the fun times. Memories- DMB 8/2, oar. masc. 
semasc, "The Green Room'.agils cp. cottage, sibs. 
Briggys crew, frenchys, mckennas, russ. Mills, prom 06 

07, Homecomings, football games. BLT ¥ Mom and 
Dad you mean everything to me. thank you for al- 
ways being there Meg you're the best sister anyone 
could ask for. I'm going to miss you next year Erin 
thank you for being the perfect role model for me. 
AM never forget the memories. Good luck closs of 

08"Turns out not where, but who your with that really 
matters. "-DMB 

I'd like to say thanks to a few people, mainly for 
just bearing with me throughout high school. My 
parents may be a little strict on me. but they are 
a huge reason I am here, so I just want to thank 
them for pushing me onward the past 1 8 years 
of my life. To my bothers, you two gave me some 
good advice, which helped me a lot. I owe you. 
Sheila. I want to thank you personally for not los- 
ing faith in me. For sticking with me through all 
the hard times we've had. I love you with every- 
thing I am. To all my friends, you know who you 
are. thanks for all the laughs and the good times. 
Mario. Canavan. 208. thank you. I wouldn't be 
here without you. I'll miss you in College. 

Ted Donnelly 

Tim Doyle 

Abigail Drane 

"In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity." Albert 
Einstein. Mom- 1 love you. you are my hero. Thank you 
for pulling me through the rough spots. Dad- I love 
you & I am proud to call you my dad. Thank you for 
all your support. To 7 West & the Dana Farber- I owe 
you my life. Pat- good luck with high school, try not 
to outshine me. Will- you are more talented than you 
will ever know. Ryan- You are my very best friend. 
Ryan, Mike, Peter, TJ, LB, CH, GD, MM, DG, CM. EH. 
AP. MR. AL, AA, LS & LG. Good times with drum line, 
drama club, & GPS. Remember 11:11, Much love to 
my favorite teachers: RF, MJ, EM. WF, EH. TA. CF. PNHS- 
thanks for the lessons & the memories. To the class of 
'08: keep it real & LiveSTRONG. 

"How can I put it? Life is like a video footage Hard to 
edit, directors that never understood it'- RZA I just want 
to say a quick shout out to all my boys-Rick. Big Al AK. 
McClellan, Hasky, Skeet. Jroc. and Charlie n the rest of 
you know who you are. Much thanks to my parents 
and my sister for everything through the years. Great 
seasons that I'll never forget with the soccer team. Way 
to many great times in the past, best 4 years of my life 
just flew by — shop, hockey, shed, man cave and etc. 
If it wasn't for skateboading all these years I don't think 
I'd have the fnends I do now, and I want to thank you 
all. "Being average is ok, being different is alright Long 
as you stay in your means Then you know you keepin It 
real with yo'self And that's Nappy right there".. -Nappy 

To mom and dad because you are always 
cool and understanding it makes my life less 
stressful. To my favorite brothers Colin and 
Brendan thanks for always including me and 
for making me laugh. Fav. People: 
times shared that definitely will continue. 
Shaniqua. beach, broomgame, NH07. Prom. 
Kiss Concerts, NY07, Colstone, Jamaica monl 
Golf Team: you guys always made me laugh, 
Hawaii 5-0. 8x. All Day Drane. Softball 1 234. 
Basketball 12 Golf 1234 capt. ACL 

Kara Eby 

Cindy Joy Facchini 

John Feeney Jr. 

Knowing what you have to lose but risking the loss 
onyways that s what its all about-hs mom big pat and 
brian thanks for everything, kelll crazy times since 3rd 
grade youre the best, brittney and steph some of the 
best times in the camry hey poops 158 billington 3/6/ 
06 when it all began deuce deuce breakfast drive- 
way creeper no makin bacon half days are the best 
days 10 o'clock sketchy I got 5 on it kaka kayla 
peanutty head pumpkin kiiim. ashley the truck get- 
ting lost and found again, erica baby giraffe megmck 
how I do. mj, <3. ja. ke, km, am, ht, jp. eo. mn. every- 
one else thanks. Indiana family- rusnaks and boardleys 
and both the phillips thank you. There will be a time 
when you think everything is finished that Is the be- 

It's been a long road, but we made it"! To all my 
friends, I'll never forget you guys. KC. AB, KW; surviv- 
ing Bio; Macbeth, AM, LM. CH. CG; Football; laughs 
in Euro; spaghetti dinners; and the tennis team, I'll 
miss you all. And John, thank you for putting a smile 
on my face. But most importantly, thanks to my fam- 
ily; Gramma, your heart. Nana your wisdom; Mario 
and Jenny, for your passion and love which drives 
me to succeed; and finally, my parents- Dad, you're 
my strength and my will to fight, and Mom, you pick 
me up when I fall and put me back together With- 
out your support, I never would have made it. I love 
you all, and there will always be a place for you in 
my heart. Good luck Class of 2008. and never give 

We will never recognize the true value 
of our own lives until we affirm the value 
in the life of others. Ronald Reagan 

Isaac Feliciano 

Mia Alanna Ferazzi 

Kelley Anne Fernandes 

"Be yourself, don't take anyone's guff, and never let 
them take you alive" —Inspired by Gerard Way The 
first three years of high school are great, 
then. ..bang.'re in your senior year having discus- 
sion on what college you'll be attending! It is kind of 
scary! It's almost like you wake up one day and it is 
the last day of your "childhood" and the first day of 
your "real life". It is a drastic change to make with 
out help from friends and for that reason I'd like to 
thank: Marissa. Becca. Deanna, Brandon. Keaton, Lil' 
Alex, Ms. Manley, Myturn Inc., Ashley, Norman and 
all my underclass men!! I love my peeps and 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt Mom and 
Dad I want to thank you for always being there. Your 
love and support means so much to me. To all my 
girls: We've experienced so much together, let's keep 
the good times coming! I love all of you. Guys: You've 
been there to make me laugh, thanks so much<3 
Memories: "soccer" party, WEEBEE BOYS!. 
BCSemi&Prom, 1/2 days. July 3&4. New Years 1234. 
Homecoming, Tennis girls<3. EEL RIVER BRIDGE, 
Siobhonsl, McKennasl. beach sessions, Prom&after, 
Agils party&breakfasts, Natty's boat, MASC<3. 
Kimballs infamous parties. Summer '07. 
DMB@Fenway&in '07, Dashboard, cottage nights! 
Live the dream, forever 2008!<3 

I can't believe my high school year is over. Walking 
in as a freshman I never though I was going to do it. 
Now being a senior I wish I could go back. I never 
would have been able to do it with out the help 
and support of my friends and family, thank you and 
I love you all. I am going to miss the fun and crazy 
things I did while at Plymouth North High school in- 
cluding homecomings, prom, peer mentoring, and 
everything in spirit week. Thank you to everyone here 
that has made my high school year that much bet- 
ter. To the senior class of 2008, We did it! Congratu- 
lations and good luck to everyone! 


Ryan Floeck 

Alexandra Rae Fontaine 

Ashley Marie Fraccalossi 

-Fliz- 1 would like to thank my Mom, Dad, 
and Danielle for all of the support. Thanks 
to all my friends I have known through- 
out the years. Memories: PN Soccer #17 
12 3 4. Lacrosse, Skimin' Sessions, Sum- 
mer '06 '07, SnowPoarding Trips, Hockey, 
Prom, Homecomings, and many more. 
"Life goes Py pretty fast. If you don't stop 
and look around once in a while, you 
could miss it." —Ferris Bueller. Good luck 
to the class of 2008. Keep Chillen. 

"Wherever you go, go with oil your heart." — 
Confucius. 4 years went by so fast. To my fam- 
ily. Mom, Dad, Kyle, thank you for supporting 
me and believing in me. I love you. Em and 
Mia. I love you so much, thank you for every- 
thing. <3 Friends, field hockey and softball 
girls, I love you, thanks for the best times of 
my life. Nonnie Janice, I love and miss you. 
Rest in Peace. Class of 2008: in the words of 
Henry David Thoreau — "Go confidently in 
the direction of your dreams. Live the life you 
have imagined." Good luck in everything you 
do and congratulations <3! 

"Dream when the day is through, dream and they 
might come true, things are never as bad as they 
seem, so dream." M.Buble Mom & Dad - I luv u. 
I'm proud to be your daughter. Thanks for giving 
me the best & passing on your strength & ambi- 
tion Mic - the best o sis could ask for. Gram & Papa- 
I love you. Grampie- Thanks for your wisdom & hu- 
mor. To my amazing friends, thanks 4 ALL the 
memories. "I love people who make me laugh. It 
cures a multitude of ills. It's the mosst important 
thing in a person." A. Hepburn. LG SO.LS.AL.LR.etc. 
thanx 4 helping me laugh through the tears & laugh 
til we cried Thonx 4 the memories! Dream on, 
dream on. dream until your dreams come true." 
Aerosmith. Dream on '08. We did it!! 

Jake Fratus 

John Gallant 

Derek Garber 

"More hate than love, we push and shove like 
mosh pits. Through the world, just trying to get 
a piece of it, before you are forced to leave 
it. converted to ghosts and destined to stay 
afloat in the twilight zone." jamieMadrox I would 
like to thank my family and friends for support- 
ing me and telling me I could do it. I would like 
to thank the Outland Camp and keeping it 
outlandish. Thank You A. P. "Right then and 
there I knew you were the one, so I sold my 
stereo and copped the whole onion." Jamie 


It's Peen a great 4 years, i wish it could 
keep going — fun times at west rec — 
putting in work — fun classes every year 
— I want to thank everyone that has 
helped me in these past couple of years, 
especially my friends and family — 

I've had a great four years here at this school. 
Got to give a shout out to Black Powa. Paul 
Wall, T-Mac. Special K, Young J. and Jess 
Barros. I've made the best of friends. Thanks 
to Frenchy, Yule, Shanley and the gang Rollin 
in the Benjamins Bechtold, the Moroccan 
Quintal, Pall Wall, and we truly had some good 
times To my shorty Sabrina Galotti, and to 
everyone whose name I have not mentioned, 
you have made school worth it Last, to Bran- 
don Wilkins, Joey Whyte, Tevin (T-Mac). and 
Paul Wall. I will always be better than all you 
guys. J Wylie 1 ! 

Courtney Garcia 

Caroline Elizabeth Garrett 

Samantha George 

WOW! SENIOR YEAR! I couldn't have gotten 
through high school without my friends: A. P. six 
flags; D.B. Wednesday's, where's that?; M.P & 
D.M, cajones; K.F, I don't get football, well 
that's good b/c your at a basketball game; 
M.M, enchiladas; A.H, pickles make me happy; 
C.T. myth class; C.S; T.D; S.R; C.G; K.G; C.H; and 
all my other friends. Our best times, football 
games, homecomings, prom '07, Spain Trip, 
beach days, Oktoberfest, fun summers, blond 
moments, tennis team, and Las Playas. Spe- 
cial thanks to my mom, dad, and Emily for al- 
ways being there to support and help me 
throughout school. Have fun class of '08 and 
good luck!! 

Memories fill our past, dreams await our future, but 
living in the moment carries us through. So cherish 
each memory, live each moment, and fulfill each 
dream- Mom & Dad, I love you both; you're the 
wind in my sails. Adri, you are my laughter, I love 
you. Girls, you are my happiness, you make each 
day count. Guys, thanks for the laughs, Good Luck! 
P.O.S. surprised we both survived. LMR, my love and 
the brains beneath my bucket- BK. DN. MF, LD, JSv 
Soccer girls & our parties- Kimballs house-Siobhans- 
Sams-Prom07'-New Years-3&4July-homecom- 
ingsl234-summer-beach days-ltaly-football games- 
hockey Xpress-coreys timbs-tent nights-EEL RIVER 
BRIDGE- To the class of 2008-stay forever young, 
good luck, and KEEP LIVIN' THE DREAMI- 

Laura Christine Gigliotti 

Richard Gilbert 

Amanda Penney Gilmore 

"The key to happiness is having dreams. The 
key to success is making your dreams come 
true" -Anonymous. To Mom, Dad and Mike: 
Thanks for all the love, strength, and support 
that you have given me throughout my life. I 
couldn't have done it without you. To my 
teachers: Thanks for everything. To my friends 
(you know who you are): Thanks for all the 
memories and thanks for making these last four 
years bearable. I will miss you all — keep in 
touch. Band geeks and track girls: You are 
amazing. Finally, to the Class of 2008: Best of 
luck in whatever your future holds in store. 

Thanks to Mom and Dad for always being there 
for me. My crew- 1 don't know what I would do 
without you guys; Shanweee, Frenchy, Brett, 
Carco, Sampson, Yule, Steve, Horse, McSharry, 
Matt and everyone else who has been there 
for me. I will never forget: Eel River, The Table, 
Bretts Pond, Murdocks, Hockey Express, early 
morning forest rides, French's house. Freshman 
football was a seson I will never forget. PN Bas- 
ketball: I have been playing with you guys for- 
ever! There's been so many good times and 
I'll keep them with me for the rest of my life. 

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams 
awake" — Thoreau. Mom Dad Nat & Vic-thank 
you for everything. Friends-you are my world, 
live. laugh. love. nmes. nightswimming. 
chiltonville. sib's. prom, bramhalls. beach ses- 
sions. Italy, french class, mckenna's. tent nights, 
cp 8/1 1 . tori's, cottage nights, concerts, vball. 
bball, summer, amr. paul. Good Luck Class of 
2008. Keep on livin the dream. "And if you 
never stop when you wave goodbye you just 
might find if you give it time you will wave hello 
again" —John Mayer 


Chelsea C. Gonsalves 

Hanna Mary Rose Gonsalves 

Keegan Grabhorn 

Thank you Mom and Dad for helping me throughout 
the years. Thank you Geegee for all the support. Also, 
thank you Jamil and Amy for giving me someone to 
talk to. Thank you Nannie and Wells for teaching me 
all I know. Thanks to all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. 
Caitlin- It's hord to believe we have been friends for 
fourteen years I hope we will keep it going. Thank 
you Ashley and Mike for being there for me. To my 
sister. Erica, I'm glad we get along better now than 
when we were younger. You will always be my num- 
ber one friend. To the rest of my friends, thank you for 
the fun and laughs. And to the class of 2008. I hope 
you all follow your dreams, and good luck with what- 
ever you choose to do in life! I <3 

"Remember more then you'd like to tor- 
get" takingbacksunday to all my friends 
that I'm leaving behind, goodbye, and 
to the friends that are leaving with me, 
remember to make the best out of the 
time you have, good luck! Lataaahhhl! 

thanks to all my teammates throughout the last 
three years in football. Basketball, and Base- 
ball Good luck to each team in the future. 
Thanks to everyone who made North such a 
good experience for me since sophomore 
year. I want to wish everyone in my class gooa 
luck in whatever endeavors they may encoun- 
ter m their lives after high school. Most of all I 
would like to thank my parents for the love and 
support they have continually given to me over 
the years no matter what was going on be- 
tween us. 

Laurie Graham 

Kayla Gramer 

Lauren Greenwood 

"Just find a place to make your stand and take 
it easy." — The Eagles I've spent my life sur- 
rounded by the people that bring out the best 
in me. thank you to all of my friends and fam- 
ily. Mom, thanks for all the laughs and encour- 
agement over the years. BS LS AF KR RF CK MN. 
the craziest people make for the craziest times. 
NV+DW Army Strong, Memories: field hockey, 
model un boston+nyc, warped tour '07, DMB, 
drawing lions, GPS with AL TL TD. garage par- 
ties, PNN. walks downtown. 

I can't believe I made it this far. 4 years has gone by so 
fast. I couldn't have done it without the support of my 
Mom, and Donny. and the love of my Dad. I couldn't 
have made it through high school with out all my friends. 
Erica, we have been through everything together, our 
crazy words... Hidiampi. dancing when no ones look- 
ing, it's just chocolate, and our second lives. Janet (Jan 
Jan) and your giant pickles, every B-day is a blast, from 
pizza, to littering and water bottles Prom 07. Kaka 
(Kara). Laka. JB, AW, KE, AM. HT, AL. MVP. 030606<3 
MJA. I'm so happy to move on with my life "This isn't 
the end. it's just the beginning" —unknown 

"When it rains or shines, it's just a state of mind ' - The 
Beatles Friends, you mean the world to me. 3rd+41ti. 
"Where ore my shoes''' Sib s. Tori's. Manda's cp. Kel's 
hp. wreslting matches, green room. Sundays. Chatham. 
dmb dispatch. North Adams. Mckenno's. stong rides, 
prom, fashion show, chorus, fiddler Thanks to my fam- 
ily Ames, my other half, best friends. Jon. I'm so proud 
of how far you've come, friends always. Bm. you re an 
amazing person, thank you for always being there. 
Class of 08' good luck! "Laugh as much as you breathe 
and love as long as you live " - Unknown. 

Christine Gutowski 

Chris Hamilton 

Jared Harrington 

High school: life changing, mind blowing, crazy, 
amazing, though not without its difficulties. It's where 
you discover who you are and what you stand for. 
Certain people touch your life in such a way that you 
are never the same again. Teachers, friends, family, 
all play a huge role, and I am inexpressibly grateful. 
To my mom, forever my source of strength; to my sec- 
ond family who always keeps me laughing; to my 
cousin. Karen, my other half, my backbone, my sis- 
ter; to Ben with whom I have spent 3/4 of my high 
school career. I adore you; and to all my other friends; 
I love you so much, you have no idea how much you 
have helped me become me. You are all amazing 
people, and I am so proud of all of you! Field hockey, 
dance, sailing! 

"You've gotta be original, because if you're 
like someone else, what do they need you 
for?" - Bernadette Peters. Mom, Dad, and 
Connor, you guys are my inspiration, my best 
friends, and my support. Four for you, Lauren! 
You go, Lauren! And none for you, Gretchen 
Wieners! You never cease to amaze and in- 
spire me. Great times with TD, TL, CT, AH. AB. 
KC, SR, KM, MM. Also, I would like to thank all 
the teachers and staff that have pushed me 
to success: EM, MJ, MM, AD, LL, CF, TA RF, JH, 
Drama club. Newspaper. Peer Mentor. 

"Well I'm what I am and I'm what I'm not 
I'm sure happy with what I've got 
I live to love and laugh a lot 
Ana that's all I need" - Kenny Chesney 
Activities: Soccer, sailing It seems like only yes- 
terday high school just began, now four years 
later it is over and we will all go our separate 
ways. Many thanks to all my family, friends, and 
teachers who made my high school career a 
success. I couldn't have donie it without your 

Ashley Kayla Hathaway 

Lauren Hess 

Krystal Hogan 

Wow, how the years pass. Crazy to think that every- 
one we've grown up with will start over again and 
everything we know becoming memories. Thanks all 
of you who've made these years amazing and have 
forever cnanged me. Mum Dad Reanie KF SR CT DBS 
AD TL LN CG AP DB GD CH MM and more. Never 
forget: drama club late nights, bathing suit scandals, 
driving and umbrella dancing in Jimmy,! the 
crib, thriller, grapefruit afters, minority heist, football 
games, patio parties, camping, broken tents, 
Wareham. Hyannis sound, track, Mdizzle, Cuzzy! 
hockey, bonfires, snickers game "Unadilla What Yeah 
Okay. The invisible man. Muppet, X, ET, Babyphat ." 
We've had some good times class of 08. I'll never 
forget you guys. Best of luck and stay in touch! 

"Wherever you go, go with all year hearf'-Confucius. 
My girls<3 I love you all so much. You are such an 
amazing part of my life, and I cant wait to see what 
the future has in store for us. Such amazing memo- 
ries, homecoming, prom!, food at aglls. hockey, 
siobhans parties, tent & cottage nights, summer 07. 
dispatch=amazing. "theres a gatel" July 3&4, MASC, 
keene and so many more. Mom&Dad. thank you for 
everything you have done for me. I love you both. 
Ryan good luck, I know you'll succeed at whatever 
you take on in the future. Drew you will always be my 
best friend 6.2.06<3. Soccer gymnastics and lacrosse 
girls I love you. best four years with you all so many 
memories. Congrats class of 08! Livin' the dream 


Amanda Hollinshead 

Billy Hughes 

Prescot Humphrey 

"We fight to live, we fight for pride... 

we won't back down, weak won't survive... 

we stay here tonight.., 

promise me you won't leave my side... 

and when the sun comes up we fight... 

so promise me you won't leave my side... 

...Spartans stand alone..." -ETF 

6.25.07 BThundah "So this goes out to the 

ones that fall in love, and to the boy that 

filled my dark"-ETF BC, SS. KO, MC. HG, THE 

CREW, everyone from this past summer, 

love you all. 

High school has been the toughest tout years of my 
life But it also has been the most rewarding. It is clear- 
ing the way on my path to college, and the rest of 
my life Without a high school education, many op- 
portunities are missed out on. and luckily I will be able 
to do what I want as long as l try. I want to thank all of 
my teachers through out the years. You've helped 
me more than you know, and I wouldn't be where I 
am without you Also I'd like to thank the staff and 
faculty for keeping an uncollapsed roof over my 
head. As for me, I'll keep fighting the fight in the 
words of King Leonidas (rendered by Frank Miller): 
"Ready your breakfast, eat hardy, tonight, we dine 
in hell!" 

Now we're broken, here I stand alone wonder- 
ing what were the last words I said to you What 
would I give to behold the smile, the face of love. 
You never left me. the rising sun will always speak 
your name. It won't be long, we'll meet again 
What would I give to behold the smile, the face 
of love You never left me. the rising sun will al- 
ways speak your name. It won't be long we'll 
meet again, your memory is never passing It 
won't be long we'll meet again, my love for you 
is everlasting. I mourn for those who never knew 
you — Killswitch Engage "Rose of Sharyn' 
In Loving Memory of Scott David Humphrey 

William Irvine 

Gregory James 

Casey Joseph 

It's not the end... It's only the beginning... 
I will always remember good times at 
Plymouth North. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Coaches and Teachers. I will never for- 
get the Friday night football games, and 
hanging out with friends. JL, CD, GM, KA, 
LN, TR, DR, BR, KD. AND JB. "The Velocity 
with which time flies is infinite, as is most 
apparent to those who look back" 
Lucius Annaeus Seneca 

First of all I would like to thank my family for their sup- 
port throughout the years: My mom. Dad. Louanne. 
Katherme. Nate, and Nick. My friends, for the good 
times. Memories: PN soccer 1 and 4, number 11. la- 
crosse. Captain Brady (thanks for your leadership and 
support). Prom, and all of the other good times I have 
had at my time at Plymouth North. Here is a quote for 
you to think about: "Impossible is just a big word 
thrown around by small men who find it easier to live 
in the world they've been given than to explore the 
power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact 
It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration Its a 
dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary 
Impossible is nothing. ' —Adidas Advertisement Good 
Luck to the class of 20081 

Amazing People: Hacker. Pyro. Crash 

Dummy. Kelsey. Christine G Ashley P.Chris 
Hamilton.Cheisea T Good Times: Minority Heist: 
Where's the van?!?. BK runs. Dunkies addiction; the 
blue bucket of bolts with a red bumper and a gold 
hood. Klepto!!; Spain: Germans, and ze plane 
shake.'hl Italia. I'm Kelsey" Sam Diego's, the nee. 
study groups with Glen I love you Kyle and l always 
will!! School Activities: Peer Mentors Peer Mediation 
Oh. by the way. more good times Chris s c 
Massages. SIYM Brownies.too much to remember I 
will miss everyone so much! I Thank you to Everyone 
who helped me through these years Good Luckll 

Alexandra Nanette Keaton 

Cassandra A. Kelly 

Christopher T. Kelly IV 

"All we see of someone at any moment Is a snap- 
shot of their life, there in riches or in poverty, in joy 
or despair. Snapshots don't show the million deci- 
sions that led to that moment." —Richard Bach. I'd 
like to thank my family for all their support, but es- 
pecially Stephen for his consistent guidance & our 
late night chats & laughing fits throughout the years. 
GTs! I've realized that in high school you really do 
find out who your true friends are. Thanks for always 
sticking by me: SW ML JAG AC NG LP KL IF BC GC 
NA DC CH BR & my fav D buddy AB. Bests times 
with my Color Guard girls, Drama Club, NYC trips. 
Homecomings, Prom '07, concerts, after hour walks 
downtown, all our group things, & Saturday nights 
with Marissa L., Whoooo! 

"Who I amis shaped by both my experiences and 
the people in my life who make it worth living "-ck. 
Mom you are my strength. Dad you are my safety. 
Nikki you are my humor. Lyssa you are my guid- 
ance. Katie you are my other half. Tommy you are 
my faith. We have become so close through thick 
and thin, I love you all. Never forget: wrestling home 
videos, sega genesis, the rock and sunflower seeds, 
Tom's bad driving, garage party, the handshake 
(Lyss), Warped Tour (especially the rides there), and 
too many more. To everyone I leave behind after 
high school: "Never say goodbye because 
goodbye means going away and going away 
means forgefting"-Peter Pan 

Thanks to my mom, papa and Rose for always guid- 
ing and pushing me to succeed. I couldn't have 
done it without all yur support and guidance. I love 
you guys so much. Thanks to my dad, mammy, 
yaya, and Alicia for your love. Thanks Rachael For 
being like my second mother and being there when 
I needed someone to talk too, and giving me ad- 
vice. Thanks to Coach Martin and Mr. Bastoni for all 
your support and leading me in the right direction. 
Thanks to my friends: NT, CS, JP, BS, EK, AT, BM, ML, 
TH, SH, RN, AR. SM, MC, RR, VS, AB, JB, MD, MH, RB. 
R.I.P Uncle Timmy, I miss you. I carry you in my heart 
everyday. I love you. Good Luck to the class of 08 
in whatever you choose to do in the future. 

Joseph Kenyon 

Brooke Oriana Kimball 

Marisa Kimball 

"A successful man is one who can lay a firm founda- 
tion with the bricks others have thrown at him." 

— David Brinkley 

"In seeking wisdom thou art wise; in imagining that 
thou hast attained it - thou art a fool." 

— Lord Chesterfield 

Thanks to everyone for all the good times, and ev- 
eryone who helped me through the bad. Thanks to 
my teachers who kept me in check. 

Good luck seniors, and let the good times go on. 

"Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die." DMB 
Friends, I love you. We have had great times: July 3 & 
4 '05, tent nights, weebee beach. "There's a gate" 
Corey's timbs. Haunchy! Homecoming '05, Prom '07, 
Siobhans, McKenna's. Cottage nights, soccer girls: 
never forget you - old and new, love the new ones 
ShaDocAs! I will never forget the 4 years at PNHS. Mom 
and Dad thanks for all your support, you have done 
so much. I love you incredibly. Dani, Ash. Coco - best 
sisters I could ever ask for. Thanks for all the guidance. 
Cody - Keep Smiling, baby! Michael, could never for- 
get the good times, Love you always and forever. 
"Live. Laugh. Love.* 

"What you need to know about the past is no matter 
what has happened, it has all worked together to bring 
you to this very moment; and this is the moment you 
can choose to make something of yourself, "-unknown. 
Mom + Dad thanks for everything, without your sup- 
port I wouldn't have made it. I love you so much. Shan 
Britt TJ + Johnny I love you guys; thanks for always hav- 
ing my back. Damien, I will always be here, love you. 
Jill bff + always » To my ladies and boys love ya so 
much! Always remember-live it up and party hardy (TS 
+ SB). Hockey X-press-OHB. forest cruises, dance par- 
ties (TC), Shawn's, Feb vac 07, the shop, half days, prom 
07, pretty day 06. freshmen yr w/JV + LD. and so much 
more. We did it 08'. peace out North! 

Joseph T. Kukstis 

Chris LaGrutta 

Patrick Lane 

"Can we start again? Go back to what It meant, back 
then open eyes and open hearts the things that set 
us apart " Bane When we came into this high school, 
we envisioned so much more, we worried about the 
little things like who we would sit with at lunch, who 
we would hang out with. It is so much more now be- 
cause now we are worried about college, who is 
going, what you are toing to do In life. It has been a 
good four years. I met a lot of great people who will 
always be here for me. BH, KA. JG. SV. SM. SW, AN. 
SM. EM, TA, JR, SR. KT. Ozzy. Thank you to all my teach- 
ers. Mom and Dad, my brother and family. Thanks for 
your support. I love you all. Congratulations. Class of 

I would like to thank all my teachers, my 
Mom and Dad and my two older broth- 
ers, Rob and Peter ana all of my friends 
in school and out of school for all their 
support during these four long years. 

I would like to thank my family for get- 
ting me through everything. Mom, Dad, 
and Mere it means a lot. I wish all my 
friends the best of luck next year. My four 
years are about over, I will miss the days 
at North. It's now time to move forward 
into the next element of our lives. The 
class of 08', get it done. "The road not 
taken makes the difference"- Jon 

Ashley Jordan Latosek 

Marissa Candace Legay 

Thomas Lindquist 

These past 4 years have gone by way too fast but have 
made so many good memories- monte. mv. decer. 
mv, camping, dane cook, lorah's. ski trips, gps. cj. 
wendys. torn petty, gwen, prom, ntd-the neighbor- 
hood-idk what I would have done growing up without 
you guys, friends-ka, bn. af. ac. nw. Ig. am, jc. ab, rf. Ir, 
cb, eb, and the rest. NV & DW-army strong-love you 
guys, andrew-thanks for being an awesome brother & 
a great friend, love you! mom & dad- you support me 
in everything I do, thank you for always believing in 
me. I love you so much, gramy & grampy- thanks for all 
the Sunday dinners and always having an open door 
for me. Nana- I love our summers together, good luck 
class of 20081 "wherever you go, go with all your heart. " 

"Heroes are ordinary people who make them- 
selves extraordinary"-Gerard Way Good luck 
to all my underclassmen nuggets. Thanks to my 
family, MOM, all my teachers, and the lunch 
ladies for feeding me. Special thanks to MY 
TURN ,inc for all the support on everything. My 
true friends. Isaac. Alex. Deanna. Gia, Shell, 
Huynh, Sheila, Nykol, Nick, Jacky and Meghan 
ohh and Strickland! Saturday nights with Alex. 

Whoooo Woosa peace "If you don't go to 

high school you will definitely go to jail'-Gerard 
Way xo 

After graduating you realize how fast life 
passes by. For me I'm going to go to 
college. After that it is time for the real 
world. I want to thank my Mom and Dad 
for pointing me in the right direction. I 
also want to thank all my teachers that 
kept pushing me to do well. I want to 
thank all my friends for being there to 
share all these crazy high school memo- 
ries. Thank you all. 

Terence Lynn 

Amanda Lucey 

Ashley Marie Machado 

I would like to thank my whole family for the 
support and love they have shown me over 
the years. I love you all. And I'd like to thank 
my friends T.D. M.W, P.N. C.T. LG, LS. A.L, J.S, 
A.H. C.H, L.B. G.D, T.Q. B.S.-just to name a few. 
Thanks for all the good times- GPS. A.L T.D, L.G, 
Drama Club for all the support, Mrs. Anzuoni, 
Ms. Ferrara, Ms. Jaruse and Ms. Manly- thank 
you for all the help, PNN crew, PN Golf Team, 
going to the beach with friends- too many 
good times to say them all. Love life, and love 
the good times. And don't forget to laugh- 
best of luck to all with their future endeavors. 

Happiest when: I'm with my friends and family 
Favorite Quote: " Life is about trusting your feel- 
ings and taking chances, loosing and finding 
happiness, appreciating the memories and 
learning from the past and realizing people 
always change" —anonymous Special Thanks 
to: My Mom and Dad, Brother, Sister, Stef Mon, 
Steph Knott, Autumn, Katie, Gram, Gramp, 
Vovo, Pa, Aunts, Uncles and my Cousins for 
always being there and supporting me. And 
to the PNHS staff for a great four years. Memo- 
ries: Prom, IORG, Camp staff 06 & 07, Grand 
Assembly 07! 

Katelyn Lindsay Makein 

Lauren Moloney 

Shane Martin 

"It isn't hard finding what we need to be. It's 
being content with who we are"- The Ataris 
Mom and Dad, Thank you for your understand- 
ing and open minds. You've guided me this 
far with your love and support, you made me 
who I am today. Love you! Cari, Kelli and 
Carlos thank you for being the shoulder I 
needed, and more than I could ever ask for. 
Saundra, we've been through a lot but we 
made it! Thanks for being there, love you! Dan 
» Jae and Gianna » HT KG JM NS GM AH. "Ev- 
ery new beginning comes from some other 

"All of our dreams can come true, 
the courage to pursue them.. 

if we have 

-Walt Disney 

"Character is higher than intellect... a great 
soul will be strong to live, as well as to think" 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"Laughter is timeless... 
Imagination has no age... 
And dreams are forever..." 

- Walt Disney 

"The Harbor Is Yours" 

Once upon a time in the days of yore, 

when the people lived fresh outta legend and folk lore. 

there was an old pirate, who piloted vial slang, 

had a bird perched on him and swash buckled the same. 

Peg-leg navigator starboard to port. 

by the nautical star of mael and the harbor is yours. 

You should tell him where you situate the gold 

that is unless you'd like a vacation 

with Davy J-J-J-Jones. 

Aesop Rock 


Ighor Martins 

Evan Martinsen 

Gregory Mazzilli 

Mom and Dad thank you for helping me 
through out all this year. Mrs. Gretemeyer 
couldn't have done it with out you. Sarah D 
can't wait to spend the rest of my life with LOVE 
YOU SO MUCH!! To all my friends' good luck 
out there in the real world. 

"Don't limit yourself. Many people limit them- 
selves to what they think they can do. You can 
go as far as your mind lets you. What you be- 
lieve, you can achieve." Mary Kay Ash 

I firmly believe that the best decision that 
I have ever made was choosing to at- 
tend Plymouth North. I would like to 
thank my family and friends for always 
standing by me. Without them I would 
not be the person I am today. Best of 
luck to the class of 2008. "Only the edu- 
cated are free." Epictetus 

First I want to thank my parents, I love 
you guys and I appreciate everything 
you do for me. I want to thank my friends 
for always being arouna. All the 
coaches, you guys are the best around, 
I'm going to miss all of you. Football team 
dinners, 2 for 1 Tuesdays at Ernie's, those 
were the good times. "The fear of death 
follows from the fear of life. A man who 
lives fully is prepared to die at any time" 
(Mark Twain). 

Janet McCarthy 

Alexandra McCusker 

David McGrath 


Favorite Quote: "Dream as if you'll live forever, live 
as if you'll die today" - James Dean. My friends that 
went through the struggle with me, M.G. AD. C.T. J.S. 
H.T. E.S. R.N. A.L J.M, J. Ma B.B. AM, K.E. KG. K.H, 
P.H, H.G I LOVE YOU ALL <3. Favorite Memories: Prom, 
Spring break 07' to Florida. Saco River, summer 06' 
and 07', spending the summer nights on that one road 
in Carver. 2/25. FJullhonkey. Adams house. Driving 
around in the baby blue cougar. White Horse beach. 
Half days at my house. Chester. Many thanks to my 
mom. my little brother Joey, and my grandparents 
who are there for me 24-7. Couldn't have spent my 
high school years any better 

Thanks to Mom and Dad for always being there, and 
Colleen and Katie you're the best sisters a little brother 
could ask for Couldn't have done it without you guys. 
My best friends Max & Chris thanks for all the good times. 
Best memories Golf Team 5AND0 DV. PC. Higs. Malhis. 
JW. TL All Day Drane. Spence and pract squad-Blood- 
bath. Hockey Team-Playing South-weightroom "One 
Day Monday" 6am Dunkin runs after pract Lax Teanrv 
Armegeddon Throwin Dis and jav. Chillin with max 8i 
chris ski trips fishing beach. Pullin the Jeep out. Prom 07 
Homecoming 0507 Fav people: MP KF CM Beav PL GJ 
KB Higs BB DB AP CG AM Special K SMGC Crew "May 
you have the hindsight to know where you ve been, 
the foresight to know where you are going, and the 
insight to know when you've gone too for" Irish Bless- 
ing Good Luck Class 2008 

Siobhan T. McHugh Mullane 

Chris Mclsaac 

Megan A. McKenna 

"But eyes are blind. You have to look with the 
heart." Antoine de Saint-Exupery Mom Dad Marty 
and B thanks for guiding my heart. Friends-Ill al- 
ways remember the good old days: the concerts 
esp. Dispatch NYC roadtrips VT w/ Jess boarding 
NH nightswimming Red Sox games soccer & lax the 
French class the apartment Sam's house 
carwashes in Tori's mustang AGil's CP & brunches 
rocking out w/ Bri beach sessions Chiltonville sum- 
mers & all the other treasured memories. Best wishes 
'08-keep on livin' the dream... "And to tell the truth 
I don't want to let go of the wrists of idleness, I don't 
want to sell my life for money. I don't even want to 
come in out of the rain." M. Oliver » 

I want to thank my family and friends for 
being there for me. My mom Lynn, my 
dad Paul, and my sister Kelly. SV, DP, 
TA, MP, JG, KT, anyone I forgot you know 
who you are. Xbox 360, Halo, Gears, 
Madden, Live. Roger Federer. Ms. 
Fallon's period 7 Spanish class, good 
times! Doing work! Thanks for all of the 
good times and memories class of 2008. 
"Go big or go home"- Unknown 

"I shall miss this thing when it all rolls by" — DMB fav 
memories: prom 07, homecomings, football games, 
swordfish party, DMB concert, JT concert, HoneyChild 
— KH&CD assorted candies! Beach rides Chiltonville 
in the thing on wheels "wanna get classy?" just do it. 
Peace&Love. love all my girls <3 Marylous ladies luv u 
all esp KS&RC hockey express w/ my OHB lovers thanx 
4 the help JO. AuntyDiane love swiss miss 4ever cait 
aka baybay my PIC! Moms house wee! KH Mexico 
"Howd I do?" Kura! Michelleys house —the closet. 
Shop nights&forest rides. 4/7/09 RIP Grampy think 
about u everyday love&miss u so much Thanx to the 
family I LOVE U mom&dad. Pat & Ryno couldn't ask 4 
better brothers! "If u keep believing the dream that u 
wish will come true" -Cinderella 

B*^ &* ■ Hfi&*^l 

■*«S^"' X >^(| 

L -**► **~ 1 



Sam Quigley McKenna 

Shawn McNicholas 

Steven McSharry 

Mom & Dad, thanks so much for all of 
your love and support. Meredith & Emily, 
thanks for all the laughs and great times. 
Sanibel Island, London, Ascutney Mt., 
Manhattan Beach. Beach nights, skim 
sessions, homecoming "it was all a 
dream", prom, Dispatch, DMB, Freshman 
football. Thanks to all my friends for the 
ill times... LTD, Living The Dream, "Kick 
kick shuffle shuffle back to the beach. "- 

Plymouth North Soccer #21 

Mom and Dad thank you for 18 years of 

"Winners live each day as if their last. Not 
in the future, nor the past, and 
someday. ..becomes now" -Dennis 

Thank you so much for everything and 
always being there when I needed you- 
love you Mom and Dad. Shout outs to 
my boys Moose Horse French Sampson 
Shanley Carco Matt Yule Gilbert Reno. 
Long Rides through the forest, and In the 
memory of the purple machine "Long 
Live the Van" Quote: "And when the 
night is cloudy, There is still a light that 
shines on me, Shine on till tomorrow" The 
beatles- Good luck 08 

Ashley M. Mercer 

Kirsty Middlemiss 

Mathuros "Mina" Miller 

Now that we have reached the end of high school I 
realize that those four years, though tough, were the 
best 4 years of my life. Thank you to all my friends for 
making that happen, especially Kaitlin. You've been 
there for me since 7th grade. I'll never forget our time 
spent together. I hope we remain friends for the rest 
of our successful lives. Of course, thank you to my 
mother and father. I love you both. Nicola, make me 
proud. I know you will. As always I love the "true few" 
Special K. Big Papi, Shanikwa. Big Hands Blsson. 
Danielle, Sam. Ashley Lai Alana. Special Dave, and 
all my skaters =) "I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learn- 
ing to sail my ship." —Louisa May Alcott. Good luck 
class of 2008. I will miss you all! 

"Why ask useless questions? How deep 
is the ocean? How high is the sky? Who 
is John Gait?" — Ayn Rand 

Never forget all the good times. Heart to Heorts 
(Kacey. Auger, Steph, Tufty) Adventures of Havok & 
Chaoz/Minority Heist (Tucker, Hathaway) The Kiepto 
(JJ) Locker Beat-ups (Johnny&Evan) Hair Compliments 
(Sammy) Thriller/Macbeth/Prom'07 (Chris) Enchalada 
-still waiting 1 (Courtney) Monty&Coco (Katie C.) 
Homecoming/Nunchucks (Alysser) Choke on Rice! 
(Gutowski, Feeney. Alicia. Deanna) PCIS Chorus 
(Kelley) Hey Meener! (Kelsey.S.) study groups (Glen) 
3/10/90 (Ashley. P.) Peer Mentors/SFH? Track so many 
memories, not enough space! Thanks guys. I'll miss 
you all keep in touch & don't forget Each other Have 
fun. live life, no regrets! Good Luck to everyone! 
Thanks Mom & Dad. (I love you!) 

Izabella Miranda 

William Mitchell 

Michelle Nichole Morano 

"Take what you can from your dreams. Make them 
as real as anything" DMB— Thank you Mom and Dad 
for never giving up on me and for always pushing me 
to do my best. Guil. my role model, my best friend, 
you are the reason I've made it this far. Rafael, it's 
been a long road. I am so proud to be your sister; I 
love you! Will— welcome to the family! Friends- 
amazing memories! JF.MB.JH— thanks for it all! CB: 
couldn't ask for a better friend. Ash. you are my fa- 
vorite! Soccer— Mr. Foley, thank you. — ya. ya, ya — 
call 9117 — 3 minute loops — great times! Thanks for 
everything girls! Good luck class of 2008! "All begin- 
nings are hard, but the cookie is always right! " —Guil. 

But if the world would remain within a frame, like a 
painting on a wall. Then I think we would see the 
beauty, and we would stand staring in awe." Thank 
you to anyone who has ever helped me become who 
I am today Thanks to my friends I wouldn't be the 
same without you guys Thanks for everything ASD Here 
We Are JS your strong kid keep going LG You have 
made me who I am today Thanks for everything that 
you have given me and taught me Lastly, my family. 
Mom. Dad you mean the world to me. Thanks for stick- 
ing by. Brendan. Jimmy. Julianne. Michael. I love you 
all. Thank you for everything. "And they splashed into 
the deep blue sea. Oh it was a wonderful splash." 
(Conor Oberst) 

"To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die." — 
Thomas Campbell. Thank you to my family for every- 
thing. Dad. Annie. Michael. Davis. Olivia. You guys 
are amazing and I love you more than anything. 
Thank you to all my friends: KH MM CD MK TC AB AC 
many fun times; the shop, hockey xpress. chapel hill, 
coreys. Shawns, prom, homecomings, boston tnps. 
dance parties, spring break 07. summer 06 Just re- 
member to take care of each other no matter what 
"What love we ve given, we'll have forever." —Leo 

Ian Fuller Moylan 

"Winners never quit and quitters never win" By: Vince 


The doors of wisdom are never shut' by Ben Franklin 

One of my most memorable moments at Plymouth 
North, is my first varsity game. I was sophomore and it 
was against Quincy it was just an all out best game 
we won 28 to nothing and it was my best time in my 
high school career. 

A special thanks to my mom, dad, head coach Bill 
Burkhead, and to Mike Bastoni for all of there help 
and support through out my high school career. Some 
friends that have helped me through high school are 
Kayla, Mike, Fred. Morgan, and the North football 

Amanda Lyn Nadile 

"Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I 
seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only 
as much as I dream can I be." -Karen Ravn * To my 
girls-my laughter, my heart, my life. The guys-tons of 
fun! Here's to: Summer05- July3&4, WeeBee, tent 
nights! bridge jumping, McKenna's. Sib's, MASC06, 
DMB@Fenway, OAR. Dashboard! brunch, beach ses- 
sions. Agil's CPv Snowboarding in NH-chains & frost 
heaves?! Homecoming 1234. Prom07» Viva la 
Espaha!07- My soccer and lax girls-a team and a fam- 
ily! To my Mom & Dad-thdnk you for always believing 
in me! Justin, my inspiration, and hero! I love 
you all, always. "The most wasted of all days Is one 
without laughter '-E.E.Cummings.Classof 2008, we're 
truly Living the Dream! 

Daniele Natola 

"Enjoy yourself. These are the good old days 
you're going to miss in the years ahead. "-un- 
known, to all my friends you are the best I love 
you all. LR NW DA CG AB AC & all the rest. 
Ashley Lyne you are the best friend I could ever 
ask for. Thanks for everything I love you. Linny, 
my best friend, so many good times I'll love 
you always. Mom Dad Michele & Olivia you 
have always been there for me. I would be 
nowhere without you. Lybtts. To all the good 
times over the past 4 years that I will never for- 
get. Congratulations to the class of 2008. We 
did it! 

Lee Nguyen 

Alicia Marie Nickerson 

Hannah Nickerson 

It's amazing how fast four years can go by. It wasn't 
too long ago that I was one of those fresh faces in 
the crowd. I'll remember the football banquets, track 
meets and the Christian Club. Through football. I 
learned to sacrifice myself for the guy next to me. I 
can say that you can't enjoy sledding in the winter 
until you have hit the sled every week in the fall. Thanks 
to the coaches and the team- 1 will miss you all and 
will bled blue for the rest of my life. I did not hate 
school like most people but I can't say I enjoyed 
waking up early and doing homework either. It was 
an incredible experience and I will make sure to think 
back to times here every decade or so. Good Luck 
to the Class of 2008. 

"Make the most of yurself, for that is all there is 
of you." —Ralph Waldo Emerson I can't believe 
how fast high school has gone by, especially 
this senior year. Thanks to all my friends and fam- 
ily for always being there for me: Teneshia, 
Deanna, Jeff, Taylour, and everyone else, you 
know who you are. You know I'll always be there 
for you too. My favorite memories were the foot- 
ball games, dance, the beach club, and I could 
never forget about those pansies and slip and 
slide! I'm gonna miss all you guys and good luck 
to the class of '08! 

"All our dreams can come true, if we 
have the courage to pursue them" Walt 
Disney I want to thank my Mom and Dad 
for helping me through all of these years 
I also want to thank the Anninos family 
for everything they have done for me. 
Good luck class of 2008 




Peter F. Nielsen 

"If you don't take the time to slow down and 
enjoy life, it will be a waste" I will remember 
from high school forever: Mike Ted Tj Steve 
Gary Griffin Maura Danyelle, Lauren Julie KB 
and everyone else Love always for Alley The 
Tables The Bench and The Van on the four 
corners ride Freshman Football Going to school 
plays 31 1 Football home games The trips I took 
the places I went the experiences and all of 
good times I had Listening to ill music. Thank 
you mom and dad for the lessons and lectures 
and for pushing me to do great. Keep it real. 

Evan O'Brien 

I have had some good times with my 
friends here at North. Who remembers 
Mr. Morelana's 5th period class? Good 
luck to all. WE MADE IT! "All men die, not 
all men really live." Braveheart. So, take 
chances and have some fun. "90% of 
short putts do not go in." Yogi Berra 


Mitchell Evan Nugent 

"Pick the day. Enjoy it- to the hilt The day as it 
comes. People as they come. ..The past, I think, 
has helped me appreciate the present-and I 
don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about 
the future. "-Audrey Hepburn Mama, I can't 
express the feelings I have for you enough. You 
have given me so much; I love you to the moon 
and back. Melanie Mabel. You're more than 
my best friend, you're my sister. I love you. Dad. 
Josh I love you both so much. Amy, my psy- 
chic surrogate sister. Brianna, Ms. Golightly. The 
best friends a boy could ask for. And to the 
family and friends that have gotten me where 
I am today, I love you. 

Michelle O'Leary 

"If you limit yourself to whot seems possible or rea- 
sonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly 
want and all that is left is a compromise" Robert Fritz. 
I would like to thank my family who have helped me 
through the years. My friends for always being there 
for me whenever I needed them. A special thanks to 
I would like to congratulate the class of '08 and wish 
them luck in everything they go on to do. To my friends 
I will miss you all when I leave but I will keep in touch. 
Underclassmen, enjoy the rest of your high school 
career. And finally to everyone, try to make each 
moment last, because once the moment has passed 
you will never get it back. 

Kristen Obin 

Holly Lynn Orzolek 

My favorite people are my mom and my sis- 
ter. Memories: the first day coming to school 
and also having good times with my friends. 
When I had some hard times Corinne was al- 
ways there for me. I am the happiest when I 
am hanging out with friends and just having a 
fun time. Many thanks to my mom, linzi. my 
gram. Corinne. Jessica. Kayla. all the people 
from work and all my other friends tnat have 
been there for me. Thanks to all the teachers 
who helped me get through. Good luck to the 
class of 2008! 

Andrew Osborne 

Cody Osborne 

Max A. Paronich 

Activities: football for 4 years and basketball 
on freshman and jv. 

Quote: "give them nothing, but take from 
them everything" King Leonidas from 300. 
Saying: doin work 

Memories: playing football at west rec. going 
to weight room in the off-season. Making my 
own gravy during the chicken filet eating con- 
test at Oktoberfest.Mr. Perry's sayings. 
Good luck to everyone in the class of 08 wher- 
ever you go or whatever you do. 

"Remember this day, men, for it will be 
yours for all time." King Leonidas, 300. I 
will remember... Hanging out downtown, 
Hanging out with friends. Going to the 
mall, Playing video games. To my 
friends. ..Zach, Burt, Brandon, Sheila, 
Teneshia, Kacey, Joseph, Miles, DJ, Erin, 
Justin.., Thanks. Thank you Erin for guid- 
ing me through life. Thank you Mom and 
Dad for everything, I love you. "Strength 
does not come from physical capacity. 
It comes from an indomitable will." 
Mahatma Gandhi. Good Luck! 

These four years have been awesome 
together. Thank you Mom and Dad for 
coming to all of my games and support- 
ing me no matter what decisions I made. 
Good times with my friends: Ski trips with 
Dave and Chris. Summer of '07 jet skiing 
with Danielle, Courtney, Ashley, and 
Dave. Hanging out at Saquish and tub- 
ing in the harbor. Football O-line with E.C, 
K.B, J.B, and L.N. The Sled. 

Ashley E. Peterson 

John Petty 

Kacey Pickett 

Live. Laugh. Love; our years together have been full 
of this. Great people; JL.sis, DB+CG; big truck, Dt;sorry 
about Fred. MP. CS; vs shopping, CT; la Katrina, 
GT;key lime pie, DM.SR+ AH; 'study' groups, KF.water 
wiz, DBS; gym, CJ; siym brownies, BH; huge veins, NP. 
EH:taco<3. MM (3/10/90). camp family, dance team, 
mentors, love to you all. Great times; b+g dance pro- 
gram, prom '07. football/basketball games, home- 
coming, beach days, spirit week, crazy pillow polo. 
Oktoberfest 07, and so many memories I'll never for- 
get! Thanks to the ones in my family that were always 
there to support me. Especially mom. I wouldn't have 
made it without you. Good-bye class of 2008! Live 
life. Love life <3<3 06/07/08 <3<3 

"Out of the things I've lost my mind is 
what I miss the most" -Ozzy Osborne 

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice 
the gift'-Prefontaine- To all my friends and family- 
Thank you. Mom and dad you two are amazing and 
I love you so much. Kori and Emily- even if we do fight, 
you two are the best sisters I could ask for. Joelle thank 
you so much for always being my big sister. Lauren- 1 
love you- I don't think I could survive without you. 
PNXC- you guys are my second family. Franklin Park, 
NY, fires, Foss 06 and 07, Prom. Homecomings. PlyNo 
indoor and outdoor track. Christian Club. Ms. Fallon's 
5th period Spanish- KA, CF. JH, CT. JF, MM. CH. SP. 
EO, JP- Love you guys! It's been an amazing four 
years! Good luck Class of 2008. _, 

Rachel Pinto 

Alison Murdena Prive 

Ashley Lynn Probasco 

"What counts in sports is not the victory, but 
the magnificence of the struggle." (Anon) 
Thank u mom and dad for all the love and sup- 
port you have given me over the years. I also 
want to thank my big brothers for all the good 
laughs and memories we have had together. 
Dannie Lynn you are the best friend I ever 
could have asked for. And to everyone else I 
love you and never will forget you GV. MT, AP, 
CH. BS. PN, MW. TD. BA. JA. KA. KA, MA. ST. LF, 
AD. MM, KH. LL. JM, KP. I'm going to miss north 
but most of all I'm going to miss the class of 

"I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll 
be okay. "-DMB. To all my friends and family the 
past four years would have been nothing with- 
out you. You are all truly the best. Micayla. 
Tabatha, and Lauren, I didn't know what best 
friends were until I met you. Thanks for the 
memories I'll never forget. PNXC kids you guys 
are amazing. To the class of 2008, "I hope the 
days come easy and the moments pass slow, 
and each road leads you where you want to 
go. "-Rascal Flatts. Good luck, I wish you all the 

Do not follow where the path may lead-Go 
instead, where there is no path, and leave a 
trail. P.Elifritz. I just wanted to say thanks to Mom 
and Dad and everyone else who has helped 
me So many good memories with everyone 
my house. Chelsie's the RAV, California. Ari- 
zona. Love all my girls Chelsie best friends for- 
ever. KE. LF. HN. JM. HT. AD. AP. ES. MM. CG. 
BS, BA, RP, EB. Can't forget the guys. If I forgot 
you I'm sorry. All the softball girls love you: we'll 
make this the best year ever. I'll miss all of you! 
We finally did It!! Congrats to the class of 2008 
and Good Luck!!! 

John Puopolo 

Stephanie L. Puopolo 

Michael C. Quintal 

Thanks to all my family for being there 
through the years and for all the fun 
times we had as well and the rough times 
we went through. We finally made it! To 
my friends: thanks for all those great 
times we spent together. Yo guys are 
really the best. 


"The most wasted day of all is that which we have 
not laughed"-HS. Its been a long four years but we 
finally made it. Congrats to Class of 08 '! I wont to 
thank my mom and dad for always being there for 
me, you're the best thanks for everything. I love you. 
to my brothers Johnny and Ant love you guys! To my 
friends E.O. B.S. T.F. S.D. KA J.P. C.C. KP. BA KE. 
T.Q, l.O and more thank you. I will never forget you. 
Basement with the crew. Prom 07; Punta Cona Do- 
minican Republic 3rd of July, fires af the dunes, 
heeeyyy pooops! Cape cod ave. fires. 158 Billington, 
TheCamry. Half days are the best ddys! 10:00. 'Duece 
Duece". Breakfast! Summer 06', and trips to Boston, 
Good times! "In this bright future you can't forget your 
past "-Bob Marley 

From the first day of freshman year, to Pretty Day of 
Senior year, being a student at Plymouth North High 
School mokes everything fly by fast. A lot of people 
have made huge impacts on my Hfe. and many have 
influenced me to do well in school such os my par- 
ents, my boys; Bech. Gabba. Paul Weezy & Flizz Masta 
Flave. and my girlfriend Emily Brazil, who I love very 
much. I want to tt-ionk all of them including my guid- 
ance counselor. Mr. DaRosa. and all of my teachers 
and coaches I've had mdny great and memorable 
times at North and this school has definitely imprinted 
a place in me 

Jonathan Ragazzini 

Teneshia Lynn Randolph 

Paul Reardon 

"Regret nothing, fear less." — John Cena These 
past four years have been crazy, but I can't 
believe it's over. I wouldn't have made it with- 
out the support of my family and friends: 
Aliciamo. Deanna, Guava, Chan, JJ. and all 
the rest, you know who you are. Thanks for al- 
ways being there. Never Forget: The Raw. Slip 
and Slide. "It's Friday" Minority Heist, The Ad- 
ventures of Havok & Chaoz, "L". Thriller, SVU 
Marathons, football games, and dance class 
(rock it out). Know where you're going but 
never forget where you came from. Good luck 
class of '08! 

I would like to thank my friends and fam- 
ily, Mr. Thompson, Mr. DaRosa, Mr. 
Tanguay, Coach Burkhead, Ms. Follette, 
Ms. Serilla, and all my other teachers and 
coaches. Thanks to Todd Zachary for 
putting in all his time in the weight room 
and making the team bigger, faster and 
stronger. Thanks fo all my boyz through- 
out school, all the good times at the 
shop, Bech's house, and football team 
dinners playing 360 and having fun. 

Markayla Blye Reilly 

Kaitlynn Renaud 

Samantha Lee Reynolds 

Carpi deum-seize the day. As I leave high 
school and bring with me the wonderful 
memories I've shared with friends throughout 
the years. I attend to do just that, seize the day. 
I look forward to my future. Although I am sad 
to be leaving my lifelong friends and the 
people I have met along the way. I will never 
forget the impact you all have made on my 
life and I would like to thank you all for that. I 
want to thank my family, especially my mom 
and dad, for supporting me, and believing in 
me. I love you all and will miss you all so much, 
Best of Luck class of 2008! 

"We spoke about growing old and fill- 
ing the future's empty stage"- Minus the 
Bear. Mom, Dad and family, I love you 
all, words can't describe how much you 
mean to me. Cassandra, you are my 
twin, best friends until the end, love you! 
LS, LG, and LC love you too! Never for- 
get: warped tours, garage parties, prom, 
"our rock", pictures and trips to Boston! 
To everyone I didn't name, thanks for the 
memories, it's not goodbye, it's see you 

"We do not remember days; we remember mo- 
ments." — Cesare Pavese. These past 4 years have 
been amazing. Soccer, track&field. homecomings. 
Prom '07, football games. Oktober Fest. Peer Men- 
tors. "Mommy do". Kiss concert 06. '07, Hyannis 
Sound. Rachael Ray Fan Club. "Mina, I like your hair!" 
Friends, I don't know what I'd do without you. 
Danielle. J.A. A.k.H, K.F, A.D. K.W. K.C M.B. A.M. A.P, 
LP. R.R. L.N. C.H. Romina Extranaremos! Mom. Dad, 
Liz. Jen. Thank-you for everything. I love you guys! Mr. 
Moore, your coffee won't be the same without spe- 
cial. Mr. Lefebvre. keep up the good English, you 
taught me well. To the class of 2008- I'll never forget 
you! Good Luck with everything, keep in touch. We 
are truly Living the Dream! 

Lindsey M. Ricardo 

Brandon Richardson 

Sean Robbins 

"When you realize that mountain you've been climb- 
ing is just a grain of sand and what you've been out 
there searching for forever is in your hands." Leann 
Rimes. To the class of'08 best of luck! My girls* love 
you always my boys» thanx for the laughs. Prom* 
homecomings* football games* powderuff* 
roadtrips w/ Bv half days* lindz house* POS* NYC* 
beach days* LS» Best friends forever, no matter what. 
DN» you've always been there for me. CG» my 
strength my laughter wear a bucket do we SMBv I 
love you so much thank you for all you do. My par- 
ents, thank you for everything. Dad we made it. now 
I can finally say dad you were right. Drew. Emily. 
Shane, & Emma you always keep me smiling. PNHS* 
I wish you all the best, reach for the stars. 

I would like to thank all those I really learned from in 
these past four years including family, friends, and of 
course teachers. I enjoyed making a big commotion 
in this wonderful school. I was the kid who rode around 
the halls on his Heelies sophomore year. I was always 
different from the crowd, usually due to my ignorance 
of the things around me. I dm glad I made friends 
with so many people. Without you all I would not have 
been able to bear the stress of school for too long. I 
love you guys and thanks. "The fact that a believer is 
happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than 
the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober 
one." George Bernard Shaw 

To my friends: Thanks for fhe great years 
in high school. To all my teachers: Thanks 
for all the help and support you gave 
me. Thanks, Mom and Dad. I appreci- 
ate you both for always being there for 

Eric Roche 

Laura Teresa Rosa 

Kelsey V. Salwak 

These past few years have been unbelievable and I 
can't thank everyone enough for being a part of 
them. I've grown so much from the person I was fresh- 
men year and it's all thanks to my friends who've 
guided me. A Slow Descent, you've seriously 
changed me forever and I feel I owe you all a lot. 
You've all taught me so much about myself and the 
world dnd I couldn't ask for better friends. Jon. you 
and your family have gone through so much, but you 
all never stopped being the kindest people I know. 
You're the man. Chaing. hang in there, we all miss 
you and can't wait to see you. ASD and FTTF for life! 


"The years teach much which the days never knew'- 
Ralph Waldo Emerson. Love and thanks to my fam- 
ily<3 Mom and Dad thank you for everything and 
Chrissi I couldn't have made it this far without you. 
Derek. I love you! Thanks for being there. NW DN KM 
DA AL AB and the boys thanks for making these four 
years worth while<3 memories- field hockey I love you 
girls. 06 ond 07 proms, homecomings. Brewster, the 
cruise, Nikki's, Donny's. summertime, the cottage, 
WFW. and concerts. "School's out Memories past. 
Don't ever doubt. Our friendships will last."- Anon. 
Congrats Class of '08. We did it!<3 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop 
and take a look around once in awhile, 
you could miss it. "—Ferris Bueller. We had 
fun, and we'll keep having fun. With the 
friends that we've made in the past few 
years, we've found those that we can't 
live without. The people that have had 
an impact on your entire life. Your friends 
for life. AP my best friend my sister I love 
you. JS 007 through the thorn. Good luck 
everyone and have a fab life. 

Brian David Saunders 

Lindsey J. Sawyer 

Coryn N. Sevigny 

Yea North High!!! Go Eagles!!! I had a 
great time during all four years I at- 
tended Plymouth North High and that's 
all because of the teachers and faculty. 
Special thanks to Miss Jaruse for being 
an awesome English teacher. Shout out 
to my friends and family to; Derek G, Ben 
B, Kevin A, and many more. Good luck 
everyone and see you in about 1 years. 

"Take what you can from your dreams; make them 
as real as anything." DMB » Sibs House »Hockey 
Xpress *HalfDays vPowderpuff vDevShop v31 ] vJM 
»OAR06' »Lax ¥Bellis's »Cheer06-07 vSOPHIE »my 
sweet 16 »Boston road trips »newhampshire 
vparkinglotdancers »PROM 07 » MY GIRLS-Love you 
thanks for everything* MY BOYS- love ya! To the class 
of 08. I hope life takes you far. goodluck. LMR* Best 
friends, always & forever. Thanks for always being 
there. Love You. JMS» my CoCapt "MOM&DAD I love 
you more than words can explain. Thank you for rais- 
ing me to be the person I am. Words to live by: Live. 
Laugh. Love. "So don't sit back and watch the days 
go by. Are you ever gunna live before you die?" - 
Lifehouse. -USMC SEMPERFI" 

"We're the architects of the world."— Ranier Maria I 
would like to thank my family, my friends (you know 
who you are), and Junior for always being there for 
me and supporting me. Mom and Dad, you have 
been the backbone of my success- thank you so 
much! Junior, you mean so much to me. Thanks for 
being there for me, especially during my junior year, 
ily. Uhmcha. And to all my friends- thank you, I 
wouldn't have gotten through high school if it wasn't 
for you and the fun memories we share. Thank you to 
all the PN teachers who have taught me so much 
these four years. And to Mrs. Sampson- thank you for 
taking me back to paradise every morning. I am go- 
ing to miss our rides together. 

John Shanley 

Kory L. Sharp 

Charles Sidoti 

Favorite places: Tables, mordox, Frenches Fri- 
day nights, North games, moose's pond, the 
grass parking lot, forest rides, crazy times at 
hockey, the flying Frenchmen, Moosey, 
sampsonite. Horses, Yuletide, Gilberto. Mat- 
thew, Hobin!Hobin!Hobin!, my beautiful girl 
friend Lauren. Gaba-naba, Joey, Steves, 
Alfonzo, Jake, Quintal, Becktold. I want to 
thank my mom for always supporting me, my 
dad for guiding me through these four years. I 
wish the best of luck to all my friends and hope 
you find happiness and success. 

Remember the good times and forget 
the bad but never forget your friends. 
It's these times that we'll look back on 
and think "I miss those days" so live for 
now and not for later. Don't get caught 
up in the seriousness of life just have fun 
in the life you have now. KSX3 love you 
girls. JP my bub. Thanks to my mom and 
dad for everything. I love you guys! 

I want to thank my family for helping me 
through everything, and my friends for 
being there for me, you know who you 
are. Jonnnn! Keep up the hard work bro. 
we all love you. these four years go by 
so fast, thanks for all the memories, the 
experiences, and of course, the fun. "This 
story's old but it goes on and on..." Brand 
New Good Luck Class of 08. 


Jon Sidoti 

Saundra Janee Silva 

Bethany Sinn 

"For the truly faithful, no miracle is necessary." (Nancy 
Gibbs) Thanks to all of my family, you truly are the 
best and I love you all. Charlie and Cara thanks for 
everything, I couldn't ask for a better brother and sis- 
ter and I truly love you both. Thanks to my family and 
friends for all you have done for me as I recover from 
my tragic accident. Thanks to all my friends for all you 
have done for me. A Slow Descent, you gave mean- 
ing to my life and you guys have always been there 
for me. CH BM ER CS we're going far! Sean Joann 
Jess and Rissie I couldn't ask for any better friends. 
06 neagles Discrete math Thanks to all who helped 
me "stay strong". CS TK LG CG LH BD BK CV PH AN 
DR. Especially, thank you God for giving me a 2nd 
chance at life. 

It's a surprise that I made it to my senior year. 
No one, not even me thought I would be able 
to graduate with all of my friends. It wouldn't 
have been possible without the support of my 
Mom, Dad and Mrs. Agiuar. Thank you for get- 
ting me through all of my hard times. Favorite 
people: Katie. Nik, KG. HT. JM, JS. Brina. Syd » 
Mike (Pumpkin Head) v Memories: When Tom 
took me to get my license, without him I'd have 
to take the bus to school! TK Rest In Peace ¥ 
Favorite Quote: "One day Katie Makein. we're 
gunna rent a boat and fly away!" 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams" Eleanor Roosevelt.—- 
First & foremost, I would like to thank: Mom, we 
truly are Thelma & Louise, one foot in front of 
the other; Dad, I will always be your baby girl & 
beach comber; Heather, you are not only my 
big sister, but my best friend; Gram. Baa, 
Grandpa, you are the best cheering squad, in 
every aspect of my life. And to the rest of my 
family & friends, I love you all Pap. you will al- 
ways be with me. - — Friends: Laurie, Rach, 
Kelsey. NM. CH. AP. JF. JD & PN FH GIRLS! Thanks 
for the memories & good luck class of '08! 

Jessica Lynn Smith 

To my family, Mom, Dad, Julie: Thank you for all the 
love, support, and patients. I love you! 'When I'm with 
my friends I feel home"-OAR friends(esp the girls) 
thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime: AZ 
w/ lau. VT/car rides w/ sio, DECA trip to FL. car wars, 
dispatch in NYC. oar. dmb@fenway, 31 1. dashboard, 
summer. EelRvrBridge, July 3+4/tent nites. HckyXpress. 
Russell Mills-TrueTen*. Nate's Boat, beach sessions, 
McKenna's, Siobhan's, Gilmore's CP& brunch, cot- 
tage nites, Stuco-MASC 06!, football games, HC& af- 
ter 1234, Prom 06(sp)07(md), 1/2 days, soccer 
sleepovers. Keene 06&07, soccer 123 cpt4, plylax 
1 234, 1-6-07; my best friend» "Celebrate we will cause 
life is short but sweet for certain "-DMB Congrats, 08! 
Keep livin' the dream. 

Lorah Snow 

We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of 
dream to be weaving, and we all have the power to 
make wishes come true, as long as we keep believ- 
ing." -Louisa May Alcott. For the past four years of my 
life I've taken in every high school experience as they 
come, knowing it would all be gone all too quick. 
The time has almost run out. but I will not leave Ply- 
mouth North without a lifetime of memories Football 
games, hundreds of walks downtown, warped tour 
'07. Model UN NYC & Boston. And to all my favorites 
I love you and these years would be nothing without 
you. JDA LG RF DW KR CK AF MN. Most importantly 
I'd like to thank my family, really. Mom, Dad, Jess, 
Tom, Abigail, and Parker you all mean the world to 
me. I love you PN! 

Kallee Spooner 

"The best way to predict the future is to 
create it. "-Divine KSx3 hotpants. All my 
Marylous girls! 6/26/JC<3 you're amaz- 
ing. Mom and Dad, thanks for every- 
thing. I couldn't have done it without 
you. Gram and Punta, thanks for always 
being there. Gregg and Chett. thanks 
for being the best brothers a girl could 
ask for, and Tiara, the best sister. I'm so 
lucky to have you all in my life. I love you 

Justin Steeves 

Brooke Alexandria Stevens 

Kathryn Sutton 

"Cant it be when it was all just so simple"-The Wu 
Alright well honestly this little space for 12 years really 
Isn't cutting it but I'll do my best. Mom. Dad. Ryan, 
Jill, Thank you, I wouldn't have made it without you, I 
love you all very much. TA your always in my heart. 
To my WPC boys who have come and gone, thanks 
for always holding it down and holding me down. To 
my class of 08. chea boys we made it. Remember 
never forget where you came from. Never forget. All 
the Lrides through the forest, the rippas. Klings. Voyers, 
2nd generations cvt tables, Big ups to my boy headies 
for always being there. Area 51. Rec field, BL's. Man 
ya'll are gonna have me here all day writing memo- 
ries down. Aight North its been real. ..peace out baby 

"The road is long, and in the end, the journey is the 
destination. "-OTH. Thanks to Mom&Dad for everything 
you do for me&all the love and support; Id be no- 
where w/out you. Ashley&Kaylee-not only my sisters, 
but my best friends; I'll never forget all the 
talks&laughs. Justin-an amazing brother. I love you 
all! Girls-thru everything. Love youlLisa-since forever, 
thanks for it all u'll always be my best friend. Chant- 
Best; Sisters at heart. Prom '07. HCings. Bridge jump- 
ing. OAR. DMB@Fenway. NMES crew. July 3rd&4ths. 
Summer'05. Tent nights: There's a gate! Weebee. 
Haunchy. Corey's Timbs! Cali'05. Hockey. Kimballs. 
Siobhans. Mckennas. Prank calls. Tell mama. Cuppy. 
My&Wy. Exchange students. Varsity soccer and lax 
girls best times love you! 

"All these days have gone past life's going by 
so fast and all the best things that I have no 
one can take away from me here's to the 
memories" — The Bouncing Souls I'll never for- 
get: 12cent shows with Clem, SVU marathons 
with Papaya, NYC Drama trips (not after that 
wild ride), meeting Gravy, sha na na, Gleanna 
sightings. Prom '07, Hello Kitty goes to the cir- 
cus, da-te! Thanks to all of my family and 
friends for all that you've done for me, TR, GC, 
DC, AN, ML, BC, you guys are the best. I 
couldn't have done it without you. 

Jacqueline Swanton 

Joe Tavares 

Glen Taylor 

"Someday we'll fly, somday we'll soar. Somday 
we'll be something so much more," —John 
Mayor- Congrats class of 2008! I'll never forget 
the crazy memories. Late nights, Friday night 
games. Basketball games, nights at Alex's. 
Cheerleading squad, I love you all! Girls<3 A.M, 
LS, K.S, C.T, CD, K.H, H.T, K.F, J.H. CMS<3 You'll 
always be a part of me<3 MARYLOU'S GIRLS! I 
love you guys<3 Gameday! Double oh 
seven<3 Times like these we'll remember for- 

Don't look up above your head there is no 
heaven above, and don't look down beneath 
your feet, there is no hell below but heaven 
and hell exist within heaven is what you make 
it and hell is what you go through. —Wu-Tang 
I won't ever forget 208, black flag. And I want 
to thank all of my friends and family who 
helped me through school. Good luck to ev- 
eryone, keep it g, hold ya head up, and don't 
let anyone hold you back. The sky is the limit. 
My thanks to Mario and Mr. Canavan. Peace 

I had the best four years of my life here at Plymouth 
North High School. I'm going to miss all my friends ZB, 
DM, CV, HM, MW, AP, GV. MM, KF. HV, KA. MR. etc. I 
want to thank my father for all his inspiration and all 
my teachers that put up with me. And I especially 
want to thank my girlfriend Kerri who gave me the 
strength to get through my junior and senior year. "If 
I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me? 
For I must be traveling on now 'cause there's too 
many places I've got to see. But if I stay here with 
you girl, things just couldn't be the same 'cause I'm 
as free as a bird now." — Lynyrd Skynyrd. And to my 
only brother. Chris. 1 really hope you enjoy your 3 more 
years of High School, because it will go by fast. 

Kyle A. Tesorero 

Brett Tirlia 

Stephani Lee Travers 

"It's not the years in your life that count, but the life in 
your years." — Words to live by 

To all of the friends and classmates that made the 
class of '08 one of the best time of my life- Thank You 

AL AL MB PN KG CM MH Anyone missed still has a 
spot in here 

Good luck to all Eagle sports teams next year, espe- 
cially ice hockey. 

For my parents, brothers and sisters, and every 
teacher that helped me along the way. you have all 
of my thanks. 

Thanks, Mom and Dad for being there 
for me always, I love you both. Tubbs 
and Little T, you guys are great. Thanks 
for helping me through everything. This 
goes out to all my boys: Horse, Puffs, Gil- 
bert, Reno, Sampson, McSherry, Yule, 
Shanwee, KB, and all my other boys I 
may have forgotten. PN Hoops 

"All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad 
things are very easy to get." -Morarji Desai I want to 
start by saying Thank You Mom and Dad for all your 
support you have given me in everything I do. Lala. 
Jason and Lee you are all amazing and l love you all. 
Cassi and my 2nd family thank you. you're the best. 
And Thank you to everyone else that has ever been 
there for me! Football boys. Softball girls, all my 
adopted siblings Nana. Bumpa. Gramma Joyce. 
Grampa, Gramma Jackie, and everyone else These 
have been the fastest four years of my life and w/o 
you all they wouldn't have been the some Best 
memones-Football seasons, summer of 2006&2007. 
regal summer crew of 07. camping 06 And. finally 
good luck class of 2008 in everything you do. 

Hayley Anne Tribbte 

We did it class of 2008! 
Special thanks to my parents especially 
my Dad. who's always pushed me to do 
my best. Thanks to my friends; NS CN JM 
ES JMc AM JS KM SS KG JB for always 
being there for me. 

"Time is a companion that goes with us 
on a journey. It reminds us to cherish 
each momnent, because it will never 
come again." 
-Captain Jean-Luc Picard 

Chelsea Tuffy 

To the people who gave me a reason to get up at 
5am. KP, AM. AH. GD. TL. KS, JS, GP, TD. CH. MR, LB. EO. 
MD, MR. To all the markayla moments Unadilla 07. what 
Yea ok I'll take that as a commen or maybe a compli- 
ment New Hampshire! I love you N.H And to my family 
I love you and thank you so much for everything, you 
are my life. To Kacey- you are my very best friend I can 
never replace you thank you for everything, all the mo- 
ments and the memories I will never forget my life would 
not be the same without you in it. "It's not about what 
you look like, or your job. or how successful you are It's 
about having people in your life that you love and who 
love you... that's all that matters' — Grey's Anatomy, 
To the Plymouth North 08 Grads best ot luck in the fu- 
ture I truly love and will miss all of you. 

Craig Valery 

"In the days of my youth, I was told what it 
means to be a man, and now I've reached that 
age. I've tried to do all those things the best I 
can No matter how I try, I find my way to the 
same old jam. Good Times, Bad Times, you know 
I've had my share." Led Zeppelin. High school 
may be over today, but tomorrow is a new day. 
and with a new day comes new experiences. I 
am grateful to my family, friends and teachers 
for all their positive impacts upon my live With- 
out experiences from my past, moving into the 
future would not be so exciting. 

Stephen Chase VanNess Jr. 

First off I'd like to thank my family and friends 
for always being there for me My Mom. Dad. 
Andrew. CM, DP, JG, TA, BH, KT anyone else I 
forgot, you know who you are. "I can accept 
failure, but I can't accept not trying" — 
Michael Jordan Football at the Vincenzi's with 
MV, BV, BT, JW. BT, DG, SC, BW Junior year 
Spanish class with Ms. Fallon Good times! "Dur- 
ing your life, never stop dreamin. No one can 
take away your dreams."— Tupac Shakur Xbox 
360, Madden, Gears of War, Halo, Xbox Live. 
Thanks for all the good times class of '08 Good 
luck with everything! Doin' work. 

Gina Vantangoli 

FH, Lifegarding. The waterfront/downtown. The Geo, 
track, lacrosse. 5.0. MH.<3, Ford vs. Chevy Long nights, 
longer mornings. Spin em' Slideways Street Night @ 
NEDragway, The Sonoma (Thanks dad) goin' riding, 
random road trips Country. Rednecks, cruising, Seger. 
My stories, too many to write too little space So guys, 
we made it?? Thanks mom&dad. "I'm gonna stay 18 
forever so we can stay like this forever, and we ' II never 
miss a party cause we keep them going 
constantly. ..we take what we can get the heck out 
of this town find some conversation. The low fuel lights 
been on for days., doesn't mean anything... "-Jesse 
Lacey, Brandnew 

Jillian M. Vecchi 

"Laugh as much as you breath and love as long as you 
live"— anon. Rest In Peace Chuck 3/14/07 miss you, T.I.D 
Memories: freshman year with MK; softball 05; basket- 
ball 04&05; freshman gym class; 4/20/05 at LD's ; forest 
rides; Florida and NYC 05; Hershey Park PA June 2006 
w/ER. CV, HD, CV; summer 06&07; summer jam 07; 31 1 
06&07; OAR 07 feb&april vacations: Prom 2006 w/ JG; 
Parties at "the house"; July 3&4 06&07 w/Mk, AS, AC, I 
» my friends! Good luck to the class of 2008. we did it! 
Mom- thanks for putting up with me. I couldn't have 
done it without you. love you. Earl- thanks for 
everything, k you mean so much » Thanks to Dad, 
Dede, Josh, Joelle, Erica, and all my friends, love you 
all "Memory is a way of holding on to the things you 
love, the things you are, the things you never want to 
lose." — kevin Arnold 




Marc Vickstrom 

Brian James Vincenzi 

Matthew Vincenzi 

High school was great I had lots of fun. During 
My four years I played football and baseball 
for sports. My grades could have been better 
but I am sure I will do just fine. My only regret is 
not going to the same school with my best 
friends James and John I went to North and 
they went to south. I wish we could have ex- 
perienced High school together. After high 
school I plan to go to college and do some- 
thing in business or landscaping. Its been a 
great 4 I'll see you in ten. 

I can't believe I'm already graduating. The years re- 
ally flew by. I first have to give a shout out to my boys: 
Brett. Frenchy, Carco, Shanley, Sampson, Yule, Gil- 
bert. Reno, and McSharry. My crew wouldn't have 
made it here without you. Chillin every day cradle to 
the grave boys. Ill times with you guys: corner store, 
murdock's, ill trips, night owls. CVT. nuggets, pond, 
forest rides, late nights at mooses and frenchy's 
mooselini, graveyard, hockey express, woods crew. 
All my other friends, my girls, Plymouth North Basket- 
ball. My family Mom, Dad, Matt, Grandma, Bumpa. 
Thanks for everything I love you guys. My girl Sarah ily 
baby. Cruise times with Joey, Matt, Brett, Ben, Good 
luck to everyone. Peace out Plymouth North I had 
the time of my life. 

Mom and dad thanks for everything, I love you. My 
brothers-Brian, Brett, and Ben-best times of my life. Cruise 
'08 gunna be great. Hangin out since we were chillin in 
diapers. Love you guys, the crew, you're not gunna get 
4 years better than we had boys; Reno, my wingman. 
boys for life. French, the ladies love us. Shan man. you've 
been making me laugh since 6th grade. Yule, good 
adventures. Carco, those ill summers, ambitions of a rida. 
McSherry, my boy. Sampson hold It down without us 
kid. The tables. CVT. burnin em' down. Hockey. Parties. 
Crazy nights. "As time goes by, an eye for an eye, we in 
this together son your beef is mine "-Mobb Deep. Love 
you guys for life. Brooke - 9/5/05. 1 Love You, thanks for 
everything you do for me and always being there. You 
mean everything to me. Forever 

Dustin Vinci 

"A teacher's advice is not to be taken lightly, 
especially when it is proven through experi- 
ence." Tiger Woods. Thank you Mom, Dad, and 
Allison for always being there through my high 
school years. Memories: PN golf team cpt, 
Hawaii 501, 8x, ACL tournament stick it to the 
man, summers, battlebots Miami '06, home- 
comings, prom, the shop, TM JDA TB BE BCB 
NC CS JS ER KSX3 all the guys on the golf team, 
and so many more. Thanks to my family, 
friends, teachers, and good luck class of 2008! 

Mike Weymouth 

High school has been the four best and worst years 
of my life so far and I think the four best and worse I 
will ever have. I can only hope though, that I have 
taken full advantage of the opoportunities given to 
me and have lived life to the fullest during these years. 
There have been a lot of good times with my friends 
at this school. Not so much in the school as around 
the school. The corner store, nook, and some good 
times at the bench with Pete. Ted, Tj. and Danyelle, I 
wouldn't have gotten through without you either. But 
if ive learned anything from high school its that, all 
and all. were just bricks in the wall. Peace out Ply- 
mouth north 


Sheila Adrianne White 

I want to say thanks to my family, espe- 
cially my mom and sister, for keeping me 
sane throughout the chaotic time called 
high school. To my friends, I love you all. 
You know who you are. We've had 
good times and lots of jokes. I'm going 
to miss you. Keep in touch. To Matt, 
thank you for being in my life. I love you. 
Seniors, I wish you the best of luck. Some- 
times, things will be tough, but just re- 
member; "It can't rain all the time." — 
Eric Draven (The Crow) 

Joseph E. Whyte 

"All the truth in the world adds up to one 
big lie." —Bob Dylan. I want to thank my 
friends and family for helping me through 
the last four years. Thanks to my mom 
and dad for getting me this far, they did 
everything they could to help me suc- 
ceed. I will never forget all the memo- 
ries, basketball, cornerstore, hockey ex- 
press, the tables, Rav 4, Black Power, my 
best bud K.B., and all the great new 
people I have met. 

Stephen Wight 

I want to thank my Mom and Dad for support- 
ing me through these last four years. I wouldn't 
have made it here without the support you 
guys gave me. All my boys Frenchy. Matt, 
Horse. Yule. Gilbert, Carco. Sampson, Shanley, 
and Mooseman we'll be ridin til' we die. All 
my other friends you know who you are. CVT, 
Mordocks. Tables, number one chill spots. Too 
many memories with everyone to even start 
from freshman year to now every day we did 
something. Thanks again to everyone and to 
my boys again "You know we rida's". 

Kaitlin M. Wilson 

Even though these past four years have been diffi- 
cult they t\ave also been my best My days were full 
with field hockey managing. Model UN, peer men- 
tors, and NHS Great memories include Prom 2007, 
Kiss Concert. Hellogoodbye. dance parties, and just 
being with fnends. Ashley, you have been my best 
friend since seventh grade, may we stay close for- 
ever. I would like to sav thanks to my family you have 
always been there and supported me through ev- 
erything. I love you all very much Congratulations 
class of 2008, I wish you the best of luck in the future 
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreoms live 
the life you imagined " Henry David Thoreau 

Nicole Marie Wilson 

Spencer Parker Withington 

Jordan C. Wylie 

"Trust me friend hundred years goes faster than you 
think so don't blink. " KC . Mom&Dad thank you for the 
constant love&support. I couldn't have done it with- 
out you. I love you. Perry couldn't ask for a better 
little brother! Love you! Coit. thanks for always being 
ways remember the memories. Mark thank you! I love 
you» Memories- TPNF proms'07 California CFDS home- 
comings cape trips w/WH girls Newport poolside un- 
forgettable summers basketball girls. "I hope that the 
days come easy and the moments pass slow and 
each road leads you where you want to go. RF. Class 
of 2008 good-luck! We made it! 

Spencer Parker Withington'And as we wind on down 
the road, our shadows taller than our soul, there walks 
a lady we all know, who shines white and wants to 
show, how everything still turns to gold, and if you 
listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last, when 
all are one and one is all, to be a rock and not to 
roir-Led Zeppelin. Thanks Mom Dad & Hadley for all 
the support throughout the years. ACL golf tourney- 
stuck it to the man. prac squad, homecoming, prom, 
tennis-vamos rata, football games. Freshman football- 
ham & cheese, beach nights, plaid shorts, church 
football. 7/3. ill times with friends. What a long strange 
trip its been- Seniors 08-keep on living the dream. 

Thanks to my parents. Michaela, Jazzmine. moose. 
Gram, Gramps. Grammy Margaret, all my cousins, 
aunts and uncles for always being there through the 
worst and best of times. "It's not about who starts the 
game, it's about who finishes it." Bill Shea. All my 
friends: Joey- good times, man! A.L. for life! Billy- good 
times playing madden tournaments, MV, BV, BT, DR. 
RM, TD. SM, GB, SM, SW. BW. JS. RF, CS, JS, AW. Good 
times with the three amigos. Dave, good luck in the 
army. I will be thinking about you. cuz. Jilly, thanks for 
always being there for me through the last twelve 
months, I love you. PH Basketball - #23. PN Baseball- 
#7. ACL Champs '05, '07. PN Golf —ACL Tourney 07. 
We stuck it to the man! 

Mark Young 

High School has been fun but I can't wait 
to be on my own. College is going to be 
difficult but I think I'll do well. I am going 
to have lots of fun when living on my own 
and with my friends. I would like to thank 
all my friends for making High School so 
much fun. I'd especially like to thank my 
parents for helping me along the way 
and showing me what to do when some- 
thing wrong happens. Thank you so 

Brian Yule 

Mom and Dad thank you for always support- 
ing no matter how much trouble I put you 
through thanks to all my friends especially The 
Crew for making even the dullest times at North 
memorable. Remember all the good times, 
long rides through the forest and CVT the pic- 
nic tables the shop and Hockey Express all 
great times ill never forget but can't remem- 
ber. Always look to the future because the best 
is yet to come. Don't gain the world and lose 
your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold- 
Bob Marley 






+3 • 



I I 





Jf* — %1 R 

Most Achlecic 

Amanda Nadile 

Keegan Grabhom 

Kevin Broderick, Keegan Grabhom & Emmett Cosgrove 

Tj/ass r farts 

oljrett <Jtrfia Jr 
Jijndsey <syiftFrdo 

MOst OUffOInf 
Jolln SbOnlGy & LaUf9n teilninf 


»* 'Jg^gfa/f .'&*% ' 

Most flrtistie 

Katie Coffins 

Sara McKenna 

Each Surt & Marissa keGay 

The Pes* 
Plymouth Worth Eagle 

Latiren flehning 

UiHicm Vecchi & Brian Vincenzi 


JLaunen VeSata* & $o6m Stanley 


Host f stofoe 
LsureD Jte &" Itephen Wight 


SMa^^a^ ( *lt> f J : aice(f ( ^§anney 

Sam McKenna & Micayla Bowman 

xJ\LhI ©civoof SpUit 
Utiarvna tbeaa, G>tep*vcuvi G)ta^t4 & ffa&tirv tCo*4man. 

Class Comedians 
Laura Rosa & Joe Whyte 


The Magic Seven 

'Brian yincenzi, Jordan IVyCie, Xeeghan Qrabhorn, 

Brett TirCia, Matt yincenzi, Corey CoCeman, "Rich Qitbert 


Plymouth High Schools' 
Music Department 



on theV^ 00 J 

Yenta, the Matchmaker, philosophizes about 
love as Golde prepares the Sabbath dinner. 

The cast demonstrate a 
traditionalJewish folk dance 

Tevye's youngest daughters prepare for tm 

Sabbath meal while performing on a capeli\ 

piece with chilling descant harmonies. 

Golde gives Chava a helping hand. 

Tevye's five daughters belt out 'Matchmakem 

and realize that a girl can get burned 

by mismatched relationships. 


Grandma Tzeite 

offers her 

blessing to the 

new arrangement 

between her 

granddaughter and 

Model the Tailor. 


Who needs warm-ups when we can walk around singing* 

Who needs warm-ups when we can walk around singing?\ 

They had way 
too much fun 
with those 

Four of the five 
Daughters, where 
is the other? 
■ • many layers does your costume have? 

Gotta love waiting for make'Up\ 

Annual Plymouth North Blue Eagle Ryder Cup 

October 29, 2007 Faculty vs. the Golf Team 
at Southers Marsh Golf Club 

Tyler Marcotte A Justin Andrade team up 
with Mary Humberd and Mary Mortensen 

Principal Mary Mortensen demonstrates 

a great swinging action while Mathematicia 

Mary Humberd calculates the distance her 

ball may travel down the fareway. 

Paula Shanley-Howland with her son, Johi 
<& Abby Drane with her mom, Kathy 

\.J. Butters, Dan Ahlstedt, Dave AAarathas and Ann Motyka 

•hi I Cosh & 

Mike Higgins 

t v i, \ 


Tim Hitchings, Brian Hayes, 
Christine Benoit and Cionna Almeida 



Kathy Schram pairs up with Patty Glynn to 
play against Zach Proctor and Andrew Cullivan 




Dustin Vinci and T.J. Lynn are matched agaii 
the repeating duo of John Siever and Mark Tangi 

il me* 

Pat Lane and Jordan Wylie swing against 
Coaches Mike AAcCosh and Mr. Sullian 


House Master Kevin Farrell and Rory Plante 
team up against Dave Cambell and Josh Brooks 










2©© %* 2©©$ 

2ACtthW W$X 


Boys' Tennis 

Coaches Ben Morse and Andy bugan 
Chris Carco, Andy Glynn, Josh Crane, Jim Monge 
Spencer Withington, Andrew Collivan, 
Chris Mclssac, Jared Barnes. 

Girls' Softball 

Coaches A. J. Butters and Jim Kelley 

Stephanie Trovers, Abbey Drone, Alyssa Bisson, 

Dani Abraham, Lexie Fontaine, Ashley Probasco, 

Lauren Paton, Alison Dexter, Lauren Desalvo, 

Antonia Capolla, Maggie Irvine, Carolyn Keller, 

Stacia Parks, Meredith Eno. 

Girls' Tennis 

Coach Martin 

Courtney Garcia, Alex Post, Sara Forman.Kelsey Schrar 

Lyta Brech, Brook Kimball, Alana Prudhan, Mia Farazz 

Lauren Stanford, Emily Mongello. Lindsay Crone, 

Lauren Billmgham, Tara Wall. Elizabeth Lincoln. 


Girls' Junior Varsity Softball 

Coaches Gene Irvine and Kim Allen 
tie Irvine, Elizabeth Hogan, Renee Andrews, Colleen Taylor, 
rah McKeen, Caroline Metell, Lauren Keileher, Lauren Foley, 
lizabeth Colbert, Sheila Fey, Lindsey Borgen, Tory Danner, 
Sarah McCormick, Kaith/n Hayes, Christina Silva (Manager) 

Plymouth Lacrosse Team 

Rachel Pinto, Lauren Hess, Rosemary Kelly, 

Sarah Bramhall, Stephanie Facchini, Coach 

Carrie Tarpey, Lindsey Sawyer, Ashley Johnson, 

Ashley DtBiasi, Amanda Nadile, Danyelle Goulette, 

Siobhan Mullane, Tiffany Aguiar, Lillian Janedy, 

Jocelyn Lake, Alyssa Cavicchi, Emily McCune, 

Jessica Smith, Kara Kirkfand, Laura Cavicchi 

Boys' Freshmen Baseball 

Coach Paul Coffin 

Ryan Hess, Rob Hill, Ed Raeke, Chris Josephine, Jimmy Kerr, 

Terry Jaeger, Steven Woods, Greg Holmes, Jameson Wood, 

Zach Stickland, Brandon Parks, Zach Proctor, Greg Gardner, 

Brendan Mitchell, Dan Gorton, Ricky Smythe, Dan Fratus, 

Derek Hahn, Nick Brisbois, Chris Newell. 


Alison Reid, Alison Dexter, Shelia Fey, Alison McDonald, Lauren Fender, Emily Admirand, 

Coach Eric Folley, Ashleigh Berg, Lauren Dougherty, Shana Follette. Chantelle Winslow, 

Courtney Burton, Steph Wilson, Tiffany Aguiar, Lyla Brech, CarolineGarrett, Brooke Kimball, 

Jessica Smith, Izabella Miranda, Samantha Reynolds.Amanda Nadile. Brooke Stevens, 

Katie Collins, Lauren Hess, Danielle Abraham. 





Girls' JV Soccer 

Coach Dana Per low, Kate McGrath, Molly Reardon, 

Emily Mongello, Sam Henderson, Antonia Cappolla, 

Liz Lincoln, Jessica Surro, Becca Brady, Chantelle 

Winslow, Shelby Ferreira, Elizabeth Hogan, Jessica 

Brown, Kayla McNicholas, Meghan Petrell, Emily 
Savard, Cathy Linquist, Ashlyn Tuf fy, Sarah Bramhall. 


jk \i 0*1 >~ <* ** 

Girl's Freshmen Soccer 

Coach Emerson Coleman, Samantha Rudolph, Rachael Milroy, 

Allison Pejouhy, Mikayla Colantino, Ellen Johnson, Emily Garcia, 

Ashley Saunders, Carrissa Brown, Lacey Battles, Caitlin <7Neil 

Florence Gonsalves, Sydney Wood, Nicole Hicks, Brianne 

Diana Barbieri, Courtney Talbot, Brianne Fazio, Brooke Leronimij 

Adriana Garrett, Caith/n Pozerski, Megan Coppola. 

Boys' Varsity Soccer 

Coach Bill Farrell, Ben Bechtold, Greg James, Joe Brigida, Shawn McNicholas, 

Brett Chasnov, Ryan Hess, James Sanderson, Wes Robinson, Brian ^hason, 

Ryan Roark, Tim Brady, Mike Quintal, Matt Bruninghaus, Tim Doyle, 

Conor Duggan, Greg Hughes, Ryan Floeck, 

Boys' Freshman Soccer 

Coach Drew Sorensen, Anthony Melkonian, James Kerr, 

Chris Josephine, John Landers, Ben Fleming, 

Stephen O'Donnell, Kevin Campbell, Brian Mason, 

Eddie Raeke, Brendan Malaguti, Greg Gardner, 

Danny Gorton, Humberto Martins 

Jason Gardner, Colin Robinson, Brendan Duggan, 
Zach Prifti, Mike Zoloccante, Coach Darcia Enea, 

Kyle Maynard, Mike Genduso, Chad Kiersted, 

Ian Grant, Pat Donnelly, Eric Foley, Tyler Onasnov, 

John Kelleher, Tyler Barrows. 


Varsity Field Hockey 

Coach Kim Allen, Bethany Sinn, Laura Rosa, Laurie Graham, Rachel Pinto, 

Lexie Fontaine, Christine Gutowski, Tory banner, Lauren Paton, 

Missy Shepard, Meghan O'Reilly, Emily Bryant, Colleen Taylor, Racheal Pozerski, Lauren 

Foley, Christina Silva. Lauren Kelleher, Kaitlin Hayes, Nicole Holmes, 

Chrissy Rosa, Kelsey Schranze. 

J V Field Hockey 

Coach Cionna Almeida, Gretchen Roth, Ellie Caramello, 

Lauren Stanford, Erika Prince, Holly Martz, 

Candace White, Tyler Frahlich, Erin McDonald, 

Taylor Jonak, Ashley Lambert, Kaila Braley, Yvana Osborne, 

Nicole Calvino, Jen Lento, Bri Gorton, Kendall Kolb, 

Marissa Gallagher, Barbara Grogoza 

Boy's Cross Country 

Tyler Ferriera, Christian Ryder, Justin Bowman, 

Sam Bramhall, Jade Gianakos, Phil Boisvert, 

Jack Lapsey, Derek Hahn, Dan Sullivan 



Heather Agnew, Amanda Hill, Coach Andrew Daigle, Coach Frank Marino, 

Coach Brian Dunn, Carly Martinson, Kelly Young, Chelsea Small, 

Bryanna Joseph, Alyssa Bisson, Kory Sharp, Amanda Gilmore 



Fall Cheerleaders 

Katelin Furtado, Amanda Izzo, Mary Hakkila, 

Coach Beth Naughton, Tina Chandler, Ali Bryant, 

Jackie Swanton, Lindsey Sawyer, Krystal Hogan, 

Michelle Morano, Caitlin DiSalvatore, 

Kayla Groezinger, Scheleda Grimes 

Hannah Bailey, Maggie Burt, Coach Frank Marino, 

Coach Brian Dunn, Sarah JAoscone, Brittany Dhooge, 

Abby Colbert, Jocelyn Labrecque, Mary Faraday, 

Karen Gutowski, Cory Pickett 

* F 



Varsity Football 

Christian Small, Zach Strickland, Ben Paronich, MattWalsh, Alex Johnson, Hieu Nguyen, Tim Osborne, 

Terrell Spencer, Brandon Parks, Tim Serrilb, David Broderick, Jameson Wood, Andrew Cahill, 

James Krebs, Jeff Torrance, Tyler Reid, Tim Lockett, Wesley Richards, Bobby Hill, Billy Wordell, 

Joe Conley, Darin Rowell, Paul Murname, Donovan Moore, Anthony Clark, Ryan Kilian, Nick Rodriguez, Bryan 

Moloney, Dan Zopatti, David Rountree, Ryan Bishop, Tom Maclnnes, Joey FK/nn, Corey Knee land, Matt Brouillarc 

Stephanie Trovers, Billy Irvine, Tommy Carr, Andrew Osborn, Chris Kelly, 

Jared Barns, Max Paronich, Keegan Grabhorn, Kevin Broderick, Emmett Cosgrove, Corey Coleman, 

Sam McKenna, Greg Mazzilli, Lee Nguyen, Paul Reardon, Ian May Ian. 

oach Jeff McCormack, Coach Pat Shaw, Manager Joe Conley, 

Jared Weinstock, John Concannon, Kyle Powers, Chris Rogers, 

Henry Regalado, Jayson Naidoo, Connor Hamilton, Kevin Dory, 

Chris Corbo, Joshua Hamblin, Jared Cullivan, Rich Hollinshead, 

Allan Burgess, Kevin McCarthy, John Trainor, Larry Murphy, 

Ali Milbry, John Lut2, Andrew Duggan, Jeff Wilkerson, 

Cam Kingsbury, Tony Perry, Nick Taormina, Tom Faucett, 

Brendan Sill, Alex Coughlin, Ramon Escalera, Michael Cahill, 

Dan Cabral, Ricky Weathers, Scott Ringuette, Frank Aguiar, 

Lee Hamilton, Doug Maccaferri, Dana Boudreau, Matt Seorge, 

Matt Buscemi, Cody Merritt, Jeff Synan, Adam Cuomo, 

Justin Maskell, John Dee, Zach Zaniboni, Perry Wilson, 

Jason Bergeron 

!^** ******* 

Football Coaches 

Mike Martin, Mike Cuomo, Chuck Rossetti, Pat Lamb, Carl 

Freyermuth, Pat Shaw, Jeff McCormack, Joe DeSisto, 

Dwayne Follette, Bill Burkhead, Paul Coffin, Steve fAoore 

H % ii^t 

C" T 9 ^ 


Coach Michael McCosh, Timothy Hitchings, Tyler Marcott, Dan Alhsted, 

Brian Hayes, Taylor Sampson, Phil Cash, Tim Lawrence, David Maratha, 

Michael Higgins, Patrick Kirkland, Justin Andrade, Josh Brooks, 

Patrick Lane, Terrance Lynn, Abigail Drain, David McGrath, John Shanley, 

Dustin Vinci, Jordan Wylie, Spencer Withington. 

Girls' Cross Country 

Tabatha Jeppe, Sam Levangie, Caroline Metell, 

Ashley Paton, Kacey Pickett, Micayla Bowman, 

Ali Prive, Lauren Moloney, Alex Post, 

Justine Achille, Kayla Shannon, Sarah 

McCormack, Britney Paton, Emily Delano, 

Ally Dries, Mikayla Medeiros, Kaylee Morisson, 

Amy Riordan, Shannon Tolles. 

Girls' Dance Team 

Coach Katie Sear, Ashley Brisbois, Amanda Brisbois, Jill White, Alex Post, 

Sarah Bramhall, Cora Sidoti, Jerma Grant, Ashley Peterson, 

Manager Cheryl Bramhall, Rachel Bambrick, Marissa Wiley, Johanna Westcott, 

AAakayla Elliott, Stephanie Collas, Gabby Pest ana 



Samantha Henderson, Natalie Gilmore, Emily AAongello, Elizabeth Lincoln 

Megan Petrell, Emily AAcKeen, Rebecca Brady, Bn AAcDevitt, Carly AAoreau 

Alexis Wylie, Colleen Taylor, Ashley Goldberg, Jessica Surro, 

Cerrissa Willingham Coach: Rory Plante, Assistant: Charlie Gilmore 


Chelsea DiTullio, Lauren Hess, 

Samantha George, Nicole Katsikis, 

Coach Kerry George 


Girls' Varsity Basketball 

Shana Follette, Lauren Dougherty, Emily Admirand, Jasmyn Silva, 

Antonia Coppola, Tiffany Aguiar, Lauren Fender, <elsey Anti, 

Sarah AAcKeen, Kayla Lopes, Tori Carpenter, Amanda Gilmore, 

Katie Collins, Nicole Wilson, Coach: Paul Coffin, 

Assistants: Dwayne Follette, Pat Garrard, Rory Plante 


IS"P » 


Varsity Ice Hockey 

Justin Steeves, Jordan Remy, Dan Maclnnes, Zach Prifti, 

Alex Chapman, Greg Holmes, Tim Lawrence, Jamison Wood, 

Emmett Cosgrove, Tom Maclnnes, JJ Savoia, Mark Holmes, 

Justin Figlioli, Tim Hitchings, Dana Boudreau, David McGrath, 

John Prince, Mike Whouley, Steve Wight, Kyle Tesorero, 

Daniel Ahlstedt, Ryan Schneider, Head Coach John Greene, 

ssistant Coaches Emerson Coleman, Brian Hitchings, Gordie McClay 




Girls' Freshman Basketball 

Emily Garcia, Maggie Burt, Nicole Hicks, Rachel Milroy 

Brittany Drooge, Marissa Gallagher, Nielli Johnson, Erin Kirby 

Megan Coppola, Erin McDonald, Allison Pejouhy, Nicole Grassi 

Whitney Pumphret, Coach Charlie Gilmore 

JV Ice Hockey 

Rachel Pinto, Scott Soule, Alex Coughlin, Derek Hahn, JJ Savoia, 

Jared Cullivan, Cam Kingsbury, Nick Tosi, Jake Wood, 

Cameron DeGaust, Chad Kierstead, Nikolas Taormina, Ryan Schnieder, 

Alex Chapman, Justin Figoli, Shane Harrington, Dana Boudreau, 
John Trainor, Coach Emerson Coleman, Assistant Coach Gordie McClay 

w ^ 


oys' Varsity Basketball 

Matt Vincenzi, Brandon Wilkins, Ryan Hess 
Ben Tirlia, Jordan Wylie, Billy McAlister.j 
Keegan Grabhorn, Brian Vincenzi, Rich Gilbert, j 
Corey Coleman, Brett Tirlia, John Claudio 
Ryan Milian, Eddie Raeke, Brett Chasnov, | 
Coach Bill Drew, Manager Lame Drew 

Boys' Junior Varsity Basketball 

Scott Durocher, Alex Johnson, Tim Osborne 
Bobby Hill, Terrell Spencer, Jeff Agnew, 

Dan Fratus, Anre Dowell, Mike Wylie, 

Chris Josephine, Andrew Ellis, Jimmy Kerr, 

Head Coach Chris Coffin, 

Assistant Blake Tirlia 

Boys' Freshman Basketball 

ustin Andrade, Joe Cadorette, Tyler Chasno- 

Adam Cuomo, Andrew Duggan, Ramon Escalert 

Brian Fasanello, John Kelleher, Tyler Marcottt 

Cody Merritt, Jason Naidoo, Tony Perry, 

Ryan Rodrigues, Jeff Synan, John Tuffy, 

Matt Walsh, Perry Wilson, Coach David Hiltz 

Winter Track 

Justine Achille, Brittany Althanese, Cole Belanger, Jason Bergeron, Jacquelyn Best, Micayla Bowman, Justin Bowman, 

Matt Brouillard, Katherine Buxton, Dan Cabral, Mike Cahill, Andrew Cahill, John Dee, Allison Dexter, Pat Donnelly, Kevin Dory, 

Allison Dries, Brendon Duggan, Tyler Ferreira, Laura Gigliotti, Brendan Sill, Dan Gordon, Barbara Grogoza, Paige Hatfield, 

Kaitlyn Hayes, Amanda Hill, Nicole Holmes, Greg Hughes, Victoria Ingalls, Terry Jaeger, Lauren Kelleher, Chris Kelly, 

James Krebs, Jack Lapsley, Samantha Levangie, Cathy Lindquist, Doug Maccaferri, Brian Moloney, Cody Martin, Justin Maskell, 

Greg Mazzilli, Alison McDonald, Mikayla Medeiros, Izabella Miranda, Kaylee Morrison, Dan Murphy, Amanda Nadile, Lee Nguyen, 

Lena Nguyen, Stephen O'Donnell, Kyle Powers, Caitlyn Pozerski, Racheal Pozerski, Alison Prive, Johanna Rehlander, 

Samantha Reynolds, Scott Ringuette, Amy Riordan, Ryan Roark, Chris Ryder, Kayla Shannon, Christina Silva, Christian Small, 

Samantha Varao, Casandra Varao, Ricky Weathers, Corey Woolson, Zach Zaniboni 

Winter Cheerleaders 

Ashley DiBiase, Kaitlin Furtado, Scheleda Grimes, 

Sardn Guevremont, Mary Hakkila, 

Audry Kilvin, Krystina Sargent 

Frank Aguiar, John Sharp, Stephen Lentini, Raymond Tallent, 

Henry Regalado, Gavin Dineen, Jared Weinstock, Josh Hamblin, 

Nick Beaumont, Larry Murphy, Eric Brown, Charlie Phachansiri, 

Zach Proctor, Brandon Parks, Anthony Young, Mike Lenton, 

Kyle Decker, Patrick Allen, Chris Rogers, Coach Kevin Farrell, 

Coach Mike Grimes 

% *^1 



November 19, 
20, A 21 

iU /#. * ff 


k Jl 


Iff ^1 

1 il 

1 J 


"^VVi v 

PHNS Drama Club presents: 

Exit the Body 

A Farce in Three Acts I 
by Fred Carmichael 

The crew helping with he 
and moke- up. 

Lauren and Chris g/Wng 
a director's speech 
before the start of the show 

The WONDERFUL Stage Crew 
Jenny and Randolf "Breaking and Entering" 

Lillian & Lyle asking for Crane's forgivenes 

Verne, Helen, Crane and Lillian discussing the house's charm. 

Verne after a few drinks! 

Randolf and Jenny plotting their next move. 
Lyle watching Crane assist her assistant, Kate 

^kigrotulfltw)^ frwu the Class of Q0OJ C0vtgratidatu>K<s from, the Class of 2D0J 

Best Wishes Class of 2008 





A.J. Butters-Advisor, Rosemary Kelly-Vice-President, 
Jessica Brown-Secretary, Antonia Cappola-Treasnrer, 

Sheila Fey-President 



(^^rf^f^^frov^t^^ofooo^ Congrotulotw)!^ fr owi the Class ofQDV) 


Justine Achille 
Heather Agnew 
Tiffany Aguiar 
John Allen 
Kayla Almeida 
Nicholas Anastos 

Renee Andrews 
Kelsey Anti 
Kerry Anti 
Frank Baleski 
Angelo Bertoni 
Jacquelyn Best 

Amy Bloom 
Delaney Blute 
Philip Boisvert 
Terrance Bonito 
Lindsay Borgen 
Samuel Bramhall 

Amanda Brisbois 
Chanel Britto 
David Broderick 
Joshua Brooks 

Matthew Brouillard 
Alyson Bruns 
Emily Bryant 
Caitlin Burton 

Courtney Burton 
Kyle Buxton 
Andrew Cahill 
Nicole Calvino 
Antonia Cappola 

Erin Carey 
Philip Cash 
Justin Cassiani 
Tina Chandler 
Brett Chasnov 

Anthony Clark 
Johnathon Claudio 
Kianna Cobbett 
Elizabeth Colbert 
Clay Conley 


Andrew Cullivan 

Victoria Danner 

Andherson DaSilva 

Curtis Datri 

Dylan Davis 

Kyle Decker 

Derek Dennihan 

Cory DePasquale 

Jordan DePina 

Allison Dexter 

Ashley Dion 

Alyssa Drew 

Scott Durocher 

Erica Duval 
Makayla Elliott 

Justin Ellis 

Stephanie Feeney 

Lauren Fender 

Shayna Ferguson 

Tyler Ferreira 

Sheila Fey 

Amber Finnigan 

Benjamin Fleming 

Kerri Fletcher 

Joseph Flynn 

Lauren Foley 

Sarah Forman 

Robert Fortini Jr 

Derek Garber 

Brianna Garland 

Anna Garvin 

Matthew Gear 

Heather Graden 

Ryan Graham 

Amy Green 

Nykol Greenleaf 

Christopher Griffin 

Scheleda Grimes 

Karen Gutowski 


Mary Hakkila 
Matthew Happel 
Kaitlyn Hayes 

d£r Mm 

Amanda Hayter 
Michael Higgins 
Sean Higgins 
Amanda Hill 
Timothy Hitchings 
Elizabeth Hogan 
Mark Holmes 
Ashley Howard 

Deidre Hudson 
Gregory Hughes 
Brenna Ieronimo 
David Ingalls 
Katherine Irvine 
Tabatha Jeppe 
Lauren Kelleher 
Katelynn Kenyon 

Nicholas Kerr 
Patrick Kirkland 
Corey Kneeland 

Jennifer Labrie 
Danielle Laferriere 
Adam Landers 

Timothy Lawrence 
John Lay 
James Lehan 
Timothy Lockett 
Danielle Lopes 
Thc.nas Maclnnes II 
Christopher Mahoney 
Bryan Maloney 

David Marathas 
Hannah Marsh 
Audra Martin 
Caitlin McAlister 
William McAlister 
Emily McCauley 

Sarah McCormack 
Emily McCune 
Alison Mcdonald 
Samantha McDonough 
Katherine McGrath 
Sarah McKeen 


Rorrie Mellor 

Caroline Metell 

Ryan Milian 

Cortney Miranda 

Chelsea Monaco 

Hakeem Moore 
Ricardo Moreno 
Amanda Morey 
Brandon Muir 
Daniel Murphy 

Amanda Nastasia 

Caitlin Norton 

Anthony O'Donnell 

Brittany Oliver 

Trinity Pacella 

Ashley Paton 

Lauren Paton 

Edwin Pena-Quintero 

Daniel Perry 

Charlie Phachansiri 

Racheal Pozerski 

Alana Pradhan 

John Prince 

Matthew Quinlan 

Myles Ramey 

Molly Reardon 

Tyler Reid 

Jordan Remy 

Karla Ribeiro 

Wesley Richard 

Derek Riley 

Ryan Roark 

Wesley Robinson 

Nickolas Rodriques 

David Rogers 

David Rountree 

Brian Ruuska 

Taylor Sampson 

James Sanderson 

Jessica Saunders 

n ir i w 

^■■^ f> r* ^ 



John Savoia 
Ryan Schneider 
Curtis Sevigny 

Melissa Shepard 
Carissa Silva 
Christina Silva 

Jade Silva 
Scott Soule 
Staeshawn Speller 
Michael Stanton 
Patrick Sullivan 
Maura Sweeney 

David Tassinari 
Anthony Tatalias 
Colleen Taylor 
Katarina Ulich 

Harlan Valenziano 
Heather Vickery 
Kevin Wallace 
James Walsh 
Zachary Walsh 
David Warner 

Nicholas Watson 
Jillian White 
Michael Whouley 

Marissa Wiley 

Evan Willey 
Jenny Woodford 
Alexis Wylie 
Rebecca Wynne 
Adam Zaki 
Daniel Zopatti 


,to\tyY(MMon& fbwt the Class of 2010 CongrotuUrtiows from the Class tfooiD 

tOOd Luck Class of 2011 

Rachel Fallon-Advisor, Brendan Mitchell- Treasurer, 

Natalie Gilmore- President , Shana Follette- Vice-President, 

Meghan Petrell-Secretary, Kathy Schram-Advisor 






CoiwjratuUrtwws f out the class of 2010 CwqmtulotiMvs {row. the Class of sow 


v yLmW^k 

Jessica Adams 
Emily Admirand 
Jeffrey Agnew 
Daniel Ahlstedt 
Victor Alcantara 
Abigail Arenstam 
Catherine Arruda 
Brittany Athanase 

Rachel Bambrick 
Maranda Barros 
Amy Barry 
Troy Bearse 
Cole Belanger 
Charles Boucher Jr 

Rebecca Brady 
Alexander Bridgewater 
Nicholas Brisbois 
Alexander Brown 
Alison Bryant 
Andrew Bulman 

Briana Cabral 
Alexander Cadete 
Kevin Campbell 
Ellie Caramello 
Michael Cazale 
Erika Christensen 
Dennis Clancy 
Alexander Cobbett 

Abigail Colbert 
Stephanie Collas 
Ashley Columb 
Joseph Conley 
Julie Costigan 
Lindsay Crane 

Colin Crociati 
James Curtin 
Zachary Darbyshire 
Jeffrey DeFlavis 
Camila Dias 
Davir 1 Dickert 

Mark Dion 
Samantha Dion 
Chelsea Ditullio 
Laura Dominguez 
Lauren Dougherty 

Anre Dowell 
Dexter Driscoll 
Mattea Elliott 
Andrew Ellis 
Casey Farrand 


Benjamin Farrell 

Shelby Ferreira 

Justin Figlioli 

Adrian Figueroa Jr 

Nicole Fitzpatrick 

Edward Flanagan 

Shana Follette 

Tyler Frahlich 

Daniel Fratus 

Joseph Fucci III 

James Gallant 

Gregory Gardner 

Chester Garland III 

Jade Gianakos 

Meghan Gill 

Natalie Gilmore 

Ashley Goldberg 

Daniel Gorton 

Jenna Grant 

Kiersten Grattan 

Cynthia Grew 

Daniel Griffin 

Kayla Groezinger 

Derek Hahn 

Matthew Hajjar-Betters 

Sean Harrington 

Jessie Harvey 

Paige Hatfield 

Bryan Hayes 

Velen Hayes 

Samantha Henderson 

Manda Herman 

Ryan Hess 

Robert Hill 

Kristy Hinckley 

Megan Hinshaw 

Gregory Holmes 

Melissa Iandoli 

Victoria Ingalls 

Terrence Jaeger 

Melina Jelley 

Alexander Johnson 

Bryanna Joseph 

Christopher Josephine 

Eric Kent 

James Kerr 

Timothy Kessler 

James Krebs 

John Landers 

Elijah Langille 

MmmMiimLm M ! !■ I I 


Victoria Lariviere 
Kelsey Lawson 
Kiley Leduc 
Kyle Leonard 
Elizabeth Lincoln 

Catherine Lindquist 
Wayne Little 
Kayla Lopes 
Rachael Lynch 
Cameron MacDonald 

Michael MacGrath 
Tayla Maddy 
Brandon Malaguti 
Humberto Martins 
Carly Martinsen 
Brian Mason 
Christopher Mccabe 
Chelsea McDonald 

Emily Mckeen 
Sean McLellan 
Kayla McNicholas 
Anthony Melkonian 
Nicola Mercer 

Brendan Mitchell 
Rebecca Mitchell 
Emily Mongello 
Nicole Monteiro 
Michael Morano Jr 

Carly Moreau 
Paul Murnane 
Kara Negrini 
Christopher Newell 
Hieu Nguyen 
Katherine Noyes 
Ian O'Brien 
Stephen O'Donnell 

Thais Oliveira 
Anna Olkhovik 
Meghan O'Reilly 
Timothy Osborne 

Yvana Osborne 
Shawn Pait 
Brandon Parks 
Ben Paronich 


Joshua Payne 

Cabot Peck 

Nicholas Peck 

Nicole Pelissier 

Christopher Pernaw 

Meghan Petrell 

Molly Phoenix 

Kori Pickett 

Alexandra Post 

Caileigh Quinn 

Tristan Quintal 

Edward Raeke 

Peter Randall 

Allison Reid 

Cody Reilly 

Adam Reszenski 

Christine Rosa 

Nicolas Rose 

Samantha Roy 

Christian Ryder 

Christina Saunders 

Mary Saunders 

Emily Savard 

Corey Sayward 

Kelsey Schranze 

Vrndavani Sears 

Timothy Serrilla 

John Sharp 

Lucy Shea 

Richard Shea 

Cara Sidoti 

Chelsea Small 

Christian Small 

Richard Smythe 

Kristi Souza 

Lauren Stanford 


Nicholas Stephen 
Zachary Strickland 
Jasmine Stringer 
Daniel Sullivan 
Jessica Surro 
Raymond Tallent III 

Benjamin Tirlia 
Jeffrey Torrance 

Rebecca Trinkaus 
Ashlyn Tuffy 

A A ^ 

mi ri f% 

Jacleene Turner 
Emily Vannozzi 
Laura Varrasso 
Tevin Verrett 
Eleace Walsh 
Eric Watson 

Johanna Westcott 
Candace White 
Jay Whitley 

Brandon Wilkins 
Cerissa Willingham 
Chantelle Winslow 
Jameson Wood 
Stephen Woods 

Jeffrey Woodward 
William Wormald 
Michael Wylie 

Anthony Young 
Kelly Young 
Mario Zanellato 


|Co^vgr«tulatw)^frowt the Class of 2011 Coi^rtrtulatu)^ from, the Class of 2DU 


"LifE moves pREny fAsr. If you cIon't stop to look 
once jn a whit, you could Miss JT." 

Ferris BueIer 

CoNqRATulATioNs!!! CUss of 2008 



Carissa Brown- President , Olivia Natola- Vice-President, 
Meredith Lane-Secretary, Adrianna Garrett- Treasi 

CwqnrtMUrtwws front the Class of 2011 Con^ratuUrtionsfrow. the Class of Q011 



^ 0% 


Megan Abaspour 
Damon Abrams 
John Agnew 
Frank Aguiar 
Emily Aisner 
Patrick Allen 
Justin Andrade 
Katherine Antos 

Lauren Artus-cooper 
Hannah Bailey 
Diana Barbieri 
Tyler Barrows 
Brianne Battles 
Lacey Battles 
Jocelyn Benvie 
Ashleigh Berg 

Jason Bergeron 
Chandler Blute 
Dylan Borofski 
Michael Botelho 
Dana Boudreau 
Kaila Braley 
Kelley Brennan 
Ashley Brisbois 

Theresa Brouillard 
Carissa Brown 
Eric Brown 
Megan Brown 
Scott Brown 
Allan Burgess 
Margaret Burt 
Matthew Buscemi 

Katherine Buxton 
Daniel Cabral 
Nicholas Caccialini 
Joseph Cadorette 
Michael Cahill 
Lauren Callahan 
David Campbell 
Megan Cappola 

Colleen Carey 
Stephen Carreira 
Nicholas Cash 
Diana Cavicchi 
Kelly Cazeault 
Rebekah Chandler 
Christie Charlie 
Tyler Chasnov 

Lindsey Chen 
Mikayla Colantonio 
John Concannon 
Joseph Cook 
Christopher Corbo 
Alexander Corthell 
Alycia Corvini 
Mark Cotti 

Alexander Coughlin 
Sarah Crosby 
Jared Cullivan 
Adam Cuomo 
Chantelle Cyr 
Sean Dasher 
Christopher Davidson 
Morgan Davis 


Brian Day 

John Dee 

Cameron DeGaust 

Emily Delano 

Brianne DePina 

Brendan Devlin 

Brittany Dhooge 

Brandi Diaz 

Samantha Dickson 

Gavin Dineen 

Patrick Donnelly 

Kevin Dory II 

Allison Dries 

Amanda Dudley 

Andrew Duggan 

Brendan Duggan 

Kayla Durand 

Benjamin Eaton 

Kevin Edson 

Adam Egan 

Maliza Egan 

Derrell Elliott 

Joshua Enloe 

Ramon Escalera 

Mary Faraday 

Brian Fasanello 

Thomas Faucett 

Brianna Fazio 

Shannon Fernando-Cole 

Kevin Ferreira 

Shannon Ferreira 

Brittney Fitzpatrick 

Eric Foley 

Kellianne Forsberg 

Ashleigh Fowler 

Joseph Fratus 

Brittany Freeman-Hayden 

Katelin Furtado 

Marissa Gallagher 

Emily Garcia 

Jason Gardner 

Kaitlan Garland 

Adrianna Garrett 

Jack Garvin 

Michael Genduso 

Kariane Gentry 

Danielle George 

Matthew George 

Nicholas Giard 

Brendan Gill 

Shawn Glazier 

Cody Gleason 

Akiya Goler 

Erica Gonsalves 

Florence Gonsalves 

Love Gooding 

Cara Goodman 

Briane Gorton 

Derek Grabhorn 

Ian Grant 

Nicole Grassi 

Raymond Gregory 

Barbara Grogoza 

Mayra Guallpa 

a n nop 

fl iVjr* 


Sarah Guevremont 
Joshua Hamblin 
Connor Hamilton 
Shane Harrington 
Amera Hassan 
Jessica Hatch 
Brittany Hathaway 
Caitlyn Healey 

Maura Hecht 
Katelin Hennessy 
Nichole Hicks 
Graham Higgins 
Joseph Hill 
James Hines 
Rose Hogan 
Richard Hollinshead 

Nicole Holmes 
Brooke Ieronimo 
Kai Imes 
Amanda Izzo 
Evan Jennings 
Ellen Johnson 
Kalica Johnson 
Taylor Jonak 

Samantha Kapolis 
John Kelleher 
Jonah Kennedy 
Michael Kenyon 
Chad Kierstead 
Willie King Jr 
Cameron Kingsbury 
Erin Kirby 

Audrianna Kivlin 
Zachary Kneeland 
Kendall Kolb 
Olivia Krakowski 
Danielle Kumor 
Ashley Labbe 
Jocelyn Labrecque 
Ashley Lambert 

Meredith Lane 
Jack Lapsley 
Sarah Lapworth 
Nicholas Lebeau 
Stephen Lentini 
Jennifer Lento 
Samantha Levangie 
Molly Liolios 

Shannon Lloyd 
Kevin Lovell 
Alex Lowe 
John Lutz 
Douglas Maccaferri 
Jessica MacKenzie 
Hannah MacLeod 
Tyler Marcotte 

David Margeson 
Cody Martin 
Holly Martz 
Justin MaskeU 
Kyle Maynard 
Kevin McCarthy 
Amanda McDonald 
Erin McDonald 


Kacey McMahon 

Holly McNeely 

Sean McNulty 

Mikayla Medeiros 

Cody Merritt 

Anthony Messore 

Ali Milbry 

Rachael Milroy 

Katie-Ann Moll 

Larkin Moneyhun 

Yvette Moore 

Kaylee Morrison 

Christopher Morse 

Sarah Moscone 

Brittany Murphy 

Conor Murphy 

Jack Murphy 

Lawrence Murphy 

Jayson Naidoo 

Sonia Naranjo 

Olivia Natola 

Dakota Neary 

Lena Nguyen 

Brendon O'Brien 

Katlin O'Neil 

Andrea Parry 

Britney Paton 

Allison Pejouhy 

Anthony Perry 

Amelia Petrell 

Samantha Pickett 

Michaela Plaisted 

Kyle Powers 

Caitlyn Pozerski 

Katherine Pradhan 

Zachary Prifti 

Erika Prince 

Whitney Pumphret 

Stephanie Quartucci 

Henry Regalado 

Nicole Rego 

Johanna Rehlander 

Scott Ringuette 

Amy Riordan 

Alyssa Roach 

Seth Robidoux 

Colin Robinson 

Ryan Rodrigues 

Christopher Rogers 

Gretchen Roth 

Samantha Rudolph 

Hillary Ruggiero 

Lindsay Ryan 

Alexander Salwak 

Scott Santos 

Krystiana Sargent 

Krystina Sargent 

Ashley Saunders 

Alecia Schneider 

Kirsten Schranze 

Corey Sears 

Joseph Sessine 

Kayla Shannon 

Cameron Shea 

Wrr /AJ 



^ 4^ 0^ fa 

Ashley Short 
Alina Small 
Daniel Smith 
Terrel Spencer 
Christopher St Clair 
Justin Stevens 
Ryan Strohman 
Kristi Sullivan 

Jeffrey Synan 
Courtney Talbot 
Nikolas Taormina 
Christopher Taylor 

Brandan Thomas 
Chase Thomsen 
Cody Tibbetts 
Shannon Tolles 

Nicholas Tosi 
John Trainor IV 
Jonathan Tuffy 
Casandra Varao 

Samantha Varao 
Kayla Walsh 
Matthew Walsh 
Christopher Warner 

Joshua Weatherhead 
Richard Weathers 
Jared Weinstock 
Matthew Wentworth 

Emily White 
Jeffrey Wilkerson 
Perry Wilson 
Jacob Wood 
Sydney Wood 

John Wood Jr 
Erin Woods 
Scott Wormald 
Michaela Wylie 
Zachary Zaniboni 


Activities, Awards, and Clubs 


Dexter Driscoll, Michelle CLeary, Isaac Feliciano, Kyle Leonard, 

Brianna Bean, Lauren Greenwood, Lindsey Sawyer, Kristine Auger, 

Nykol Greenleaf , Mrs. Sylvia Thornton, Director, Jade Silva, 

Morgan Davis, Ashley Hathaway, Samantha Dion 

Principal Leadership Award 

Wendy's Heismann Nominee 

Lauren Moloney 

Martin Luther King Awards 
Cabot Peck and Erika Christensen 


Chorus E- Board 

Michelle O'Leary (Specialty Choir Student Director), 

Jade Silva (Liaison), Kyle Leonard (Business Manager), 

Brianna Bean (Business Manager), Lauren Greenwood 

(Student Director), Kristine Auger (Student Director), 

Nykol Greenleaf (Librarian/Room Manager) 

Boys' State/Girls' State 
<atherine Collins, Emmett Cosgrove, Amanda Nadile 

National Merit 
Semi Finalist 


University Scholars 

Umass Dartmouth 


Christian Fellowship 

Joseph Abbt-Srimes, Cole Belanger, Lee Nguyen, 

Nicholas Anastas, Kacey Pickett, Ashley Hathaway, 

Kristine Augar, Elizabeth Zurolo, Advisor 

r *<te&* i 


Sheila Fey, Mitchell Nugent, TJ Lynn, Ted Donnelly, Stephani Trovers, 

Antonia Coppola, Brianna Garland, Sarah McKeen, Makayla Elliott, 

Stephanie Wilson, Marissa Wiley, Tabatha Jeppe, 

Ashley Goldberg, Shelley Jaruse, Advisor 

Data Processing Helpers 
Ashley Probasco, Emily Bryant, Brian Saunders, 
Ashleigh Berg, Casey Farrand, Lexie Fontaine, 

Chrissy Rosa, Laura Rosa 

Drama Club 

Alex Keaton, Nick Anastos, Anna Garvin, Jack Garvin, T.J. Lynn, Erika Christensen, Amy Green, 

Lauren Greenwood, Brandon Muir, Lauren Behning, Chris Hamilton, Markayla Reilh/, Caitlin Ferreira 

4 Mrs. Tracy Anzuoni, Advisors, Sam McDonough, Amanda Hayter, Janet McCarthy, David Ingalls, 

Ashley Hathaway, Kyle Leonard, Chelsea Tuf fy, Morgan Davis, Amera Hassan, Marissa Le6ay, 
Jenn Robinson, Kelsey Lawson, Emily Aisner, Kirsten Schranze, Jacleene Turner, Rachel Bambrick, 

Abby Arenstam, Gavin Dineen 

Jewish Brotherhood Nominee 
Lauren Hess 

Plymouth North News 

Chris Hamilton, Mitchell Nugent, Terence Lynn, Ted Donnelly, 

Lyla Brech, Janet McCarthy, Lauren Behning, Mary Hakkila, 

Shelley Jaruse, Advisor, Tabatha Jeppe, Laurie Graham, 

Daniele Natola, Caroline Garrett, Michelle Morano 

Southeast District 
Dalyn Dittrich, Gregory Hughes 

National Girls/Women 

in Sports Day 

Lauren Paton, Tiffany Aquiar 

Main Office Help 
Doris Thorne 

Literary Magazine 

Jen Labrie, Jack Garvin, Ms. Biz Hughes, Advisor, 

Brandon Muir, Anna Garvin, Brandi Diaz, Amanda Hayter 

Peer Mediation 

Mitchell Nugent, Brianna Garland, David Ingalls, 

Mr. Andrew Dugan, Advisor, Samantha Henderson, 

Natalie Gilmore, Meghan Petrell, Stephani Travers. 

Tyler Frahlich, Rebecca Brady 

Comcast Leaders A 

Achievers Scholarship 

Brie Doherty 

The Eagle Newspaper 

T.J. Lynn, Chris Hamilton, Mitchell Nugent, Ted Donnelly, 

Tyler Ferreira, Shelley Jaruse, Advisor, Rosemary Kelly, 

Caroline Metell, Michael Stanton, Emily Aisner, Lauren Behning, 

Elizabeth Hogan, Elizabeth Colbert 

Student Council Executive Board 

Brianna Bean, Secretary, Advisors: Ms. Betsy Bobbins & 

Mrs. Lynn Larracuente, Lauren DeSalvo, Vice President, 

Daniele Natola, President, Amanda Nadile, Treasurer 

Student Council 

Sarah Forman, Rosemary Kelly, John Prince 

Scott Durocher, Antonio. Coppola, 

Brianna Bean, Amanda Nadile, 

Meghan Petrell, Lindsay Borgen, 

Sheila Fey, Emily McCauley, Tory Danner, 

Jessica Smith, Brie Doherty, Jessica Browr 

Brendan Mitchell, Ms. Betsy Bobbins and 

Mrs. Lynn Larracuente, Advisors, 

Danielle Lopes, Nicoletta Katsikis, 

Mia Ferazzi, Lauren Foley, Lauren DeSalvo 

Daniele Natola, Natalie Silmore 

Model U. N. 

Andrew Cullivan, Brianna Garland, John Feeney, 

Ted Donnelly, T.J. Lynn, Mr. David Clark, Advisor, 

Antonia Cappola, Kelsey Salwak, Joe Brigida, 

Emily McCune, Chelsea Tuffy, Danielle Lopes, 

Laurie Graham, Stephanie Wilson, Chelsea Barry, 

Lorah Snow, Molly Rear don 

Peer Leaders 
Mr. Ted Hall, Advisor, Jessica Hatch, Sarah Bramhall, 

Jessica Brown, David Ingalls, Brendon O'Brien, 
Stephanie Wilson, Mathuros Miller, Ashley Hathaway, 

Tory Danner, Brooke Stevens, Markayla Reilh/, 
Lindsey Ricardo, Nicoletta Katsikis, Kellianne Forsberg, 
Stephanie Quartucci, Samantha Rudolph, Amy Riordan, 

Daniele Natola, Racheal Pozerski, Sonia Naranjo 

Plymouth North Stage Band 
Brendan Gill, Elijah Langille, Michael Weymouth, 

Mr. Jonathan Porter, Director, Cabot Peck, 
Catherine Arruda, Matt Happel, Tyler Ferreira, 

James Lehan, Amy Barry, Abby Arenstam, 
Dalyn Dittrich, Gregory Hughes, Elizabeth Hogan 





t i 

Math Club 

David Ingalls, Andrew Cahill, Kevin Broderick, Emmett Cosgrove, 

Andrew Cullivan, Meghan Petrell, Samantha Henderson, Dan Ahlstedt, 

Eric Roche, Michael Stanton, John Prince, Conor Duggan, 

Natalie Gilmore, Mark Holmes, David Broderick, Brandon Muir, 

Amanda Brisbois, Dustin Vinci, Alana Pradham, Laura Gigliotti, 

Amanda Gilmore, Lindsay Borgen, Charlie Sidoti, Jon Sidoti, 

Sarah For man, Colleen Taylor, Racheal Pozerski, 

Mrs. Mary Humberd, Advisor, Elizabeth Colbert, Christina Siiva, 

Danielle Lopes, Molly Reardon, Chelsea Barry, Greg Hughes, 

Justine Achiile, Amy Barry, Ashley Goldberg, Candace White 

Math Travel Team 
A\am Pradham, John Prince, Michael 

Stanton, Dan Ahlstedt, Elizabeth 

Colbert, Laura Gigliotti, Charlie Sidoti, 

Jon Sidoti, Dustin Vinci, Eric Roche, 

Mrs. Mary Humberd, Advisor, 
Chelsea Barry, Greg Hughes, Justine 
Achiile, Amy Barry, Ashley Goldberg 

National Honor Society 

Kacey Pickett, Ah/ssa Bisson, Shawn McNicholas, Chris Mclsaac, Kevin Broderick, 

Emmett Cosgrove, Keegan Grabhorn, John Feeney, Jonathan Chiang, Jon Sidoti, 

Kristine Auger, Charlie Sidoti, Micayla Bowman, Lauren Behning, Amanda Gilmore, 

Brianna Bean, Kaitlin Wilson, Lauren Hess, Lyla Brech, Ashley Mercer, 

Mrs. Mary Humberd, Advisor, Bethany Sinn, Alison Prive, Daniele Natola, Laura Gigliotti, 

Chelsea Barry, Katie Collins, Lauren DeSalvo, Amanda Nadile, Mrs. Diane Bktisdell, Advisor 

National Honor Society Executive Board 

Amanda Gilmore, Vice President, John Feeney, Vice President, 

Mrs. Mary Humberd, Advisor, Laura Gigliotti, Vice President, 

Chelsea Barry, President, Mrs. Diane Blaisdell, Advisor 



i I 


Plymouth Marching Band 

Mark Dion, Elijah Langille, Brendan Gill, Joshua Hamblin, Ted Donnelly, Brian Ruuska, Michael Stanton, 

Kianna Cobbett, Mr. Jonathan Porter, Director, Kelley Brennan, Laura Gigliotti, Meghan Gill, Jamal Jackson, 

Adam Reszenski, Caroline Metell, Nick Giard, Audra Martin, Caitlin Norton, Emily Vannozzi, Katie Pradham, 

Kyle fAaynard, Chelsea Barry, Cabot Peck, Catherine Arruda, Matt Happel, Tyler Ferreira, 

Michael Weymouth, Kara Negrini, Molly Liolios, Holly McNeely, Kelly Cazeault, Amy Barry, 

Abby Arenstam, Dalyn Dittrich, Greg Hughes, Eliabeth Hogan, Justine Achille, James Lehan 


1 - - TT I I 

<^"~-\ YEARBOOK 

4h — 


'„ a\\o 




CDngratulatfons Kacey! 


Truck Center 


Pe&MfM WiMask 

Authorized Parts & Service Deaier 

Gary S. Allen 


Full Service Truck & Trailer 
Sales • Service • Parts 

147 State Road, Rte 3A, P.O. Box 1503, Sagamore Beach, MA 02562 

Tel: 508-888-1977 • Fax: 508-888-2550 

Congratulations Class of 2008 

From the Members of DECA 

Ms. Kathy Schram, Advisor, Katie Carreau, Jordan Remy, Rorrie Mellor, Ryan Milian, 
Jordan Wylie, William Mitchell, Tom Faucett, Chris Carco, Spencer Withington, Andrew 
Cullivan, Brian Saunders, David Marathas, Evan Martinsen, John Feeney, fAr. Barry Cowgill, 
Advisor, Sarah Bramhall, Nicole Fitzpatrick, Terrel Spencer, Alexander Johnson, Andrew 
Cahill, Jordan DePina, Justin Ellis, Brett Chasnov, David Rountree, Philip Cash, Brandon 
Muir, Ashley Probasco, Allison Dexter, Patrick Lane, Brandon Mitchell, Alycia Corvini, 
Hannah MacLeod, Katie Noyes, Elizabeth Lincoln, Kayla Almeida, Tony Perry, John Kelleher, 
Tim Serrilla, Linsay Borgen, Jessica Brown, Colleen Taylor, Kacey Allen, Jessica Smith, 
Brie Doherty, Laura Rosa, Melina Jelley, Rachael Lynch, Chrissy Rosa, Kayla McNicholas, 
Kevin Adm'irand, Nicoletta Katsikis, fAarlssa Wiley, Amanda Morey, Ashley Latosek, 
Kaitlynn Renaud, Lorah Snow, Cassandra Kelly, Karen Gutowski, Racheal Pozerski, Candace 
White, Erika Christensen, Katarina Ulich 


We would like to congratulate 

the graduating ClaSS Of 2008 
Best of Luck with all your future endeavors. 

Congratulations !!! 

Paula Shanley - Howard, 

Brian Mullen 

& Options 153 Team 


options 1-5-3 

Paula Howland 

mullen & partners 

Office: 508-747-3153 
Cell: 508-962-9151 

74 Long Pond Road 
Plymouth MA 02360 








~. / 

(508) 746-2162 FAX 747-3929 


PartyLite Gifts 


A part of the Community 

Part/Lite Gifts is an international marketer 

of fine candles and accessories and one of 

the largest employers in Plymouth. 

As a supporter of many local organizations 

and community events, we feel very proud 

to call Plymouth our home. 

We want to offer our hearty 
congratulations to the 

Plymouth North 
High School 

Class of 2008 


Decorate Your Home • Celebrate Your Life • Illuminate Your Spirit™ 


wS l e/> 






^-W e^ 




2 Q >8 '' 


Emily Vannozzi, Charlie Sidoti, Dustin Vinci, Lauren Hess, 

Jon Sidoti, Brandon Malaguti, Jack Gianakos, Mike Bastoni-Advisor 

Eric Roche, Jared Harrington, Max Paronich 

CLASS OF 2008 



robotics mm 



Class of 2008 


\ ^ ^ S Photography 
1 57 Main Street Carver 508-866-3636 


Congratulations to the Class of 2008 

Plymouth North High School 

as you reach for the stars! 


19NewfieldStreet- Plymouth -508-746-2999 








Custom Homes 



Chris Post 
Ken Gra4y 
Randy Post 
C508) 747-4261 







137 Samoset St. 
Plymouth, MA 02360 


FAX (508) 830-3205 

(800) 640-2884 

Cellular (508) 400-2668 

Tom Fey 
E Mail: 

Custom Scale 

Web Site: 

34 Woodbine Drive 

P.O. Box 3315 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

Phone 508-747-3519 

Fax 508-747-3520 
Phone 800-696-3519 

CoDg^tuistiom to out f 9ta>tecf Skiers 

Wtth Low 
-fhe $fyraouth ^^Dcf $*rer>ts ;feocMi©D 

Daly* DittrUA Gtotsaa Batty 
Mi%e WcymoatA Laura QigNoW 



Education Association of 
Plymouth and Carver 

Michael Riordan, President 
Frank Smith, Plymouth Elemenary Vice-President 

George Ayers, Plymouth Secondary Vice-President 

Connie Koffman, Carver Vice-President 

Cathy Crosby-Norton, Secretary 

Donna Eddy, Treasurer 

Nancy Rozak, Membership Chairperson 


'The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, 
first, hard work; second/ stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense/' 

Thomas Edison 

150 Warren Ave * Plymouth, MA 02: 
C508) 747-0900 * 800-729-7263 

Meets the suv 

Insurance Broker 
Notary Public 

All Types of Insurance 
and Tax-Deferred Annuities 

Walter R. Correa, M. Ed., E.A. 

Licensed to represent Taxpayers 
before the Internal Revenue Service 

Tel. (508) 746-7718 
Fax (508) 746-7798 

22 Jaye Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 


Now offering courses at 

Plymouth North High School 

v Our course is approved by the Registrar 

and is approved for insurance reduction 
and is acknowledged to be one, if not 
the best, driver course in the 
• With 5 vehicles and 1 1 instructors, driving 

areas are readily available. 
s Free home or school pick-up and drop off 

7 days a week. 
s Over 60 years of driver training experience 
both professional and beginners. 

Summer classes are also available. 
Call for schedule and info. 
You have a choice- 
why not learn from the bestl 

5 Mark Lane, Hyannis, MA 02601 


1 laNp6capiN<;.iN(:. 

design and construction 

C)reamscape [_aruAscapi<ne is a full-service design/build/maintenance company well-known for 
creating unicjue naturalistic landscapes. We take great pride in our work and our relationship with 

all our clients. 

£>ili VV enner "berg, president 




Ft cm all cf us here at the Seaside Club. 

Robert A. Ritucci, DMD, PC 

Specialist in Orthodontics 

Children, Adolescents & Adults 

M*mb«r American Association of Orthodontists 

110 Long Pond Road, Suite 122, Plymouth, MA 

Phone: (508) 747-4667 

David L. Delaney 
Kathleen P. Muncey 
Peter N. Muncey, Jr. 
Frederick J. Sheehan (Ret) 

Delaney & Muncey, PC. 

attorneys at law 

38 Resnik Road, Suite 300 

Plymouth, MA 02360 

phone: 508.746.2200 

facsimile: 508.830.0917 


Joseph J. Coppola 
Bryan E. Fecteau 
Kathleen M. Mulvey 
Jason M. Rawlins 

Joseph Viscariello 
Domenico Viscariello 
Sales Consultant 

Toll Free 877.747.4316 

domenicstux. com 
email: info @ domenicstux. com 

TRUE BLUE to our communities 




We are proud to support the 

Plymouth North High School 

/^Eastern Bank 

VG/ Charitable Foundation 




1 Home Depot Drive 
lymouth, MA 02360 

4 Pilgrim Hill Road 

Plymouth, MA 02360 

(508) 747-7474 

to the Class of 200B 

Best cf Luck 

Class of 2008 






rob @ 

FAX: (508) 746-5501 


C Cass of 


Cold Spring 

188 Court Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 


IIB- •' "?,.. v" 


:*: "*• 


SS' ' 

If ' 

# ' 

R ■« " jH 


•2 ** ? X. » > 

P* fc- 







* { 

Ir 4^ 


A i 

1 Ife 

Town Brook Service Center 
Town Brook Auto Sales 

FAX 508-746-5488 




Con^uiati° n s 
Ca r Peniefn 

American AHOoaoon of 

Ttf f r T. Qressman, DM. \D. 









CLASS QF 2008 


A fixture in Plymouth's North End for over 50 

Family Style Atmosphere 
Lunch and Dinner Specials 

Voted Plymouth's Best Pizza 93-99 and 02 

330 Court Street, (Rte3A) Plymouth (508)746-3444 




M.A. Marshall 

29 Stafford 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

L<w<§ md $est Wishes, His 


13 Court Street • Plymouth, Massachusetts 


Best of Luck to the Class of 2008 

Keep up the Good Work 








bo you like your Smile? Are you afraid of the Dentist? 
Concerned about your Health and Safety? 

Try the Latest Techniques for Cosmetic & Pain Free Dentistry! 

All phases of dentistry in one convenient location 

Bonding • Veneering • Bleaching • Dentures • Root Canals • Extractions 
• Crowns • Bridges •Implants • Nitrous Oxide Gas 

Now offering invisible way to straighten your teeth. 


Dr. Bahaa S. Rizkalla, D.D.S., P.C. • Dr. Karim Rizkalla, D.M.D. 

For your Health and Safety 

* We exceed all government standards 
of sterilization and infection control 

• Modern state of the art equipment 

* Digital radiography to reduce radiation 
exposure by up to 90% 

• New Lab on Premises for Better & Faster Results 


Most Insurance Accepted 

Saturday & Evening Appointments Available 


24 North Street • Plymouth 


Best Wishes 

Class of 2008 

I love you, Brett 

Tassinari & Associates, Inc. 

120 Court Street, Plymouth, MA 02360 


46 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 


8n Healt hyAppetites 




44 Long Pond Road • Plymouth, AAA 02360 
508 747.8100 Fax S08 .747.6916 


• 187 COURT ST. • PLYMOUTH, MA 02360 


Low Minimums • Fast Turnaround 






Class of 

Keep Smiling? 


Matthew T. Boynton, D.1V1 

Cosmetic and- Family Dentistry 

(508) 746-1666 
Fax (508) 746-3630 






Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360 

Seiving youl needs for TOTAL DENTISTRY 

wood's seafood 


Class cf 20C8 

test Wishes U 

Eixcke Kimball 

Town Pier - 508-746-0261 

S °°Ba CENt^' 

A Professional Store 


Professional Equipment 

319 Court St., Plymouth 




234 Brooks Street 
Worcester, MA 01606 

508.856.9658 fax 

FRAMINGHAM: 508.875.616- 
WESTBORO: 508.366.133 

^4ksmm C9hr?^SwI ma 




^ BORATE C -i 




■■ Company 

On Plymouth's 



84 Water Street, 

Plymouth, MA. 


Men Cmtl 





FRIMMA J. BUCKMAN (508) 746-8091 

VICE PRESIDENT FAX (508) 746-8640 

€©W©MATUJLATHO]^^ <s& <K©©© ILUCK 

jo to the Qlnss of 2008 «? 

.[■e Qk^ 


******* U**fr^ ^^^ 



/ Huw x 











C fi>^ 




















TELEPHONE: 746-1351 


best Wishes 
class of 


Congratulations - Coryn Sevigny, Ashley Latosek, 
eric "RjocMt & Hnksyb Heilly 


r Coth6&lossof2008 

OS \ 

Lauren greenwood 
QKrpstal Q^€o^an 


(5£>est QftFishes 


Wish the 




the Best of Luck 

Winokur, Serkey & Rosenberg, Pc 


3* ^ 





TELEPHONE (508) 746-1023 TELECOPIER (508) 747-6967 WEBSITE: WWW.WWSR.COM 







"What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to 

What lies Within US " Ralph Waldo Emerson 

The Painted Lady 

the Graduating Class of 2008 

21 Court Street 

''Downtown" Plymouth 

(508) 746-2776 




A* 1 




The Plymouth North High School 
Q Athletic Booster Club 





Smooth sailing since 1889 

17 i 

■ Personal, friendly service 

■ Local decision making 

■ Competitive rates 

■ All deposits insured in full 

■ Commercial services 





Middleboro • Plymouth • Wareham 
Rochester • Bridgewater • Lakeville 

508-947-4343 MemberFDIC 

Member SIF 

Start experiencing the difference today! 


Chelsea Barry 
Emmett Cosgrove 
Charlie Sidotti 

Laura Gighotti 
Amanda Gilmore 
Jon Sidotti 


Jennifer Shields 
Eric Roche 
Lauren Maloney 

Kevin Broderick 
Dustin Vinci 
Mary Humberd, Advisor 



We Bring The Carpet Store To Your Front Door! 

We Install It No Matter Where You Bought It! 


Many Different Colors & Styles To Choose From 
Residential & Commercial 

We Specialize In: 

• Carpet • Repairs • Hardwood • Dustless Sanding 

• Tile • Marble & Granite • Vinyl & Laminates 

• Hospital Floors & Medical Buildings 

Removal Of Old Floors 



Serving All Of New England & South Shore For Over 10 Yrs 

Call James For A Free In-Home Estimate 

Fully Insured 

All Work 


Competitive Prices 

Qood ImH to tec CCass of 2008 


(508) 747-VETT 

Fax: (508) 747-0016 

151 Samoset Street 


Plymouth Crossings 

A Benchmark Senior Living Community 

157 South Street • Plymouth, MA 02360 
(508) 830-4744 • fax: (508) 830-4748 




Commercial & Residential 

riYMOl'l I I AK 

—\ Voted Business of the Year! 

(isfcs. BBB flJLCH AMBER- Plymouth Chamber of Commerce 


I .» *. \ 


We are so proud of you and the 
extraordinary person you have become. 
When you allow yourself free time, you 
still use it to do for others. You have 
worked so hard to achieve your goal of 
college and here you are. We love you 
and look forward to this next venture of 
your life. 

Your biggest fans, 

Mom and Dad 

j> You are my sunshine »w 
111 love you for always, 
111 like you for always, 
As long as I'm living, 
My baby you 11 be. (Robert Munsch) 
I am rabbit... and you are Cassie 
Love, afways fSCforever~9Aom 

learned that I 

have this one day 

to utilize to the 


I am a fighter. 

I am strong. 

I am a cancer 

-Kelly Medeiros- 

Dear Brett, 

What Ites behind you and what lies before you are small 
matters compared to what lies within you... 
Look within for strength, my son- 
Great each day with Hope, integrity. 
Confidence 8. a Smile- 
Let your Heart be your Guide. 

V° u ' ve alwaus 
been the older 
sister who | can 

loolc up to and 
come to for advice 

and now uou're 

rro wn ui 

L)ad and | arc 
veru proud or 
ijou. (jooa 
lucid Love, 
£)iana & £)ad 

You always loved 
those early mornings* 


From feets to skelligans, 

Dancing Queen to Rumpshaker, 

Ghost Dad to Three Ninjas. . . 

We have loved watching 
you grow up. 


We each 

love you 

for all | 

that you 

are, and 

all that 

we know 

you will become. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Duane, Dawn, Dana, Janeen, Julie, Sarah & Tony 

From Mites to 
PNHS Varsity 

Graduation is only a concept. 

In real life, every day you 

graduate . 

Graduation is a process that goes 

on until the last day of your life . 

If you can grasp that, you'll 

make a difference. 


Congratulations Jordan. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad & Michaela 

- - *J -«t * - 

Congratulations, JlsfMey! 

We are so proud of all your accomplishments. (Be all you can 6e - 

you are a superstar. Love, Mom, (Dad and Nicole 

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." 

Audrey Hej>6urn 

"AW owr drecuM* ocly\/ cowue/tnAe/. .. 
Wall Disney 

Dear Mitchell Evan, 

May all your dreams and wishes become reality; you deserve the best this life can offer. Thank you for being you....a good son, great brother, 
faithful friend, and wonderful man. Good luck pursuing your fashion dream and we can't wait to read your articles in Conde Nast Publications 
Wishing you Peace, Love and Happiness. 

Love, Horn, Helanie Mabel and Joshua 


eovu> no+ ge 8nY vwroix, of lorn o* love Yov aNY moh£. 

Ho naffe* w«a4 yow so ? N \&i t I ^now yov wfl-L ge a 

Success. Yov wiU- flLwOYS ge 'mY gagy*. Lave, Mom 


You nave keen suck a delightful 

grandson. We kave enjoyed years 

spent witk uou watching you grow, 

especially through tke sports uou 

kave played. We love uou dearly 

for continuing to let us be part of 

your life and look forward to 

sharing many years witk you. 

We are so very proud of you and 

kope you continue to he a 

success in tke years to come. 

Love, Nana and Papa 

Emmett, You're the man! Congratulations on your 
graduation from North! Love, Liam and Cullin 

"So me i Jt ene 

oveitfe iai*6uv 
Site* one fate 
arndtk cOie**u 
tfat tf*u done U 
dneam neatly do 
come fate " m^-h*^ 



We are so proud of you and all 

that you have accomplished in 

your high school years. You have 

continued to amaze us, and we 

feet so blessed that you are our son. 

We kpowyou wiffma^f the best 

choices for your future. XO 

JlO Our Love, Mom and (Dad 

A A A \ 

The game has brought me to my knees many times, 

rotn -which there is definitely a different perspective. " 

•Tiger Woods 



1 " ^^*. i 

' J B 1 

<^Sae€£ it /talauia, a-aa- cast, I i/af vre /a, 

ae (tau 


ttu/a a// au€ aeacl*. ~//a</ , (P//ta/ri, & (i>%& 


m so proud of your strong personality, 
independence, and your ability to be a 
leader and not a follower. Love, Your Dad 

n my daughter's eyes everyone is equal 
)arkness turns to light and the world is at peace 
'his miracle God gave to me gives me strength 

when I am weak 
find reason to believe 
n my daughter's eyes. 

Martina McBride 

A\m.u, you art the Light of my Ufe-my beautiful baby girl, 
it doesn't see™, possible that you art &raduati\n&. your 
fuKu/vw jote«s avui beautiful smile have brighten-erf 
m.ort of my days thai/\, you'll ever tei/w>w. 

I am so frond of you! Love, Mom 


Congrats on making it through this chapter of your 
life. We're really proud of you. Good luck with 
everything you do; we'll always be here for you. 
Love, Jenna and David 



Dear Kevin, 

You've filled our lives with 
wonderful, happy memories. 
We're so proud of the man you 
have become and what you have 
accomplished. Parents, 
teachers, and coaches can set 
an example, but you're the one 
who decides which road you'l 
follow. Tune for you to head out 
on a new road.. Well miss you 
next year! 

Love. Mom and Dad 

<Dear <Danie(e, It has been a joy watching you grow into the beautiful young woman you have Become. 
(Don't ever forget how much you are Coved by your family. <FoQow your heart It will never Cead you astra 
And remember wherever your ■path may dead you, there will always be a sign pointing toward home. 

Love you bigger than the sfiy, Mom and<Dad 

What lies behind 
us and what lies 
before us are small 
matters compared 
to what lies within 


-Ralph Waldo Emerson- 

Dear Dani, 
Your sisters are so 
proud of you. No 
matter what lies ahead 
for all of us, one thing 
for certain is trie love 
we Dave for each other. 
The memories we shared 
will never fade away. 

Liv and Shelly 

v>tar Laura**, you. are a sMivdvu? example of what a daughter c-av^ be-lovifu* av^d 
cow^as.s>lov^ate, kioi^cst § Prii<u>Lpled, dtttrwlwid £, Li*-depetA-deiA.t, avui sensitive § 
LiA,tcLU.gei^t. you. art a sklVufu? example of everythii/uj a parent would be fraud 
of. we Love wow. a«vd art so very proud of \aou today acvd always. 

Love, Mow. § i>ad 


Thanks so much fop being there and 
putting up with me for all these 
years. Congratulations and good luck 
in college. I know you'll succeed in 
everything you do. I'll miss you. 
Love, Ryan 


Dear Sam. 

Sweet fumy, compassionate 

A go-to-guy to get it done 

Extraordinary mediator, 


Best son. best brother. 

best friend 

Fly like Mordecai! 

Love you crazy. 

Mom. Dad. Meredith. 

Emily 6 Buddy 

You r© a heautif ul hahy f rem the outside in. 

Chase your dreams but always know the road that'll lead you home again. 

Go on, take on this old world. 

But to me you know you'll always he, my little girl -rim McGraw 


A man's son is his joy and pride, 
His daughter is a treasure beneath die tide. 

Like gold coins under the surf, 

They remain as gold and hold their worth. 

You are my gold coins and my treasure, 

Watching you grow has been a pleasure. 

I'm proud of you! Hove you! Go out there and shine, 

For what lies ahead of you is an adventure in time. 

Love, Dad 

Ali- Your future is full of endless 

possibilities; run your race and see what 

lies for you across the finish line! 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Zach, and the girls! 

fj !?^3 

^41v^ , a 

Since you were sick as an 8- week-old, 
we Lave worried about you. You re 
our little Lou and. always will be: we 
will always worry. 

We re very proud oi all that you ve 


Happiness isn t getting what you want 
It s wanting what you got. 

You have been happy since the day you were bom. 
with a smile and laugh that just makes people happy. 
Your Samantha-isms have entertained family and 
friends for years. It has been so much fun watching 
you grow into a smart and beautiful 18 year old. 
You have given us so much to be proud of... 
From... "Dad, can I have a bite of hot chocat?" 
To.. Your own glass of chocolate milk with a twiriy straw*. 

From.. .Mrs. Zaniboni To next year! 

From.. The days of Slammin' Sammie, 

TO....OCM athlete of the year! 

From... The Methodist Nursery School "Gold Star", 

To.. ...Always our shining star!!! 

Continue with your good decisions and follow 

Your dreams and you will be a great success!!! 


Remember to stop and enjoy 
even the smallest of moments in 
your life . . .as crazy as it sounds, time 
does go flying by... .we are very 
proud of the man you have 
become. Love Mom and Dad 


From a little boy with his big blue eyes to a pleasant voting man 
who is loving and wise..jnay all your dreams come true... 
SALANPRH! Love Nana 



You've worked so hard to read) this day 

Much sacrifice and love have paved your way 

But like all great things in life 

You take away no more than what you give 

-and great and loved you truly are 

Here's to the wonderful future ahead of you 

From all of us 


//T i 

jffllanba $anba 

^PH ■" 1mm 

R^^ /J 

p *2M 



^L. fl ft\l i 

^F A 

You have been our joy since the day you came into this world 

You have been a shining star in school, on stage and on the field 

You have grown into a beautiful young woman and will achieve 

Anything you want in your life (maybe even cooking) and we will 

Be here for you along the way. 

With Love, pride, and support 
Mom, Dad, Justin, Trevor and Kerne 

footsie pop 


Katie, Fro^u, the vhjdwjlv^. ujou were bom, you have brought such jow to our lives, you are a 
IovIia^, fel^ujl a^vd beautiful youi/vg lady, we are so very proud of you. Love, Mom aiAd Dad 

We arc so very proud or our baDu, sister! |t is uour 
time to shine. You'" be great! j_ove, dari & KLelli 
p.s. \\c are sorry for dropping uou on uour head!!! 

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we ta^e, 

but by the moments that ta$e our breath away. (Anonymous) 

S£8X ftSto 

or\\e ae a\ c f 


e. UsWtail 
uerij-daj sne tear 
. I pna 's otot sne' 

ccfi,arJ 501 
s (neiuina i 



You have brought us immeasurable happiness from the moment you were bom. Your first phrase was "Do it 
myself!" and Honey, you've bBen doing it yourself ever since! You are a strong and self-assured young 
woman, so full of warmth, compassion and a wonderful sense of humor. Your future will be whatever 
you choose; continue to make the right choices and work hard, but always remember to enjoy the journey. 
We wish you many special moments that take your breath away. 
We love you so much. 

Mom and Dad 


When yon gel the chance to sit it ont or dance 


Lee Ann Womack 



K&& i 



We tememBet an adoxaiie, thy teddlex. 

JVew ueu have Become 
(I Beautiful, nedpectful, eating- taeman. 

We one oa pxaud of, you. 
We £aue'lpui 

M&m/lkid and 3itfle 

Congratulations Laurie! 

You've always been a free Lird 

Now is the time to spread your wings 

And soar to |reater heights! 




We'll love you forever, 
We'll like you for always, 
As long as we're living, 
Our baby you'll be. 

Robert Munsch 

You have become a beautiful, 
confident, compassionate, 
intelligent young woman who 
is mature beyond her years. 
Words can not express how 
proud we are of all your 
accomplishments. You are 
an inspiration to all those who 
know you. You have worked so 
hard and put in endless hours 
to make sure your class is the 
best that it can be. You have 
far exceeded our hopes and 
dreams for you and we hope 
the next chapter in your life 
will be as rewarding. 


Mom, Dad, Erin & Meaghan 

To our daughter Danielle, Eighteen years have gone by too fast, a journey that we will forever hold in our hearts 
We have cherished every moment of this journey, and watched you grow into a beautiful woman. The tune has 
come to let you go, experience life and make all your dreams and adventures your own. Our pride in you is 
exceeded only by our love for you. Your standards, your diligent work ethic and your ability to persevere will take 
you down any path you wish to pursue. No matter where you go or what you do in life, you will be successful. We 
will miss you so much while you're at college, but don't ever forget that you are special and very much loved. We 
are proud to be your parents. Love Always, Mom & Dad 

CoTigratulations, Lorah! 

Youwere our dream come true, 

Now, go out to make your dreams come true. 

We know the world Is waiting for you! 

Love, Mom and Dad. 

To our first born: 

Shawn Brendon 


We have watched you 

grow from a sweet. 

innocent baby to an 

intelligent, witty, fun 

loving man. We know 

you will accomplish all 

of your goals in life and 

wish you the best for 

your future. May your 

friends and you enjoy 

this soccer picture. 

Love, Your Family 

Dear £a<#, 

We remember wnen you were a be&tzt&u/, always nappy baby 0irl 
Now we see a daughter who Ms grown in so many ways and is 
re&dy <p move onto college. 

Always know now proud we are of you. Our love and support are 
always wiC& you. ffete, yoa are so sped*! to us Alt. 

£ove, Mom, Dad, Tim and Jz&an 

To our brown eyed girl: remember tbe times of ABC's and 1 23's, 
learning to tie your shot's, off to making life long friends, times 
seemed so simple then. Times have changed and so have you. 
We leave you with these words; 'Live well, laugh often and love 
much'. We are here for you always. We are so proud of you. 

Love, Mum, Daddy and Micaela 

C'o frui (xmoui ^/ICaxie muu manaoa , Cfhuuuih Ufti& tuwui^Uo medical totMneu, O naAc 
■AiXnaaoetl Iht tmttatinc*. ol a 4c*u attona and capable iuxuui Woman *u> haa mountain**) net 

caauamatic una* al nunui 

and <Ua*i*^u Uvtouan Uua 

ano LiaW yJ lo$€ tiou 
ami mu i& <uWau4 
wUn aou, Wn«*** ^ 
ai< and in <4nai*4e« 
detection uoui ioueneu 
taJcea uou. 

^?<w b e a ut i ful eye*. (aoi pyt tAc aoocL in o&uru: 
for featttifut life*. tficaJt o*Uf evoxda of kbuUeM: 
and fox frooie, eoaOb cvitA (Ac ktowletiae tAat 
222 r vu *** tevci atone. " /ftuOtet^ "TtcfibUvut 

Curnlie (jinn*- t K.ati« 

JKanao a 

Like rt* sTtppifMq stones to Grammy's 

QARtJEM Of I ih rfiAI |£ACJ V Ol TO HoOFRS, TO OUR bcAUTlful 

Hoar r o4k» \v& ptRSEVEREd Tfwouqh 
so mucJh, at are so pROud of a11 you 
Uave AdrJEVEd. Love, Cram ANd Papa 

We cannot change the wind, but we can adjust our soils. 

Since the moment you were bom you have been a gift to 

our lives. We are so proud of the man you have 


Be happy. 

When you don't have what you want, want what you have. 

Make do. 

Thaf s a well-kept secret of contentment 

There aren't any shortcuts to tomorrow. You have to make 

your own way. 

To know where you are going is only part of it 

You need to know where you have been, too. 

And if you get lost, don't worry. 

The people who love you will find you. 

That you can count on.. 


Mom, Dad and Chelsea 





You have been to us what your name's origin means - "worthy of love". 
We want you to know that you have brought us so much joy as parents. 
Your ever present smile, your positive outlook, and your balanced perspec- 
tive on life have made you someone we all admire. You make it seem that 
your successes come easily, but we realize your innate motivation drives 
you to do well. We are so proud of you and feel blessed to have you as our 
daughter. Move on to this next stage of your life with your usual confidence ; 
and enthusiasm, and we have no doubt you will achieve your dreams. You 
can count on us to always be there for you. 

With all of our love, 
Mom & Dad 

Congratulations sweetheart! I can't believe your'e finally graduating; 
I thought this day would never come! When we were younger, college 
seemed so far away. Now the time is here, you couldn't be more ready,and 
I couldn't be more unprepared for life without my big sister. Whenever I 
needed someone to talk to - about friends, school, sports, anything and 
everything - I turned to you. You always had an answer or advice that 
helped me, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear at first. We have had 
uncountable memorable moments together, some that I have already for- 
gotten, but some that will stay with me forever. I couldn't have asked for 
a better role model, friend, or sister. Thank you for helping me become the 
person I am, for always being there no matter what, and for everything 
you have given to me. m^ 

Love you always, 


I can't believe you're actually graduating. I've watched you grow 
through the years becoming more and more accomplished every day. 
You've been such a great role model, I can't thank you enough. You 
always seem to know exactly what to do! 1 Thank you so much for setting 
such a great example. I know you will succeed in whatever you choose 
to do. 

Love you, 

ft # 3a 

There/ Lb a/ road/, v\jo- iCmple/highway 
And/if-yoxA/g<y; no-ovie/may follow 

Thcutpath/ fo for your ztepy alone/. 

The/ Grateful VecwL 

I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your 
smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your 
opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has 
ever known - 

Good Luck. 

Aunt Bea and Hil 

Dear Courtney, 

We are so proud of you and love you with every inch of our heart and soul. We want you to realize how 
capable you are, and that your possibilities are unlimited. We hope you never lose your childlike wonder, 
your delight and appreciation in interesting things. We know you'll keep responding in a positive way to 
the challenges life will always bring to you. We pray that you won't rush the future and that you'll slowly 
build on the steppingstones of the past. You have a strong foundation of family and friends and that joy will 
always last. We look forward to your future! Congratulations Belle! With all our love, Mom and Dad 

Dear Courtney, 

I hope your but year here was amazing! College is going to be so much fun... I'm 
excited for you. I will miss you so much but I know I'll see you once in a while. I 
know you'll be great at any college doing anything you do. Love you forever. . . 

Love, Emily 


I wish you all the best in college. You were a treasure to me since you were bom on 
August 4, 1990. I know you will do real well in everything you do and you are a very 
smart girl. Keep up the soccer ond any other sport or activity you may do. You are 
wonderful. You are always in my thoughts, every day, and I want you to study hard 
and I will support you in any career you may pick. Keep up the good driving too. 
Love Always, Your Unde Dana 


Congrats Senior! I am so proud of you. I 
wish you excitement and fun in your 
future. Don't forget all the things you 
have learned in life, but also remember 
to live your life for the experience. 
With lots of love from your big sis, 


I wish you the best in the future-be 

good! Love you your bigger, sis, Crystal 

Our fittfe Brookje, 
'Witftuour determination, uou '(f knock the sop 

off the worf/f "Qoqettem ' Sweetie " 
Hove, 'Uom, €ad,Ask %% Justin % Tefpc 

/ can't believe how fast the years have gone by; at times it seems tift^ your first day of kindergarten was 
yesterday It is difficult to ■put into words how truly proud I am to be your mom the pleasure I feel has 
been all mine. 'You never cease to amaze me how you take all life s difficulties in stride and always 
persevere with such extraordinary strength; no matter what comes your way, you take it and run with it 
I hope for you the very best through life 's Journey at college and beyond Liss, always keep your beautiful 
smile shining; you will always be my ray of suns fane Love, 'Mom 

Dear Alyssa, 

It seems lit just yesterday thai you were born. I will never forgot helping in your birth. I will always remember rtie tun times in the pool, ploying on rhe 
swing stt, dondng in the house, ooodiing you in junior softball. tie. . Now you hove frown up into a booutiful young women. Despite facing several difficult 
challenges in your life already, you hove still achieved highly ami always smiled through it. I know with your attitude, that you will be successful in the 
future. Good rude and hero's wishing you o wonderful lire. lava, Ded 


Over the years you have 
become more than a sister to 
me; you have become my best 
friend. Throughout this time, life 
has challenged you with 
struggles and hardships that 
most never have the misfortune 
to encounter; you have faced 
each with a certain valor and 
resilience that very few in this 
world possess. As you 
graduate this year, take that 
strength with you; follow your 
dreams, and you will find all the 
happiness you deserve-and you 
deserve only the best that life 
has to offer. Congratulations 
and good luck. I love you. 
Your Big Sister, 



ril miss you wWie you are auw at 
college. You have been tne best 
sister I could ever as* for. I admire 
you so much; you are alu»ys there 
for rne ujhen 1 need you. Ifsbeen 
great the past years and 1 hope the 
best for you at college* Love, Aaron 



1 \ ^ 

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth 

find reserves of strength that will endure as 
long as life lasts . " Rachel Carson 

oLau/ta, vie qaa ao axauo ot all uou fvaCe accofrtpUAned 

arvd ol Vne. o^oicaJUo, contpoAAtoruite. an3 inuaoAtiiongJo 

pfcxaon. uou na<le oecome. CUe taolc totviat3 to uoua. neavL 

chapter- mau. uou continue to lino (JiivmcJOh,, aoAAion aad 

hapairuM, in baAina, Vne, town ft. foeautu. 

(jUe u>«ie uou., JUt, Z/ICom., X/a3 an3 r/ltJc* 


A tlw,e has cow.e to w.«lee 
all your fantasies btcovut 
realities. T>on>'t forget 
uour first a id felt. 


Heather, sd, Ala^Jo^-Nae, 
§ c\r{k\A,\flM 

?. £. ThanKs for your room. 










(Dear Lauren, 

'We are so proud of you and the beautiful young Cody you 've grown to be. It has 
truly been a blessing watching you grow, so many wonderful memories. 

Quench your desire to traveCthe world, dream, explore, and live 
life to the fullest. ^Always be true to yourself. 'We have no doubt 
that whatever you put your mind to you can achieve. 'We are here 
for you always. Love, 9iom, (Dad and Christina XO 


. ■ •-> 

He's got eyes 

of the bluest steles 

^^b^Eav ^^m*^^^^^^^^ ^H^B^B^B^B^u2&^k ' 

AvuA If they 

thought of rain, 

i^^Vvr 1 BwAWAWy ~ 

1 hate to took 

B| ^* CTv ^^ W^*%~'' 

luvto those eyes 

Ai/vol see 

ait ou^ce of pfllit. 

■feBvH ^^ 


4* *' *' 2 B ■ 


fi Bf Bj^Ti^fr A jrr/'^^l 

' * 

^^B ^1* /*>"" ■B^Bj 

tley punkinl 

r k| 

you're turning into a wonderful young 


man with all the important traits: a 


loving, caring nature, a sense 0/ 

urn^N ■ 

fairness and justice, and a desire to 

help others. Just remember, no matter 

how tough it may get. 1 am always right 


behind you, cheering you on. 

tove. Mom 

K B^ JB I </ 

Reach for the stars! 

Dreams do come true ... Love you in the world 


KfaU (jo* axe fa*dt*$ ifemMty cm, (Ac mrdcC, tmexe axe ma-f xemaxeU U Ufa. H hflUam atmaOA yo* and ttcxe axe joy* to o6e 

and to neeeive. Itexe U imotdedfe U 4c fatutd. /Ue«upx Uttt* to fom otm tewtt rnitU leadi** fan notkU**} fat tie teat, (foe to 

Ufa. and Ufa tettt five to 90* /4md 44 90* tooe. <Umx4f4 xcm e mti c x tkat fom axe (**ed. 

Hey Kayla, 

What are we going to do at home without you? 
Who am I going to have to convince mum and 
dad that we won't get into trouble? And without 
me who are you going to get money from? 
Well we've had fun through the years even 
when we argued and puffed tricks on each 
other. But I love ya sis. 


Our Ashley Kayla, 
We hope you know how incredibly proud we ore of your remarkable achievements. You've grown to be a coring, 
sensitive, responsible, beautiful young woman. You were so shy growing up and now I watch you yelling at hockey 
games and motocross races, or performing on stage. Always keep your quick wit and great sense of humor. We will 
treasure the love and memories and laughter you have brought into our home. You work so hard in everything you 
do, we know you will always succeed and keep your dreams alive. You've made great choices and made great friends. 
I know you will keep you valued friends closest to your heart. Your daddy's sunshine and known as 'the princess". 
We love the forth you have in God may he always guide you. We love you. Mum, and Dad 

Dear Danielle, 

It seems like you were born just 

yesterday. Now, nearly eighteen years 

later, you are graduating. Where did 

time go? We hove watched you grow 

from a beautiful baby into a beautiful 

young woman. We are so proud of you 

Your journey in life will continue in 

college and with your future. You 

always make the right decisions. You 

are the bestl We love you so much. 

Keep up the great work! 
love always, Mom, Dad and Jess 


(Lindz, LuCu, LoCa, Teanut) 

you have fiCCed our Cives 'with joy, happiness and Cove and we are so proud of 

what you have done and the person you are. your smife, your Caught er and the 

happiness you Bring aCways makes each day Better. Mo matter where Cife Ceads 

yoUy he happy and he yourseCf; that is what makes you so speciaC Thank you for 

Being you our amazing daughter. 

y/ith aCCour Cove, forever 
Mom and V ad 

Dear Spencer, 

Vour journey is just beginning and the road ahead of you will be exciting and full of challenge-places to go and people to meet 
Points of view and horizons that will be new. Be curious; take risbs; push yourself -fife a to be experienced, not observed We are so 
proud of the young man you have become and know in our hearts that your future is bright Always be true to yourself, follow your 
heart, and above all else, enjoy the ride!!! 

To say you are the greatest joy in our lives is an understatement Vou have brought love, happiness, laughter and fun into our fives 
everyday for 18 years. We will treasure these memories always!!! We will always be here to help and encourage you, but most 
importantly to love and support you forever. "Imagine" the possibilities- We Love Vou XO Mom Dad and Hodtey 

Jon &• Oiarlie, 

Wc are so proud or uou, more than we could ever express in words. You are smart and accomplished 

in so many ways. D u * even more importantly, you nave grown to be fine young men, sensitive and kind, 

witty and sincere, hew at the threshold of the rest of your life remember that, while you both have 

different strengths and talents, you are exceptional young men, equally capable of great things. "Try 

to make good and thoughtful decisions, but know that all is not lost if you make a bad one, or even two. 

,5trive to be honest in all that you do and be especially honest with yourself. ,5 et yourgoals high. 

"There is nothing more shameful than wasted potential. Whenever you feel down or unsure of yourself, 

think of your blessings, accomplishments and goals, (his will remind you of the terrific person that you 

are and what is truly important in your life. Above all, always remember that we love you very much. 

All our love, Mom &■ fj)ad 



Congratulations! You have worked very hard 
these past four years and you truly deserve 
all the respect and success you've achieved. 
Keep up the good work. It will be well worth 
the effort. Love Mom and Dad 


Congratulations! You truly are the 
COMEBACK KID! This past year is one 
we will never forget. Let this experience 
serve to motivate you and give you 
confidence. Remember with faith, 
friends and family, you CAN 
accomplish anything. Love Mom & Dad 

Charlie & Jon, 

I am so proud of you. 

You both have 
worked so incredibly 
hard to get to where 

you are today. I 

know you will succeed 

at whatever you 

choose to do in life. 

And no matter what, 

know I am here for you. 

Good Luck 

Be Safe! 

Love Always, 


My Baby Sister, 

From the day that you were born, I knew 
that you would succeed in all situations life 
would bring. As I watched you grow 
through the years, you overcame all of the 
obstacles that were presented to you. I knew 
that you would make everyone proud 
because of the amazing person you've 
become and all that you've achieved. I am 
so proud and grateful to have a little sister as 
awesome as you. I wish you the best that 
life has to offer. I love you, 


I know I can always look 
forward to the sweet sounds 
of "Lorraine 1 and the laughs 
you bring to everyone! I am 
so proud of you and I know 
you will go very far in the 
career you choose. I love 
you and I'm always here for 
you. GOOD LUCK! 


You have always been one 
of my favorite people. It's 
been a pleasure watching 
you grow from a hyper, 
funny, creative little girl 
into a sophisticated, smart, 
b-e-a-u-tiful young woman. 
Thanks for always making 
me laugh!! I wish you the 
best on your journey 
through life! I know that 
wherever the road takes 
you, the destination will be 
true success. 
Congratulations on your 
first step to the rest of your 
life!! I love ya girl, 
~Kris-tin (your 3 rd sis) 

You have been a joy to watch grow up and become the person yon are: 
smart, caring, and just Jim to be with. There is no doubt in our minds that 
you wuT succeed in anything you do in fife. 'We are so proud of you and 
hope nothing but the best for you We Cove you, 9iomand<Dad 


Congratulations upon another step towards your 

dreams! Your attitude will determine the altitude 

that you can soar to. The path that you are 

traveling on towards your desires is not always 

easy, but well worth the trip! We are very proud of 

you and are certain there will be continued 


Love, your family 

Dad, Mom, Taaron, Dean, Casey & Alaura 

v ■* . 


"Being sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the 
family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest 
relationship * Ever since we were little girls we didn't always see eye to 
eye, but now that we're all grown up we don't know what we would do 
without you! We are so proud of you and everything you have 
accomplished. We are so lucky to have such a sweet and caring little 
sister. Although you're the youngest, you're the one that has always 
kept us together, no matter what we went through. 

Thanks for everything Brookie. 

We love you so much!! 
-Court and Ash- 


The last of the Kimball girl* to go through Plymouth North. Off to eollege in the 
fall and the challenge* that lie ahead. If you treat those challenge* with the 
same determination that you have demonstrated throughout high school, then 
the sky is the limit on what you ean accomplish. f)on't leave any stone 
unturned. Congratulations. 

loove Mom and f)ad 

II d 

Mark Twain once said: 

Twenty years from now you 
will be more disappointed by 
the things you didn't do than 
by the ones you did. So 
throw off the bowlines. Sail 
away from the safe harbor. 
Catch the trade winds in 
your sails. 

\ rr: 


** ^y 


r _-X L mm m ^^ 



^ Jjfl 


9 n^B 


Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, 
and Derek 


Joseph C. Abbt-Grimes Tampa, Florida 7-11-90 

Buccaneer Fan/Master of Dragons 

Favorite Colors: Red/Black 

Always Remember. God is kind, loving and merciful. 

To declare Jesus as your Lord and Savior to assure you 

enter into Heaven 

you are loved unconditionally by your Church, parents, 

Gigf & Gammpy. 

You can do anything thru Christ who strengthens you. 

To have faith and trust in God 

The moment you were born, you became a very special 

part of our lives. A grandson IS a special joy. "t XOty 

' ■ - .*■■ '*.':■ 


We are all very proud of 
you and your achievements. 
Continue to work hard, 
believe in yourself and you 
will reach your goals. 

You are a great son; we will 
always be there for you. 
Keep on "SmiUn" Dave! 
Mom & Dad 

Today is your day. You're off to Great places. And you 
will be the guy who'll decide where you'll go. Oh, the 
places you will go." r>. geuss 

Yow did/ it Dave'.' 

Cor\tlruAe/to-foUow your heart a* yow journey to- 
reach/ your drecuwy. We/ wtfLcdwayy be/here/ for yow 
cdXhowgh/yow may be/bigger; yow wiH ahvayybe/ our 
little/ brother. 


CoUeer\/£r KatCe/ 


*^« £ X #/vi 

I may have taught you how, 
But you have shown me why.. 
I may have given you wings, 
But it's you who've heCpedmeffy, 
My hopes for you are 

coming true. 
I am so blessed, and 

Love Mom 

Nicole, We have watched you grow into such an 

independent, caring, and responsible young woman. We 
are so proud of all your accomplishments, and the person 
you have become. Because of your hard work, you have 
a bright exciting future ahead of you. Believe in your 
dreams and stay true to yourself. We will always be there 
for you; we love you! Love Mom & Dad 


(Be Wappy-Smik-WorijKard-Laiigfi-'Have Tun 
Life goes 6y too fast 

To our daughter Laura, 

<We can't SeReve our 6aSy girC is graduating from high schooC and having for college. 
M/e are so -proud of the Seautifut, caring, hard-wording young Cody you have become. 
May all your wishes come true! We Cove you, Mom and (Dad 



Your journey continues as the 
sun sets on Plymouth North. The 
path you travel will bring even 
brighter days. Keep laughter and 
fun at your side-they foster a 
positive spirit. Trust your path. 
It is uniquely yours. The ups and 
downs are a necessary part of 
life. Help others on their way. 
It helps you as well. Life is Good! 


Mom, Dad A Kevin 



^W/nwt" 2008 

hate. Chris, Kevin, Sean S Dalgn, 

Never pass up a chance to snare smiles, bags, dreams and laughter. 

Never tote life for granted. Realize good happens to those who are good. 

Spend time with your loved ones, they will not he around forever. 

AnOlhen you come to the M in the road, take iff gogi bora 

Wishing you happiness, health and success. May God keep you safe. 

With much love, Christine Sampson 

p.s. keep m touch 

Worlds can be found by a 
child and an adult bending 
down and looking together 
under the grass stems or 
at the skittering crabs in 
a tidal pool 

Mary Catherine Bateson 

To live with the conscious knowledge of the shadow 
of uncertainty, with the knowledge that disaster or 
tragedy could strike at any time; to be afraid and to 
know and acknowledge your fear, and still to live 
creatively and with unstinting love: that is to live 
with grace." 

Peter Henry Abrams 


I faowyou will 'discover wonderful 'things about yourself and share them wherever fife takes you, 

I Cove you, Mom 


You are my best friend 
Hold onto your dreams 

Never forget where you came from 
Explore everything 

Love what you find... 
And find what you love 

Take chances 
Remember nothing is impossible 

Grow and discover who you are 
Or want to be 

Always keep learning. 

I am so proud of you! 

Love, Heather 

Go confidently In the 

direction of your 


Live the life 
you have imagined." 

Henry David Thoreau 


I had some good times jammin' on Guitar Hero 3 with you and 
playing other video games with you! I'm going to miss you 
when you go to college! You've been a great brother to me! 
Good luck! Your brother, Andrew 

"If you'll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed 
at what you can accomplish in life." 

V ince Lombardi 


You have grown (and grown and grown! ) into a wonderful young man! Everyday you bring 

joy to our family with your quiet, caring ways and great sense of humor! Remember, we 

will always be here for you and will support you in anything you do I If you believe in 

yourself, you can achieve anything! We are so proud of you and wish you all the happiness 

and success in the world! We love you more than you will ever know! 

254 Mom 6t Dad 

Dear Peter, 

We wish you love and kappiness always and only the best for your future success. 
With uour thoughtful and gentle spirit, man your life be always full of adventure, 
wonder and accomplishment Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad 

The MoihsKiAuqlflER Rd/irioNship is ita most coMptac WynowiA Judd 

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments 
of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. Author Unknown 

Ashley, I can't tell you how proud I am of you. I have 
watched you over the years grow into a smart, beautiful, 
and fearless woman. We have shared so many smiles and 
laughs and I admire you so much for taking every step you 
take with confidence and pride. You have the biggest 
heart and you are going to do so much for this world. 
Congratulations and I love you! Meshel 

To My little Chicken- 
I know you try real hard to make it happen. 
Keep the good work up. Love ya, Uncle Richie 
P.S. You Little Chicken 

To My Little Girl: 

Glad you made it through school. Now it's time for college and to 

start your life. Love, Big Daddy P.S. Maybe a job and a little rent. 

<You are a grown 
up, smart, 
beautiful 'young 
woman. I am so 
proud of you!! 
(But, you wiff 
always be my 
baby!! Jfave a 
yours to ta^f!! 

Cove, !Ma 

WC&hln^ health/ and/ happinew for the/ Claw of 2008 
from/ Grandma/Eddy, Tyler, Ama4ula/£r CcdO 

Mfli/uj thanks to all staff members who put countless hours, Into vu-akinq 0u.r2.ooz 

yearbook a sutc&ess. A special tha^tes tojoh^ Feeney, Stephanie Feeney, and 

Ashley Latosete for their "extra effort." with u>ve, Mrs. eddy 

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. 

Mahatma Ghandi 

It tabes ho more time to sec tr\e good side of 61 fe t&a* to see trie Gad. 71*** 8*tt*t 

" 9111 jt>ou babe to or ribe is tofiat to bo 
tottl) tlje time tfjat is giben to pou." 

#anoalf lorb of the &ing« 

Hours were spent by John Feeney, Ashley Utosek, 

Coryn Sevigny and Stephanie Feeney to preserve 

time at PNHS. "rtiankthem for their 

unselfish devotion. It is time to enjoy their success. 

Qotun, 3 will note* fatgtt «** daily, nida to 

'paxadwe'. CU 3 nanam. htu., in patadht, and 

you aa off to tacptoxe tfu would: 

May <^od bless and Izeep you always; 

naty your wishes all conte true. 

May you always know the truth 

and see the Lights surrounding you. 

May you have a strong foundation 

when the winds of changes shift. 

May you stay forever young. &>b c>yLa*. 

To the class ofaoos-. May the each page of your 

uearboote provide cherished memories, kviweh 

hcrpplkvess flwrt laughter- for years to cow£. 

May c^od teecp yew. safe. 

Paige, Alex, Lindsey, Rachel, Adam, Kiya 

& Mrs. Christine Sampson 





( w ong'ratultftions 

( l<5ISS Of 


/\ moment lasts a\\ of a second, but the memorq lives on forever. 

second, out tne memorq lives 

tfmes I |tfttnew \jarv\e 

I hank qou for a\\ of qour help ana support 
ana best of luck in the future. 



jS*w Q 


Cwgratulattows to the Class of 200? cwgratulatioi<us to the class of 2002 



Mary £. Mortensen 

Mary E. Callahan 
Assistant Principal 

Dear Class of 2008, 

41 Obery Street, Plymouth, MA 02360 
Tel: (508) 830^400 Fax: (508) 830-4405 

* A Community of Self -Directed, Lifelong Learners' 

Derek D. Thompson 

Assistant Principal 

Kevin E. Farrell 


It has been the mission of the Plymouth North High School community to challenge you to reach 
your full academic and personal potential. It is our hope that you have the knowledge and skills 
to become life-long learners and to contribute to society as thoughtful, informed citizens who 
accept responsibility for their actions. 

You will always have the distinction of being my first senior class as principal. I will always 
remember the Class of 2008 for your academic, civic, artistic, and athletic achievements. 

Best wishes for a happy and successfoLfixture. 

Mary M/^ortensen 



Over the past four years, you have shown 

tremendous growth By overcoming many 

adversities, hatching this maturity has 

been an honor andpriviCege. Through this 

experience, we strongCyfeeC you can make 

a difference in toddy's world 

To attwho have served as officers and 

representatives, we are gratefuCto your 

commitment to the CCass 0/2008. 

To 'Brie, Jess, Mia and Lauren, thank you. 

your work and dedication this year has 

BeenphenomenaC 'We are positive you wuT 

successfully lead this class in the years to 

come as you did this year. 

QoodCuck in aft your future endeavors. 

Congratulations Class 0/2008 ! 

Ms. Mien & Mr. Drew 

' congratulations to the class of 200? Congratulatwns to the class of Q002 


■ •• ■